There room two components to the last boss in increase of the tomb Raider. First off, Konstantin will certainly be bombarding Lara Croft within his helicopter and sending all of this guys to her. The second part of the boss the fight is face-to-face.

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First up, the fight when Konstantin is within the helicopter is not also hard. It’s pretty straightforward, however you just need come be careful where you space hiding to avoid his gunfire and also missiles. You additionally have to continue to be on her toes when lots of his henchmen come make the efforts to death you together well.

The vital to destroying his helicopter is explained to friend from the start. Sofia is making use of a trebuchet to litter fireballs in the sky. You need to press X to speak to for she to litter it so you have the right to shoot the from the sky.

The finest weapon to shoot at the fireball is the AK-47. You want to shoot the fireball in close proximity to the helicopter. This will an outcome in the fireball exploding and the helicopter will catch on fire.

After friend hit his helicopter the first time, he will retreat and also then you have to kill his henchmen. This is pretty standard stuff for this reason go out there and also kill everyone. As soon as everyone is dead, Konstantin come back.

It takes time for Sofia come reload the trebuchet therefore you have to hide. Watch the end for his maker guns and also rockets. Just gain behind cover until Sofia tells you she is ready. When she’s ready, repeat the step of shoot the fireball from the sky.

After that, more henchmen come. Again, just remove them and then the helicopter come back. Execute the same step again and then the helicopter lastly crashes. However, this ceo fight is not over.


Now Lara Croft needs to fight Konstantin it is in herself. This fight is a bit tricky due to the fact that Konstantin confiscates she weapons. She needs to fight him through nothing. You additionally have to try and protect against being seen v his laser sights.

First the all, don’t push Y and go perform melee strikes head-on. Konstantin is tougher 보다 Lara and also the melee assaults are useless once he watch her. Throughout the an initial part that the fight, look out for 2 pillars on every side the the room. Rise on height of among them before Konstantin watch you.

If his laser sights space pointing down on the ground, this means he cannot view you. From the peak of the pillar, you should see a notice to press the Y button. Push it and also Lara will assault Konstantin.

After a little of a struggle, Konstantin will ruin the 2 pillars. However, you deserve to still beat him. This is due to the fact that you deserve to craft some some some grenades.

There must be part grenades the you deserve to craft that space on the floor. The X button should highlight whereby you have the right to pick the up. Push the right bumper to handmade it and also then throw it in ~ Konstantin when he’s no looking.

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While he’s dazed and also confused, assault him again indigenous behind and that should end the ceo fight. Just sit ago and clock the cutscenes unfold. You’ve beaten climb of the dig Raider.