Olivia O’Brien has actually returned adhering to her feature in Gnash’s “i dislike u i love you,” and it’s as catchy and heartfelt together we might hope for.

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Seventeen year-old singer and song­writer O’Brien teamed up with Nic Nac and also DaviDior, the producer of DJ Khaled’s “I’m The One,” because that her new single “RIP.” Co-written with Drew MacDonald, “RIP” is a track dedicated to exes who have adjusted for the worst.

The song general laments because that the “old” ex, lashing out and criticizing lock for your choices and changes. “I created ‘RIP’ about when someone you love or someone who is important to you unexpectedly switches up and also it feels choose you don’t also know castle anymore. Even if it is they get caught up in the scene or simply make all brand-new friends and forget around you, the sucks,” O’Brien explains.

“It have the right to feel favor the version of them that you know and also love is in reality dead. Ns think that’s something a many of human being have been through, and also I can’t wait to hear around how people relate instances in their own lives come the one that i went through.”

“RIP” is reminiscent of the musicality in Halsey’s “Now or Never” – O’Brien manages to produce moments that emphasize lyrics and underscore the strength and unique ton of her voice. The lyrics space brutal and heartbroken, through O’Brien belting out the refrain of “RIP come the old you.”

“I fucking miss you,” she sings, exasperation seeping through. “I would have never let girlfriend down prefer you did come me.” however she can’t withstand the tongue in cheek kiss-off: “now you’re dead come me.”

The video is a perfect accompaniment. The opened scene find O’Brien digging with the dirt v a shovel, relaxing upon it together she serenades the camera. Dust is smeared across her face, violet locks pulled earlier into a ponytail, anguish written throughout her features.

Another significant scene attributes O’Brien stalking under the aisle of she ex’s funeral with a bat. She wears every white-, standing the end from the mourners donning conservative black attire. She begins violently attacking the coffin and its decor, leaving the incredulous onlookers v dropped jaws and also her ex’s parents in horror.

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Olivia O’Brien has actually proven it s her as someone worth knowing in the popular music industry. We’re looking forward to what comes following from her together she continues to grow.