In the Froopyland episode (S3E9), Rick gives a lecture to Beth about exactly how she was a complete socioroute as a girl, through a box complete of demented toys only a adversary can think of. However, now we know this isn’t Rick’s Beth, and the original one passed away once she was 7, tops. So is Beth a sociopath in eexceptionally universe? Because I discover 2 weird points from this

Rick assumes THIS BETH has actually likewise asked for the specific very same playthings she did, despite her not dying in this Universe, (hence not having actually to resolve daddy issues)

Rick is not a socioroute. We plainly see he was a loving genius father that QUIT science for his family members and also invested DECADES trying to avenge their killer. He might still be a sociopath, yet c’mon, these actions seem pretty selfmuch less to me

Potential theories:

Diane is the sociocourse. Plot twist!

Beth is a socioroute no issue what


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Posted by2 hrs ago

Theory including Weird Rick

So in the episode that's been called earlier to in the finale, there's a scene wright here "Evil Rick" is displaying a diagram of Ricks who are least evil to most evil. He notes exactly how he's one spot behind C-137, with one other Rick who he describes as "super weird"

Now, I don't understand wright here or once the flashback murderer Rick began to be described as "Weird Rick" however if this was just freshly, it solidifies my theory.

What I think is that the "super weird" Rick we see in this episode is the exact same Rick that eliminated C-137's household, hence him being referred to as "Weird Rick". This strangely sufficient, means that Weird Rick is less evil than "Evil" Rick, that was really just hijacked, and also C-137, which as the series goes on, seems even more and also more plausible, as we find out around more horrible points C-137 has actually done.

Posted by12 hours ago

I feel prefer Rick's backstory from Seaboy 3 coming to be canon is incredibly close to a Shark Jumping moment and the ramifications are more harmful for the present than excellent.

The factor I started watching Rick and also Morty back in 2013 was bereason it had actually a subversive self awareness to the scifi genre, it was like Futurama for a brand-new generation. Before the series became this emotionally dark series that wasn't afrassist to go to screwed up places and have the major character endure horrors past horrors that was what defined the series.

Ricks backstory in seaboy 3 being a bait and switch was perfect to me because it fit that trend. It gave us the cliche backstory we expected that gave Rick a tragic factor for that he was and also why he hates the other Rick's so much...only for it to be reveabrought about be bullshit. Rick laughs at the idea of himself having such a generic previous and also taunts the bug guy (and also the audience) for believing such a clear fabrication in the initially location. The bug male likewise says you can't fake memories which only put up expectations that we would certainly uncover out the reality later on down the line.

Then you realize various other events in the story make it that it need to have actually been obvious that the story was fake. Rick talked about exactly how his marital relationship couldn't occupational in seaboy 2 Ep10 and how he believes marriages will certainly finish in faientice for the most component. Doesn't really make feeling if she died.

He made Froopyland also for Beth and remembers the details entirely. His Beth died when she was still toddler age here, long before he would have actually hit super intelligence (which doesn't occur until he renders the portal gun), and long prior to she was mindful sufficient to perform somepoint as malicious as press someone in froopyland also and also abandon them or stop to ask for the dangerous tools he created her.

I always believed we'd discover out the true occasions of why Rick lost his wife later down the road and it would be something that was his own fault that made them leave. I assumed the only true statement in backstory he provided was "These are the three lines of code that separate my life as a guy and also my life as an unfeeling ghost." Everything else was faked.

By making his backstory real, in a means they not only hurt Rick's character however additionally pandered to the fandom. I don't favor the principle of Rick being the means he is bereason he's a victim. It takes too a lot ameans of his own totally free will certainly to be just how he is amethod from him. I always believed seeing the large world and also realizing exactly how inconsiderable he was, despite being the universe's smartest man, damaged him and made him lose sight of his morality and feeling of self.

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Rick's backstory currently being canon felt favor pandering to the fanbase. Giving them what they wanted also at the expense of the story. I don't think the original creating staff would certainly have actually ever before gone dvery own this path. And I'm afrassist to see more of this later on.