A clip native "The good Fight" has emerged on Twitter, invoking just as powerful a solution as that did when very first aired in 2018

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PASADENA, CALIFORNIA – JANUARY 12: Delroy Lindo that “The great Fight” speaks throughout the CBS All accessibility segment the the 2020 Winter TCA tourism at The Langham Huntington. (Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

Actor Delroy Lindo to be a totality mood ~ above Twitter because that the way he seemingly handled a white reporter’s question concerning the n-word.

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The scenario in reality played the end in an old clip indigenous Lindo’s CBS show, The great Fight. In the clip, the veteran actor challenges white newscasters after ~ they imply that there’s a double standard when it comes down to who have the right to use the n-word. The show, a spin-off that The great Wife, is set to begin its 4th season top top April 9, according to Media, Entertainment, Arts global (MEAWW).

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In the famous clip native the show’s second season, Lindo, who plays attorney, Adrian Boseman, is a panelist ~ above a TV news display where newscasters are pointing out “Is racism a one-way street?”

Lindo listens quietly together a white man, likewise a panelist, explains how white human being feel victimized by racism. “I view racism against whites every day. Every solitary day. Yet, i’m a racist because that pointing the out?”

Still picking not come comment, a white newscaster interjects, “I think lining is mentioning a dual standard here. Take Hip-Hop. We’ve talked about this top top the display before. You have African American rappers saying n-word this and also n-word that, but a Caucasian can’t.”

It is at this minute that Lindo calmly shoot back, “So, to speak it. Say words you want to say.” The newscaster claims he can not say the n-word but Lindo urges that to get it out. “Sure girlfriend can. To speak it best now… I will say it v you.”

When one more panelist call Lindo hypocritical for arguing that the newscaster deserve to utter the word without repercussions, Lindo says: “Sure friend can. This is America!” and then proceeds to shot and help them by saying the an initial syllable of the gyeongju slur.

It is unclear why the old clip has actually resurfaced and gone viral, however people throughout social media were clearly here because that Lindo’s response. One Twitter user spicy out, “You would think Delroy Lindo was exhilaration here… but he wasn’t. This is 243 years of cumulative ‘tired of your sh*t’ right here.”

You would think Delroy Lindo was acting here… however he wasn’t.

This is 243 year of collective “tired of your shit” appropriate here.? pic.twitter.com/HomdgDEwTg

— Generation Xillenial (
RochardScott) April 4, 2020

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And another made Lindo’s facial expression top top the topic a meme.

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“Delroy Lindo is an impressive actor. His face expression at 0:11 is a mood,” tweeted travis is worn down of 2020.

Delroy Lindo is an exceptional actor. His facial expression at 0:11 is a mood. ? pic.twitter.com/jpfD1wnR8v