Star Wars is just one of the best franchises in movie history and the mim are constantly on point. Right here are six of the finest Revenge that the 5th memes.

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Just sooner or later after people Star wars day on might the fourth comes the controversial Revenge of the 5th, a day to share your finest Sith or empire-related memes.

You would think that the most anticipated work in the film civilization would it is in the Oscars or gold Globe awards ceremony, however no. The finest movie day is obviously may the 4th…Star wars Day!

However, simply one day after the world’s celebration of the much-beloved franchise comes the work of reckoning and also a homage to the prequels and also the dark side, Revenge the the 5th – a clever pat on the location of the third (and maybe the worst) film in the trilogy.

Here are 6 of the best Revenge of the 5th memes trending ~ above Twitter for her enjoyment.

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Star wars (Photo through Agnieszka Kowalczyk ~ above Unsplash)
Million dollar Listing LA | Season 13 | Preview Trailer

Dancing Darth Vader and Storm Troopers

Even the ideal villain in cinema background can’t resist busting a relocate for Revenge the the 5th, nor can his stormtroopers who have actually the choreography the a half-decent boy band. Can you imagine if James Earl Jones actually did this whilst filming Star Wars?!

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When you uncover out you have the right to celebrate star battles day on May fourth since It will be on mine dayoff. #StarWarsDay #StarWars

— Greg (
RealNinjaGreg) April 27, 2020

May 4th, fifth and 6th Star Wars

With few of us still with some kind of Covid-19 connected restrictions, fans space using any type of excuse they have the right to to clock Star Wars, yet some are suggesting that the work by day celebrations must go on one day longer.

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Revenge the the fifth

— Arran (
arran_day) may 4, 2020

Maul has actually the best makeup

There are always arguments about the best villain the the Star wars franchise. Obviously, in first place, it’s Darth Vader, yet after that, the gets fairly tricky. Some argue Palpatine, rather Bobba Fett. They room all wrong, the second-best rogue in Star wars is Darth Maul!

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doing a red eyeshadow look morning for revenge the the 5th in honor of my king

— siopao shawty⁷ ✨ (
saammymanthaa) might 5, 2020

Awesome Storm Trooper artwork

Whilst they space the butt of the jokes all year, this particular day is the sooner or later that stormtroopers can be proud of their memes. This paint of a steed riding stormtrooper watch incredible and also is absolutely a fit because that Revenge of the 5th!


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Master Skywalker, what do we do?

When Anakin murdered those younglings as component of order 66 in ~ the Jedi temple, was it really that lot of a surprised to united state after his previous anger issue when his mom was killed?