Today, RepairPal launches a cost-free Android App, happen the usability of auto repair to a growing mobile platform. RepairPal’s RepairPrice Estimator, industry-leading magazine of shops and also dealerships, and instant roadside help are now available for Android mobile devices.

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RepairPal’s cell phone apps have practically 1 million users and now are adding Android support, which will permit consumers to get RepairPal’s proprietary RepairPrice approximates for every of the 40 auto makes, 100 most typical repairs and services, and also 42,000 zip codes RepairPal covers, access one-touch roadside assistance everywhere in the U.S. (no membership required) and also find high quality shops and also dealerships, consisting of user reviews and ratings, via RepairPal’s GPS-enabled directory. You have the right to get an ext information and also check the end their mobile apps here.


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