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A community created come transcribe the last Podcast on The Left. Check out r/LPOTL for the basic community

Last Podcast top top the Left's Marcus Parks and also Movie sign with the Mads' Carolina Hidalgo's incredible music podcast. The focused on the punk absent explosion throughout the so late 60’s and 70’s. Season 1.5 is all around the Beastie Boys, and also season 2 kicks off through The Velvet Underground and also the theme is different music.

Unofficial subrwandachamber.org for everything around YouTube long-form Movie and also Game movie critic MauLer and also the EFAP video clip Podcast.

I’m on episode 76: genuine Life Vampires, and also I like the quantity of information they provide, particularly with their multi part series. Yet they space so crass, i m sorry I can handle. But they save using the r-slur, they’re nice insensitive to SA victims, and a little bit racist/sexist/fat phobic.

Y’all i am re-listening to The last Podcast on the Left’s Casey Anthony episodes and her psychology is THE very same as Hilaria’s - it’s virtually scary

Is it due to the fact that it has actually a comedic edge or because it also involves mystery/paranormal? Is it due to the fact that it’s therefore well created it’s not worth stating anymore (or also old for that matter).

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For those who never listened, it’s a funny but also an extremely serious podcast that’s precious a listen. The research is great, the narration superb and the guys are yes, really funny. I recommend !

A tribute to The last Podcast top top The Left's very own "Unpredictable" Henry Zebrowski in his duty of Gary from her Pretty challenge Is Going to Hell. Hail Yourselves!

I will certainly admit some of the previously episodes are difficult to obtain through and also extremely annoying. However the display has really turned into very well researched, hilarious podcast, through what are for the most component now an excellent hosts. Would very recommend checking out some the their recent episodes if girlfriend haven’t like the 2 parter on the Gainesville ripper.

I'm not certain if anyone listens come "the last Podcast on the Left" but one of the creators is do a deep dive mini-series on spotify. The an initial episode was simply posted

I love the chemistry the the men on the show, and I love exactly how they store things interesting, rather of simply reading turn off information about a topic. Space there any other podcasts like this? Specifically learning podcasts, maybe about mythology or movies or music? ns know around No dog In room (also Marcus Parks that LP) however I’d additionally be interested in a podcast the includes broader genre of music. Thanks!