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TIL that Mike Judge relocated to Texas and also a storm go out off a part of his fence. After his brand-new neighbors addressed it for him, no concerns asked, it came to be the basis because that King of The Hill - "about next-door neighbors who... Ultimately, perform the appropriate thing and also do appropriate by people and are basically an excellent people."

Dang ol' wanted to offer a lil' shout out to the females of King that the Hill man, talkin' bout the present wouldn't it is in the very same without you.

Hi y'all!

A bit of background here: I have posted questions right here a few times around Texas. Ns am no from Texas. Ns am native Australia. I have actually never been to Texas however I have been lucky enough to fulfill several Texans here in Sydney (and trust me, Texans in Sydney room as rare as hens teeth). Texans room the most friendly and wonderful world I have ever met. Truly.

Anyway i have another question (or maybe an ext than one):

King that The Hill is one of my favourite TV series' ever. And I love the the main personalities drink beer in the alley behind their houses. And I likewise love that they room so friendly and also helpful with people. Also strangers the they don't know.

So to mine question(s): space there yes, really alleys in suburban Texas where people just hang out and drink beer and have BBQ's impromptu? right here in Sydney the would never happen. Possibly in towns far out in the middle of nowhere yet definitely no in Sydney.

Also if y'all room hanging the end drinking beer (or whatever) in an alley and you check out someone whose care has broken down execute y'all really all rush to help?

And ns am mindful that King the The Hill most likely creates and also portrays a stereotype because that Texans in the same method that Crocodile Dundee or Steve Irwin portray stereotypes because that Australians. Ns didn't average to cause any kind of offence.

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I simply wanted to ask since if Texas yes, really is prefer that, the sounds like heaven to me.