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Redbox discover The height Ten movies Of 2016

America Favored Laughter in 2016 v Eight Comedies in the height 10


CHICAGO, Dec. 14, 2016 / -- Redbox, America"s destination for convenient and affordable brand-new release movie and also game rentals, now announced its optimal 10 movie rentals of 2016. Eight that the peak ten movies to be comedies – from soon to it is in family classics like Hotel Transylvania 2 and Zootopia come irreverent comedies choose Daddy"s Home and Dirty Grandpa.

The 10 most-rented Redbox movie of 2016* are:

The Martian Deadpool The Revenant

Redbox additionally revealed the results of a new Year"s eve (NYE) survey of an ext than 2,800 consumers nationwide.** The results offer a glimpse into exactly how America plans for NYE and what they intended to do this year.

94.5 percent of respondents agree dinner and a movie at home is a great way to spend time this NYE weekend. 70 percent the respondents arrangement their night the day-of or only a couple of days in advance, making a movie-night a good last-minute alternative. In fact, 70 percent that respondents said they will more than likely or certainly watch a movie end NYE weekend. Much more than 1 in 6 respondents claimed a movie actually caused them to make a brand-new resolution about their very own life.

"America continues to reap the escape that only a movie have the right to provide," stated Galen Smith, CEO of Redbox. "With Daddy"s Home, Deadpool and Zootopia topping the graph this previous year, it"s evident that comedies continue to it is in America"s favourite genre. At Redbox, we"re proud to carry out consumers one affordable method to gain the recent movies together."

To watch and play every one of the peak movies and also games that 2016 accessible to rent at Redbox now, visit Already watched the top 10 movies of 2016? check out the Comedies available to rent at Redbox come laugh your method into 2017.

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* The 2016 Redbox top movie and also game rentals are based on actual rental data from January 1 with December 8, 2016. Movie with much less than 26 main of yes, really rental data include projected rentals right into 2017.

** The outcomes are based upon a survey of much more than 2,800 Redbox consumer nationwide carried out in November 2016.