On tourism in assistance of your eleventh album, “The Getaway”, and very first since 2011’s “I’m v You”, the Red hot Chili Peppers play to a 3rd and last sold out crowd in ~ the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

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The band, which consists of starting members Anthony Kiedis top top Vocals and also Flea top top Bass, together with longtime drummer Chad Smith and also newest Pepper, Josh Klinghoffer ~ above Guitar, pounded the end 19 melody which covered their whole catalog; throwing in a couple of covers for good measure.

The tape sounded great, but it didn’t it seems ~ that Anthony Kiedis, was connecting through the audience at all. I have seen lock live a few times and also for the very first time noticed the he never ever really speak to the crowd. Many of the moment he simply jumped around and danced about the phase in a circle. Flea & Chad took up the interaction slack. Flea introduced the song and devoted them to human being in his life, like the keep owner that the market down the street from his home when he was a little kid, and his neighbor’s little sister. He additionally entertained us by law headstands and even had actually his daughter come the end at one allude doing cartwheels & headstands together well across the stage.

The 90+ minute set ended with an encore that featured Josh Klinghoffer playing a beautiful key-board solo, covering Randy Newman’s “Living there is no You”, before the remainder of the tape joined him to end up of the evening with a couple more of your hits.
Intro JAM, can’t STOP, DANI CALIFORNIA, THE ZEPHYR SONG, DARK NECESSITIES, tough TO CONCENTRATE, ME & mine FRIENDS, go ROBOT, CALIFORNICATION, WHAT IS soul (Funkadelic Cover), noble LOVE, don’t FORGET ME, THE ADVENTURES that RAIN run MAGGIE, SUCK mine KISS, UNDER THE BRIDGE, by THE WAY. Encore:  living WITHOUT friend (Randy Newman/Harry Nilsson Cover), goodbye ANGELS & give IT AWAY.

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Opening the display was RHCP’s initial drummer, Jack Irons, who played a solo north set, adhered to by Trombone Shorty and also Orleans Avenue who played a rocking collection to an enthusiasm crowd.

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