Guide on how Dead Eye works in Red Dead Redemption 2. Learn what this ability is, how to upgrade and legvel that up, get progressed tips and also more

One the the main point mechanics in Red Dead Redemption 2 is dubbed Dead Eye. This is your capability to sluggish down time and also aim better with her gun. This overview will define the basics of just how Dead Eye works in RDR2, how to upgrade its tiers and how come level it up, plus every the services of law so. And also let’s no forget the after friend learn all of this, girlfriend may also need a few extra tips on just how to appropriately use Dead Eye to attract the best advantage out of it!

Note: This write-up does no contain hefty story spoilers, however to it is in able to clearly explain what and how you knife or unlock, there space a couple of mentions of objectives and/or places below.

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As I composed in my evaluation of Red Dead Redemption 2 this game is a true masterpiece, but not all of its mechanics space new. The one this overview will take it a closer watch at is one of the main point mechanics not only taken straight from the first Red Dead Redemption, but also a popular capacity from numerous other video games native Rockstar.

The Dead Eye ability in RDR2 is to plan to serve as an assistant, yet if appropriately prepared, you can conveniently use the 100% of the time you space in combat and for every shot girlfriend fire versus your enemies or targets.

Table that contents

How to upgrade Dead Eye’s Tiers in Red Dead Redemption 2 exactly how to Level increase Dead Eye in Red Dead Redemption 2How to usage Dead Eye in RDR2

What is Dead Eye and how it works in Red Dead Redemption 2

Dead Eye is the capability to sluggish down time if aiming and firing a gun. You find out it together you play v the indict of Red Dead Redemption 2. To usage Dead Eye press the caps Lock or mouse Scroll on computer or the best Analog rod on Consoles while aiming. Based upon the ability’s level you will be able to target multiple opponents or target for details body components of your targets.

This gameplay mechanic transforms a an easy shoot right into a truly great experience. It can likewise be the difference between your survival and death. It can also help you finish your current mission with a gold medal instead of silver- or copper in some cases.

The ability starts friend off an easy and permits you to upgrade it into something truly exceptional by completing. This is done by completing main missions or by completing miscellaneous challenges and achievements.

As girlfriend play the game you have the right to upgrade both Dead Eye’s Tier and also its Level.

Dead Eye Tiers – unlock special brand-new upgrades come this mechanic enabling you to be even much better Gunslinger.Dead Eye levels – earn them to expand your character’s Dead Eye expression meter.

The next section that the overview will explain how this is done and what room the benefits to it.

How to update Dead Eye’s Tiers in Red Dead Redemption 2

Dead Eye in Red Dead Redemption 2 has five Tiers. Girlfriend unlock lock by completing certain missions native the game’s main storyline spread throughout the assorted chapters the the narrative.

There is no way to unlock a higher Dead Eye Tier uneven you finish these missions. Listed below is a complete list of all Tiers and their benefits, plus when you obtain to unlock them.


Tier 1

Requirements to unlock: chapter 1, Mission: Old girlfriend Bonuses come Dead Eye: The first tier permits you to enter Dead Eye and also target enemies automatically. In ~ this tier you have actually no manage over where and how the “X” markers are placed. You have the right to only enter and exit Dead Eye at this point. Targeting is done automatically. And not ideal, that course.

Tier 2

Requirements come unlock: chapter 2, Mission: pouring Forth Oil IV Bonuses come Dead Eye: Unlocking this tier will permit you to manually target enemies while in Dead Eye. This considerably improves your gameplay and enables you to execute clear headshots much easier.

Tier 3

Requirements to unlock: thing 4, Mission: metropolitan Pleasures Bonuses to Dead Eye: in ~ this tier friend will be able to remain in Dead Eye after friend fire at your target without having them significant first. If you mark a target (place an “X”), friend will departure Dead Eye after her character finishes shooting

Tier 4

Requirements to unlock: thing 5, Mission: Fleeting delight Bonuses to Dead Eye: This is wherein you become a true Gunslinger. Or hunter! start Dead Eye will now note the heart and head locations of your foe in sight.

Tier 5

Requirements to unlock: thing 6, Mission: goodbye Dear friend Bonuses to Dead Eye: at the final fifth tier you will unlock whatever Dead Eye needs to offer. On optimal of all previous benefits from the first four tiers you will certainly now additionally see the enemy’s lungs and also stomach areas significant in red. Friend are ready to one-shot everything.

After completing the “Goodbye to ~ Friend” mission in thing 6 friend will have unlocked all five easily accessible tiers the Dead Eye and will have the ability to slow under time, continue to be in Dead Eye after friend shoot a bullet without marking targets and also see highlighted the deadly and vital internal organs areas of her enemies. Currently all that is left is to upgrade Dead Eye’s Levels.

How come Level increase Dead Eye in Red Dead Redemption 2

Separately indigenous the five Tiers described above, girlfriend will also be able to level up your Dead Eye from level 1 to level 10. The benefits from every level space the boosted duration the the ability.

Each among the bars neighboring the Dead Eye icon on the image below represents one level. In this instance I have actually upgraded mine Dead Eye to level eight.


Leveling this capability happens with gameplay mostly. You have the right to level up Dead Eye at any kind of time, nevertheless of what her Dead Eye Tier you have actually unlocked and also how much along in the story girlfriend are.

The an initial eight levels of Dead Eye have the right to be unlocked usually by death things, doing chores, crafting, cooking and also so on. The extr two are earned by completing special accomplishments (more on the below).

Requirements because that each level of Dead Eye

Level 1 – 0 XP, you begin the video game at this levelLevel 2 – 50 XPLevel 3 – 100 XPLevel 4 – 200 XPLevel 5 – 350 XPLevel 6 – 550 XPLevel 7 – 800 XPLevel 8 – 1100 XPLevel 9 – get one that the complying with Sets native the Trapper: Explorer, Herbalist or SurvivalistLevel 10 – obtain all three of the above-mentioned sets indigenous the Trapper

It’s crucial to note that this are full XP target levels, not amounts of points for each level. This way that you need to earn a full amount of 1100 XP indigenous Dead Eye related activities to upgrade it come level 8.


Each among these 3 special to adjust (Explorer, Herbalist and Survivalist) have the right to be discovered at a Trapper under the Reinforced tools section. The to adjust consist of four items each and cost girlfriend time, money and hunting to it is in able to obtain them.

Additional means to improve your Dead Eye is to acquire special exclusive right such as Talismans and Trinkets. Your bonuses vary from boosting your Dead Eye XP earnings to decreasing the speed at which her Dead Eye bar depletes if you are using the ability.

How to knife XP to level up her Dead Eye

There are a variety of activities that will certainly reward you through Dead Eye XP, thus filling up the bar for this ability’s levels.

Here is a list of several of the tasks you can do the earn friend Dead Eye XP:

Killing opponents without Dead Eye, cooking or crafting – grants 1 XP point per actionFind item belonging to collections or carry out Chores in camp – 5 XP Points every actionSkin or Pluck an pet – the reward might vary from 1 come 10 XP Points per action, based on the pet type.Complete the Explorer, Herbalist or Survivalist obstacles – earns friend 30 XP point out each. You require these for the Sets any way.
Cooking/Crafting is the easiest technique to level increase Dead Eye, however not the fastest. Searching is much more productive and useful.

Drinking Valerian source will provide you Dead Eye experience. It will not provide you quicker progression with the Tiers, because they room locked behind details main story missions and also have nothing to do with XP.

How to usage Dead Eye in RDR2

First, let’s go over the basics of how you actually usage Dead Eye in combat, then we’ll move onto the more advanced tips and tricks. Because that this fast tutorial I will be utilizing the shortcuts for the pc version, making use of keyboard and also mouse.

Basic indict on exactly how to use Dead Eye in RDR2

Time needed: 1 minute.

Keybinds because that Dead Eye in RDR2 and also step-by-step accuse on just how to usage the capability (video included):

Entering Passive Dead Eye – click on the mouse Scroll or caps Lock

Pressing one of two people of this buttons allows you to get in Dead Eye mode, without spending that resource. An extremely useful as soon as you are searching or chasing something or someone. In ~ this suggest the display will brighten up and also everything approximately will it is in slowed down.

Entering energetic Dead Eye – v your weapon out push Right computer mouse Button and press mouse Scroll or hat Lock

This mix will get in your personality in what i call active Dead Eye. This is your Dead Eye stance because that combat. If in it, you space spending your Dead Eye source and the meter is depleting the longer you remain in it. When your cursor was standing on a target, it will be red. Otherwise it’s white.

Marking a designated target area ~ above an enemy – press X

While in active Dead Eye mode, press X to note an area that your foe where her character would certainly shoot with the gun. Pressing the X switch multiple times will make your character fire number of shots in the same area. Really useful against Legendary Animals. In pretty much any kind of other instance you should have the ability to one-shot death your target.

Shooting while in Dead Eye – press the Left computer mouse Button

Pressing the Left Mouse switch will enable your character to fire as countless shots together the variety of markers you have actually placed on her target(s). If you press directly the LMB during Dead Eye without marking, your character will shoot a solitary round. If her Dead Eye Tier is high enough, girlfriend will be able to stay in Dead Eye and also continue shooting. Otherwise girlfriend will departure Dead Eye setting automatically.

Tips and also Tricks because that Dead Eye in RDR2

There room a few tips and also tricks ns would like to share through you based on my very own ~100 hrs of gameplay with Red Dead Redemption 2 on pc so far and some extensive research on the topic:

While in Dead Eye your character still bring away damage. In the first game you to be invincible, yet that is no the situation here, nor is it in Red Dead Online.

Dead Eye is the key to earning yellow medals in particular missions that call for you to do fast and/or specific shooting for headshots or other special activities.

If friend place much more than one note on her target(s) throughout Dead Eye, her character will switch shooting place from high-shoulder to hip. Shoot from her hip enables you come fire your weapons at a much quicker pace, yet is much less precise.

If girlfriend duel a non experienced gunslinger (a drunk you are fool or a nobleman, who feels offended by what friend may have said or done to him), you can shoot your gun the end of their hands. You can do that external of duels as well. It’s fun.

Placing a note on her target does not typical you will always 100% hit the spot. If an item stands in the heat of sight or your target unexpectedly moves for every little thing reason (during Dead Eye), you may miss. This taken place to me several times in my an initial attempts come shoot native cover. In ~ one allude I realized that this cover, while protecting me, it additionally stops few of my bullets some times.

You deserve to use Dead Eye in RDR2 come see more clear in dark areas. This is extremely beneficial when you are in a deep cavern or dark house and cannot plainly see your opponents ahead.

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There room two ways to refill the Dead Eye bar (or meter if you prefer). One method is by shoot without utilizing Dead Eye. The various other is come drink the assorted tonics obtainable in the game. You can craft, buy or prey them.

I hope you have uncovered my guide on just how Dead Eye works in RDR2 useful. If girlfriend have any questions or want to include something you have actually learned indigenous your own experience, please, leave a comment. Thanks!