An American Pastoral Scene is a key story mission in Red Dead Redemption 2 given by Micah Bell, as component of chapter 2.

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It"s the 23° mission in chronological bespeak of the RDR2 story mode, played v protagonist Arthur Morgan.

An American Pastoral scene - Mission Details:

Following a tip-off, Micah and also Arthur rob a bank stagecoach.

Mission Objectives

Gold Medal missions (100%)

The following are the Mission Objectives compelled to achieve the yellow Medal in the mission "An American Pastoral Scene":

Headshot every of the placed guards protecting the wagonGet 10 death in Dead EyeComplete in ~ 6 minutesComplete the mission without taking any type of health items

Note: friend must finish all yellow Medal requirements in one single playthrough of the mission.

Micah Bell
Protagonist (Playable)Arthur MorganLocationDakota river (The Heartlands, new Hanover)
RewardsGang Share: $600.00; Arthur"s Cut: $330.00Unlocked ItemsLancaster RepeaterFeaturingLancaster RepeaterO"Driscoll boys GangStagecoach

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