How plenty of of you use the mode Realistic AI Detection (better sneaking) and what room your think on it?

My personal experience is that the mode makes adversary detection too straightforward (I was making use of " reality AI Detection Lite "). Numerous times I've been spotted miles far by adversaries who it seems to be ~ to have actually the eyes of Legolas. And additionally I've uncovered bandits in dark caves it seems to be ~ able to spot me also when put on dark clothing and also sticking come shadows.

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I've eliminated it from my fill order yet I'm wonder if other world have different experiences on it. V 1,912 endorsements it seems well-known enough, but why that is i cannot say.

I usage it and like it, mostly because it provides it really hard to be sneaky without investing perks and approaching cautiously.

If you're having actually dungeon trouble take into consideration Dynamically Immersive serious Dark Dungeons. Not just does it eliminate a most lights, letting you stealth an ext effectively, it allows you to extinguish lights as well, which makes ambushes much easier to traction off.

I use it in addition to stealth an abilities rebalanced. My mid level assassin deserve to sneak best in prior of adversaries without being detected. You're more than likely making too much noise. Arissa, a theif follower, gets detected immediately despite having a higher sneak stat than my character due to not having actually muffled gear.

It is permanently in my fill order also though the is occasionally incompatible (mods being mods) with Skytweak.

I'm using medium-medium v Purity.

I usage it and also it together u/IHateForumNames said, it provides it difficult to sneak without investing in any type of sneak trees, also if you're passively leveling up sneak. IMO its the most elegant detection mode in that its an extremely load bespeak lite and also does a better job than all the previous make the efforts i deserve to recall. Its specifically awsome considering i have really dark interiors and also prior come this mod, ns was being detected by civilization in the dark who should have actually no idea whereby i am. I love it.

I use it (medium settings). The detection seems pretty good midgame, yet typically ns must constantly be behind them come sneak up because that a sneak assault (I disabled bow sneak attacks).

I'd disabled the after gift unable to sneak in at an early stage game well sufficient to be able to gain much experience. If i were to usage it, it would have forced me come play stealth archer if I want to be able to backstab eventually. Probably it to be compounding with something rather (does Ordinator shot to readjust Sneak effectiveness?).

Ordinator together a mode does no alter any type of vanilla records various other then the perks.

The theif overhaul for Ordinator (entirely separate mod) go however readjust vanilla detection settings.

I usage lite on no one sneak characters and also it rises the difficulty. The didn't make sense for me to be fighting enemies and their allies can't hear the fighting going on nearby.

I in reality wish the did an ext of that. I still think it's a small too basic to defeat adversaries in information when their allies yes, really should have the ability to hear what's going on.

Loved it with my thief/assassin character. Also used SkyrimSouls to save the game moving while choose pockets come make that more complicated too.

Hi vram1974,

Sorry come hear my mode is not functioning as expected.

If you want, friend can article me your fill order and I can check it over for you (as a soft or hard conflict with an additional mod is the most likely cause of her problem).

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On a next note, you mention "wearing dark clothing", but you do realise that apparel cosmetics have actually no impact on detection in Skyrim, right?

By the way, a large THANK friend to everyone else below for your kind feedback on my mod. It way a lot come me.


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