Fortnite"s hyped Star Wars occasion took location this past weekend, giving players who queued up in the fight royale game a opportunity to watch a step from The rise of Skywalker ahead of the film"s release. That isn"t the end of the crossover, however; epos has also rolled out a limited-time set of Star Wars obstacles for you to complete.

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As usual, many of the challenges are straightforward and can it is in cleared reasonably easily with a tiny persistence, yet there space a pair that may throw your for a loop. One in details that"ll most likely prove to it is in tricky asks you to capture Tie fighter crash sites. If you"re not certain where those are located, we"ve placed together this guide showing you where to go.

Where room The Tie Fighter Crash Sites?

We"ve come throughout five different Tie fighter crash sites scattered approximately the map. A plume of black color smoke will certainly be billowing indigenous the wreckage at every site, for this reason you"ll have the ability to spot the locations from a little bit of a distance. If you need help tracking lock down, we"ve marked all the crash site areas we"ve encountered below:


Directly southern of Steamy StacksIn the hills north of sleeve RowSoutheast of Slurpy SwampDirectly northeast of salty SpringsSouthwest of Sweaty Sands

How To complete The Challenge

Typically for challenges of this nature, your ideal bet to complete the task as quickly as possible is come land at the area you should visit. Because that this mission, however, you"ll must take a an ext cautious approach, as each crash website is guarded through a cadre of very first Order Stormtroopers. Make certain you have actually a couple of long-range weapons in her inventory before you head come a crash website so you deserve to pick off the Stormtroopers and any competing players additionally trying to complete this challenge.

The Stormtroopers space all wielding an initial Order Blast Rifles, which they"ll fall upon gift defeated. Not just do this have countless ammo, making them handy to take out various other Stormtroopers, you"ll need to use the gun to complete one more one the the Star wars challenges, for this reason be certain to pick one up once you have the chance. As soon as you"ve cleared out all the Stormtroopers guarding a crash site, interact with the flag in ~ the crash site to reclaim it. Repeat the procedure until you"ve reclaimed sufficient crash sites and also you"ll finish the challenge.

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Season 1 the Fortnite thing 2 was originally slated to end this month, however Epic has actually now prolonged it right into February, so girlfriend have more time come complete any challenges you haven"t cleared yet. If you need aid mopping those up, friend can discover our maps and also guides for the trickier people in our Fortnite chapter 2 difficulties roundup.