When the problem resulted in something that could not be interpreted as logical.

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For example:


Error in if ("condition") { : argument is not interpretable as logical

When lot of values space passed in the condition.i.e.,

if (c(TRUE, FALSE))


Warning message:

In if (c(TRUE, FALSE)) { :

the problem has size > 1 and only the first element will certainly be used

If you desire to explore an ext in R programming then watch this R programming tutorial because that beginner:

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answeredJul 31, 2019by Amit Rawat(32.3k points)

I as soon as ran right into a comparable problem while ns was checking on a null or empty string:

if (x == NULL || x == "") {

Then, I readjusted it come something like this:

if (is.null(x) || x == "") {

And the trouble was solved.

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