You great to visit Québec City in Quebec City in november : check how space the weather and seasonal standards here.

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best time to walk to Québec City?

Weather in Québec City in november 2021

The weather in Québec City in november originates from statistical datas top top the critical years. You have the right to view the weather statistics for every the month, but additionally by using the tabs because that the beginning, the middle and the finish of the month.

Weather at 6am 31°F



Cloudy39% that time

evolution of day-to-day average temperature and precipitation in Québec City in november

These charts show the advancement of typical minimum/maximum temperatures and also average everyday precipitation volume in Québec City in november.

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The climate in november in Québec City is rather dry (with 2.8in that rainfall end 10 days). The weather is much better from the previous month due to the fact that in october it receives an mean of 3.5in of rainfall over 11 days. The climate is fairly cold in this place the month that november. Do not forget to take with you warmth clothes! The high seasonal share is 38°F. Top top average, the taped minimum temperature is 32°F. Thus, the median temperature typical in november in Québec City is 36°F. These temperatures are much removed indigenous those documents observed in Québec City in the month the november v a maximum record of 61°F in 2015 and a minimum record of 7°F in 2018. You have the right to expect to have around 16 days through temperatures down below 32°F, or 53% the time. ~ above this month of november, day size in Québec City is normally 09:22. Sunrise is at 06:48 and sets in ~ 16:10.

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