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As girlfriend adventure transparent the civilization of Cairn, girlfriend will uncover that various groups of civilization have banded with each other to improve their opportunities of survival. These Factions are wary the outsiders and also are not quick to trust. However, those that strive to aid and that slay their enemies will find that these groups can become an useful allies in the battles ahead.

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In Grim Dawn, Factions are groups of survivors (and foes) with whom you can earn (or lose) reputation. Based on your reputation, you have the right to unlock miscellaneous rewards, or cause powerful enemies to stalk her every move.

Grim Dawn attributes eleven Factions with which girlfriend can interact in assorted ways.



Foolishly and greedily walk the arcanists of Cairn delve into the magical veil recognized as the Aether, never ever once suspecting that something to be looking back. The Aetherials lower upon Cairn in what is now recognized as the Grim Dawn, possessing plenty of humans and also butchering the rest. Many despicably the all, they started raising the fallen as mutated undead creatures, mindless foot soldiers for their invasion. Their very presence on Cairn is sufficient to mutate the wildlife, turning once docile creatures into vicious monstrosities. Yet most weird of every is their evident hatred for Chthonians, together they will battle against the horrors native the Void in ~ every opportunity.


Chthonians, horrors from the Void, are the points of nightmares. Before the Grim Dawn, Chthonians would only be checked out upon Cairn complying with an arcane ritual gone dorn or at the beckoning of a an effective sorcerer. Despite an initiative to exterminate the practice, a cult has actually formed roughly blood rituals and the worship of Chthonic beings. Members the the cult have been overheard chanting one name in particular: Ch’thon. V the world in disarray, the cult has actually grown strong, garnering brand-new followers desperate for answers in a civilization that no longer makes sense. Chthonians, and also their faithful cult, show up to be in ~ odds through the Aetherials, eagerly harvest helpless human beings for blood so the the Aetherials cannot usage them together vessels.


Survivors…that is the word provided most regularly to explain the hardy denizens that Devil’s Crossing. The men and also women who endured the Grim Dawn to type a little community in ~ the damages of an abandoned prison. They have actually seen every too numerous friends and family lost to the “Taken”, those found possessed by the Aetherials. Earning their trust will certainly prove no easy task, but with offers running low and a looming Aetherial risk on the horizon, lock may just be ready to take it a chance.


The black Legion are the imperium’s elite, Death’s Bannermen sent out forth come act out the emperor’s will certainly with good prejudice. Legends of your valor intermingle v equally typical tales of your cruelty and also violence. Regardless of even if it is they space respected or feared, the black Legion was the only imperial regiment to escape the fallen funding following the Grim Dawn and may now represent the only hope humanity has left of ever before fighting back.


Many an ext factions await you in the Grim Dawn-ravaged human being of Cairn. However will they be friend…or foe?

Allying yourself v a certain group have the right to put you in ~ odds through another. Make your selections carefully, together the impact can it is in far-reaching.

Faction System

Your interaction with Cairn’s Factions is guided by the Faction Window, wherein you can track your progression through the miscellaneous Reputation states and what every Faction’s desires and enemies are. As you reach greater level the Reputation, or Infamy, you will certainly unlock unique rewards.


After you end up being Respected through a Faction, you will unlock accessibility to your Bounty Table. There, you will certainly be offered special goals that send you everywhere Cairn in stimulate to complete tasks the faction requires help with.

Acquiring a couple of items, slaying a boss, searching down a Hero rampaging through an area are simply some examples of the goals you will be offered.

Your efforts to help a Faction will certainly not go unnoticed. As you reach higher tiers of Reputation condition with a Faction in Grim Dawn, you will unlock rewards distinct to that Faction.

Possible rewards include: quests, access to dungeons, consumables, equipment, make blueprints, Augments and Writs/Mandates.


Augments come in the form of powders, meticulously crafted enchantments, tinctures and poisons used by the assorted factions that Cairn. The process to creating Augments is a carefully guarded secret, so friend will need to earn access to lock by working through factions.

There are three types of Augments, every intended for various equipment types: Weapon, Accessory and also Armor. When applied to weapons, Augments will likewise apply a bright effect. Item that already have a special effect, such as countless Epic weapons, will certainly not display screen this extra glow so as to avoid blurring your awesome visuals.


Writs and Mandates

Writs and Mandates are special scrolls i m sorry will help you advice the price at which you earn status with the Faction that sells them. Writs deserve to be purchased in ~ Honored for a steep price, yet will reduced the path to Revered standing dramatically. Writs deserve to only be supplied on the character that purchases them.

As a testament to your dedication, getting to Revered status allows you to purchase a Faction’s Mandate. Mandates substantially increase all call gains but, unequal Writs, deserve to be placed in your mutual Stash to use on all your characters.

Nemesis Spawns

Just as boosting your reputation with friendly Factions have the right to earn girlfriend rewards, angering hostile Factions has actually ramifications together well. As you slay her foes, you will gradually unlock added monster spawns, enhanced Hero spawns and, upon reaching Nemesis status, Nemesis spawns.

Nemesis spawns room ultra-rare bosses, champions of their corresponding Faction that represent some the the toughest encounters girlfriend will confront in Grim Dawn. Nemesis spawns have a opportunity to appear in just about any area whereby their Faction is present. Should you encounter one, execute not try to flee; the is currently too late.

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Should you somehow prevail, vast riches await you within the Nemesis chest, with a an extremely high chance of an epos item and an enhanced chance of detect crafting Blueprints and also Legendary Items.