DAW software application with 48 Tracks, Plug-ins, Effects, online Instruments, Music Notation, Elastic Pitch, and Included iLok - Mac/PC

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Sorry, the Avid Pro devices M-Powered 8 - M-Powered (new install) is no much longer available. We"ve left this page up for recommendation only.Check out the an excellent alternatives top top this web page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak v a rwandachamber.org Sales technician about comparable products.

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48 monitor - Plus an ext Instruments and also Plug-ins than Ever!

NOTE: This product needs M-Audio hardware the is M-Powered approved.

Digidesign Pro devices M-Powered 8 audio production software brings you the finest version yet, with a load of brand-new plug-ins, exciting new MIDI and scoring features, 5 brand-new digital instruments, and also even much more mixing and editing functionality! Pro tools M-Powered 8 additionally gives friend an incredible new user interface, making it easier and faster than ever to take benefit of this software"s depth and also versatility. It comes standard through 48 monitor (mono or stereo), therefore your strength to develop is only minimal by your creative thinking when you use Pro tools M-Powered 8!

Apart indigenous its workflow-minded interface, one of Pro tools M-Powered 8"s actual draws is the huge, an extensive collection of music-creation and also sound-processing plug-ins, providing you a well-stocked studio right out of the box. Create and play music through groundbreaking brand-new virtual instruments, including the Mini cool piano, boom drum machine, DB-33 tonewheel organ, and Vacuum and Xpand!2 synths. Dial increase awesome guitar tone through Eleven complimentary and SansAmp. Include character come tracks v 20 new AIR effects. Do music through 8GB of high-quality loops. And also with dozens of professional sound-processing plug-ins and also tools at her disposal, you have the right to fix, enhance, and also polish her mixes through ease.

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Pro devices M-Powered 8 is a one-stop equipment for coming up with brand-new song ideas, recording the ones you already have, and also seeing them v to full-on, radio-ready tracks. Bring your recording and production rig right into the huge leagues with your new copy the Pro tools M-Powered 8!

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Digidesign Pro devices M-Powered 8 Features:Beautiful, redesigned user interface with new enhancements and customizabilityComprehensive arsenal of experienced sound-processing plug-ins to add 20 new effectsExpands Pro devices M-Powered equipment to support up come 48 mono or stereo tracksScore Editor and also MIDI Editor home windows for an extensive composingTranspose audio regions in actual time through Elastic PitchCreate a flawless power using new track compositing featuresAutomation and Controller lanes carry out easy modifying accessCheck because that Updates keeps pro Tools and plug-ins as much as dateQuickTime HD support on Mac OS X-based systemsUse an ext plug-ins than ever before before, with accessibility to 10 inserts per channelLock areas to the timeline to protect against them indigenous being moved or editedSupports records up come 4GB, allowing for sessions with longer papers and greater sample ratesIncludes an iLokLaunch right into the music manufacturing power of Pro tools M-Powered 8!
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