With our guitar tutorial on quite Fly because that a White Guy, you will discover these etc skills:guitar notesmultiple string slidespower chords

Pretty fly (For a White Guy) was a vast hit ago when it was released, mostly because of the comedic, satiric nature and also well-made music video. Too many of people know the song, which provides it one awesome song to learn because your audience will acknowledge it instantly.

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It is a reasonably straight forward song, no that an overwhelming if you"re acquainted with power chords already. Yet even if you"re not, don"t worry, our guitar great on quite Fly because that a White guy will teach girlfriend all about power chords, including a little bit of strength chord theory.

At the start of the tutorial, you"ll learn why power chords aren"t genuine chords, which could be surprising to numerous you. Afterward, you"ll learn all of the components to this good Offspring song, consisting of the intro, verse, chorus, and also the bridge. Now there are numerous parts come it, therefore you could want to walk ahead and download the tabs to Pretty Fly because that a White male right currently from the link over (after logging in of course).

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As i mentioned, there room lot"s of sections to this song. First, you"ll find out the intro (what a shocker :-)), climate the verse, then the chorus. The chorus is composed of 4 distinctly separate parts, i beg your pardon we"ll discover one through one. After ~ the chorus, we"ll discover the bridge, i m sorry will average the end of the lesson.

This song uses purely strength chords, which method your hands WILL obtain tired! I know mine to be after recording the lesson