This is the zombie map easter egg. Level and straightforward here are every one of the measures that have to be performed in spite of what other guides may say. Girlfriend WILL require TWO OR more PLAYERS.

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Step 1 - obtain Hell's RetrieverSee "Feed the Beast" to discover how achieve the Hell's Retriever.Step 2 - construct the airplane and paris to the gold Gate BridgeSee "No One Escapes Alive" to learn how to build the plane.Step 3 - Repeat Two much more TimesGet the gas cans and do this two an ext times. View "Making the Rounds" for tips.Step 4 - obtaining the Blue SkullsThere space a total of 5 locations. This is where they are found yet a video is by far the easiest way to uncover the locations. Friend will must hit them through the Hell's Retriever. If girlfriend are having actually trouble finding castle they have the right to be spotted in afterlife.

1. With the second door of the Olympia room.2. Warden's Office3. Docks near the tower trap4. Near Juggernog on a lamp post over it on the hill.5. Corner of the building across from the roof

Step 5 - The PosterOutside of the Warden's Office there is a poster in one of the cells. It's colorful and also pretty easy to spot. Fight it with the Hell's Retriever.*Bonus* This will award friend a complimentary Blundergat. It is discovered on the Warden's desk in the Office area. It is not necessary for the easter egg yet you can gain the "Acid Drip" accomplishment with it.Step 6 - The first SpoonYou are looking for a feet in the metal around Electric Cherry. You have to go into the immortality and travel v the hole. Shock the spoon and you need to hear some maniacal laughter.Step 7 - The 2nd SpoonGo right into the cafeteria area. In the far back there will certainly be a home window between the work bench and also claymore. Looking through the home window you will check out a table with 3 shelves and a spoon top top top. Throw her Hell's Retriever at the spoon to collection the spoon. Congratulations, your melee weapon is currently a spoon.Step 8 - Number PanelsTravel come the spiral staircase. In ~ the bottom the 3 number panels should be spinning and changing. If not, girlfriend most most likely did not fly on the airplane three different times. You desire to go into the immortality and input this numbers. You will recognize you did it right as soon as the numbers roll over. This can be done with two separate world if friend don't have enough time to perform it in one afterlife session.


After inputing the number you will certainly hear an audio clip beginning with "So you want to understand the truth..." and your display screen will turn black and also white.Step 9 - HeadphonesThere room a total of 5 pairs the headphones scattered throughout the map. Once one is picked up the next one will certainly spawn. They will lead you come the roof. Lock are difficult not to check out as castle look prefer a zombie drop (Nuke, Insta-Kill, etc).Locations space as followed.

Spiral StaircaseArea above Spiral StaircaseFirst Level of cell BlocksInfirmaryStairs to Roof

Step 10 - Refuel The PlaneNow you desire to collect all of the fuel cans because that one last time and also refuel the plane. Do not ride it just yet.

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Step 11 - FinaleGo right into the afterlife either by the shock box below the roof or by cooking a grenade. Make certain everyone is in the afterlife next come the airplane then hit

to board. All players should be top top the plane in the afterlife.When you arrive, walk to the electrical chairs and revive yourself. Friend will see some lightening and your group will have to fight off several Wardens. When you execute this, you will be pitted versus each other. Fight to the death! If girlfriend listened closely you'll recognize who the traitor is!When the deathmatch finishes, the accomplishment should unlock because that everybody.Here is a video guide that will make particular locations easier. Describe the skull guide above if you need more clarification on the step.