My goal with having an activity cam to be something I can quickly pickup, rotate on and aim if riding – to record things as soon as not able to pull over or just randomly for fun. I enjoy the size and shape the the Polaroid Cube which is simple to hold and operate if riding my motorcycle. The main issue I have actually with the Cube is it’s lengthy shutter delay from pushing the switch (can be a pair of seconds). This means many times the photo captured is that the handlebars as I am putting the Cube ago away having actually pressed the shutter a few seconds prior. Go into the GoPro Hero 5 Session.

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GoPro Hero 5 session Vs Polaroid Cube very first appeared on Motorcycle heaven blog December 2016

(Please check out the long term update at the bottom, after ~ a rosy begin things walk downhill) as you can see that is just slightly larger than the tiny Polaroid cube. Favor the Cube it has actually some rubberized shell for shock resistance and is additionally waterproof without a case. Contempt larger but actually less complicated to hold than the Cube which could be slippery at time the case of the Session has actually far much better grip as soon as operating with gloves. Over there is no magnet ~ above the base unlike the Cube that enabled me to ar it top top the tank while riding because that quick access however i can resource something favor that aftermarket. I have the right to put the Session video camer in my continual motorcycle coat chest bag and access it basic while riding. How it walk in my summer jackets that have only side pockets is however to be revealed. Ns will have actually the magnet base to likewise test in future and also will upgrade this review then.

My primary camera currently is a Lumix LX100 i beg your pardon is a micro 4 thirds sensor camera with a Leica branded 24 – 75mm F1.8-2.8 lens. My an additional casual camera is a iphone 6S which lot to my surprised (or disappointed in Panasonic) rivals the Lumix LX100 in see photos when offered in its sweep panorama mode. At present the Hero 5 conference plays a minor duty in my imaging tool box yet that may change going forward as I shot think exterior the box to take it photos indigenous a various perspective. Ns am no going to speak much around specs, basics space 4K video, 10MP stills, but figures have the right to no longer be relied top top as any kind of indication that quality. The lens always plays a component but ns see an ext and an ext the outcomes of superior handling by the machine making the distinction as is so noticeable as soon as my phone deserve to repeatedly create images that space superior to a lot bigger sensor and greater quality lens on mine camera.

Lets start with the positive. The high quality of the pictures it captures when it functions is an extremely good, a substantial leap forward from the Cube. Ns purchased this mainly for taking still photos while riding and also the results so much have to be excellent. The Cube photos room by comparison poor quality. The Cube is asserted to be 8MP which if you have been approximately cameras a while will seem a sensibly high number. I had a SLR camera no that many years ago with exact same pixel count that took amazing photos. However the Cube appeared to no take a true photo however rather a quiet from video. Hence the record often looked favor the photos I used to capture on my old JVC Digital video clip camcorder. Very similar low res top quality the colour and also detail lost. High contrast scenes it might not record well at all.

No such worries with the Hero 5 Session. Below is pointed almost straight in ~ the sunlight yet the manages very well to save the detail and colours.


Below is a an additional worst situation scenario. Short light is always a an obstacle for small sensor cameras however the conference 5 resolves this far better than the Cube. This to be taken in really dim light in spite of how it shows up below short article processing. The was really gloomy conditions in the wet on a roadway with tree cover with some rain. The Cube in this instance produces something that is full mush but the Hero 5 Session transforms out something rather useable while also dealing with me hand stop it thus bouncing up and down and the forward motion of the motorcycle. If I had actually stopped this would no doubt have been a much better image but I want to show how it works as i intend to use it.


Another onboard still photo to give an idea of the photo quality. I think it is quite great for a little sensor activity cam and perfectly useable for blogging or on facebook or Instagram. The electronic came has inbuilt lens distortion convey which transforms the perspective to a cropped watch from the standard vast angle. Ns did not use this feature as landscape kind photos room less influenced but this setting would be advantageous for people who intend to use the camer for much more regular kind photography and also would it is in the mode to select if making use of the camer with a drone to prevent that curvature look.

The above photos space from the combined video and photograph mode. It deserve to take a photo every 0.5 secs while also recording the video with one push of the switch to rotate on and commence. When whatever is functioning (more on the later) it has taken the very first photo much faster than the Cube might have. A little note that the linked photo and video clip works approximately 4K video clip despite the hands-on saying just up to 1440 video. There exists a still photo from 4K video clip option in write-up processing. I tried this a few times however the outcomes were not really good. Ns am sure with the best subject issue and video clip capture this can be useable occasionally.

Now moving on from stills to video. Together mentioned currently this is as much as 4K recording. I started using the in that setting then later on realised that this was no the best an option for handheld top top a bike together it does no have video stabilization at the resolution. Ns dropped the recording earlier to 2.7K i beg your pardon does encompass stabilization and on my computer which has a high resolution screen this looks really good. Comparing come the Cube the video quality, prefer the tho images, is significantly better. Come publish virtual I chose regular Full HD 1080 ~ above YouTube so ns should have actually perhaps been using this native the start. In 4K setting it will certainly fill a 32 GB micro sd card really quickly. I don’t have exact figures (I am certain some sites focused on cams will) however just recording a dozen little videos per day the card was full by end 2nd day. I now have a 128Gb card and also have set the unit under to 1080 resolution for video and hope this will average not needing come clear room on the map as frequently which due to the fact that the app mostly refuses to connect is a hassle on the road. There is a tiny menu screen. This is high contrast TFT, better than a constant LCD yet whilst moving on a motorcycle it is not feasible for me to read it. Plenty of times I assumed I was recording however was not and also I am still unsure why the machine was not recording. The hand-operated says merely press the button on top and also recording of video and stills at her preselected interval will certainly commence. Occasionally this happened sometimes it walk not. I have the camer stored in my jacket chest pocket and when i reach in to eliminate it over there is a possibility that I have actually bumped the tiny rear switch the device has. This button turns the electronic came on to menu/setup mode. The top switch cycles options. Therefore it may be I press the top button to start recording yet the an equipment is in food selection mode then does not record. (update I have actually ordered a magnetic base to let me store the video camer on the fuel tank for easy accessibility in future)

The Cube has foolproof operation. Hold the peak button, a green LED on optimal of the camer illuminates to show turned on. Press button once to take it a still photo the LED will adjust to red together it bring away the photo then resumes green. Push the switch twice in quick sequence and it documents video. The LED flashes red to suggest it is recording then press button once much more to stop. When the battery is gaining low the LED shows this by flashing orange. I have the right to see every this clearly while riding.

The Hero 5 Session has a red LED at the front and rear the flash when operating so ns should have the ability to tell if it is recording however I cannot see these lights clearly in daylight use so far. Messages show up on the Hero 5 Session display screen when powered on but mostly I perform not see them as I to be riding while operation the cam and not may be to emphasis on that. Someday I fill the sdcard and kept trying to use the maker all afternoon not seeing the little message top top the screen telling me the map was full. I did see the battery low blog post on the screen once as this shows in a bigger font making use of the whole screen for a minute then clears. Still the reality that is has a display screen to phone call me things is good and I simply need to shot adapt to see the indications it provides.


There is a wind noise reduction mode for video on the Hero 5 Session yet on a moving motorcycle the wind speed is regularly going to be as well high but this quiet works far better than taping up the mic as I make the efforts to perform on the Cube but still got very high wind noise v it. The session battery demands to be charged every day, the Cube would last increase to 3 days with comparable use however I nothing mind this too lot as the Hero 5 Session appears to recharge relatively quickly and you have the right to see the charging level where as the Cube there to be no information on it’s charging nor did it prevent or provide an point out when fully charged for this reason I often tended to leaving the Cube plugged in all night no knowing.

You can access the conference via the GoPro record app. I have actually not offered this lot so far but you can view live native the camera on her phone display giving friend a monitor to run the video camer remotely. This opens up possibilities because that some an innovative photos put the camer away native you and also I require to get my psychic thinking about this much more in the future. I have the right to recall now a few places on the recent tour whereby I could have made an excellent use that this to offer a different perspective but my mental was just thinking of the photo element from handheld. Furthermore it has a short light night mode which ns discounted at an initial but if controlling the camera remotely indigenous phone then this mode actually is walking to it is in quite useful to record things you could not have the ability to with her phone. You have the right to also change the settings here rather 보다 the camera menu, view and delete things and do an easy edits. Someone wanting to share things quickly on the move can likewise do this via the app. (* well you can if the wi-fi linked but the is hopeless, an ext later)

GoPro gives two software tools for modifying and paper manipulation. Over there is the an easy transfer and quick modify program referred to as Quik and also the an ext detailed editing and also conversion program called GoPro Studio. Quik functions well sufficient to transfer and manage documents for viewing things conveniently as the surname suggests. I provided the GoPro Studio to make the rough video below from a number of clips cut a couple of seconds indigenous each and also compiling. This editor is very easy come use yet it crashed a couple of times. Anyway ns was no expecting any software to be listed so having actually these devices is an excellent in mine opinion and also I expect the bugs in the Studio software program will it is in fixed.

Despite repeated forays right into the video world via formats dating earlier to 80’s Sony Handicam 8mm, Mini VHS and Micro DV. And with much much better editing 보다 the quick and rough video clip above – i still discover I never again check out videos after the final edit. But even my poorest photos I reap revisiting. I actually threw away all my older videos once I relocated to Japan realising I had actually never regarded them due to the fact that they to be made and also was never going to. I don’t envision law a lot of video clip in the future despite recognising that video clip blogging is the preferred source now days many thanks to small phone screens becoming the key viewing device. However GoPro Studio permitted me to throw the over together literally over a pair of glasses that red one night so it is nice come have basic option open going forward. The Hero 5 session came with the usual style GoPro mount so it deserve to be attached to various other items in the GoPro selection of accessories. Most likely I will gain a pair of mounts in the future to shot expand the use. Modern technology is transforming so quickly I wonder if the Lumix LX100 will become the last classic camera i own and also things choose this and also a phone will certainly be what I usage going forward. Already an ext than fifty percent the photos on this blog come from my phone and with new models sporting dual lens to give greater depth of ar they in march on ever before closer to gift able to change a camera for all but a few occasions.

To amount up then regardless of some tiny things that ns am still gaining used to I favor the Hero 5 Session camer at this beforehand stage. The high quality of the images has actually really come a long means from the old model GoPro’s and is a an excellent step increase from mine Polaroid Cube. I think Polaroid has far better operation technique and the 3 color LED on height is less complicated to check out what is happening. Ns am walk to placed the to let go recording under to user error because that now, I view no problems with operation as soon as I am testing it at home. The is no cheap but currently discounted price are appearing online so I regulated to bring the purchase expense down from full retail. So much it it is intended the results I to be seeking so feel it to be worth it.

Update january 2017 – listed below is what that looks favor fitted come the supplied case and also then attached come a magnetic basic to sit top top the fuel tank i beg your pardon I will test in a pair of weeks. Tho having an obstacle to acquire the application to run the cam remotely…


Update February 2017. well my initial satisfaction has actually faded as result of ongoing issues. I have been using the machine on a prolonged ride and it refuses to work correctly. No issue what mode I selected it activate otherwise, and also I ended up not getting any type of still photos at the finish of every day even if it to be in picture only setting it would certainly revert to video. Do the efforts to affix to the iphone phone to watch what it has actually recorded is a joke. The takes so plenty of attempts ns was offering up most nights. Then when it does attach I am unable to accessibility the menu. No sure how such a large company can produce miscellaneous so poor at wi-fi connection. I wanted to usage the camera via the call by put it somewhere then putting myself right into the frame yet sitting about for 10 minute trying to acquire it to connect I gave up. For this reason while it has an excellent potential it also has some annoying problems in mine experience.

Long ax update. Well ns am not having a an excellent experience mainly as I uncover the device often walk not record still photos. I have actually done a factory reset twice, each time this appeared to get things functioning again. Then the other huge issue is it began out recording a still picture every 1/2 a second, this was the default when I first turned it on and also that still suits me perfectly but now the an equipment no longer does the at all and also there is no setup that actually matches that in the food selection either. I acquire a photo periodically every 5 seconds however then various other times every second, climate it switches to time lapse setting of it’s very own accord… an additional issue is connecting that wi-fi come a smart phone is hopeless. You would certainly never be able to use her phone as a monitor to take a picture or video because to attach takes so many attempts and also so lot time you will certainly have provided up. When you affix one time if you disconnect then try again the refuses and you should shutdown the device and start from beginning. Bluetooth connection I have never managed to pair as soon as yet. How might they make this so woefully bad. It is not my phone i m sorry connects perfectly to my Lumix LX100 the is the GoPro.

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Final update I sold it might 2017. It started to have actually delays on power up acquisition a pair of seconds before it would operate unlike once I got it i beg your pardon was one more annoying aspect but the main reason I sold was not knowing if it to be going to job-related each time. Naught worse the finding the end at the end of the outing that today the GoPro determined not come take any images and also everything you assumed was being captured was lost. With the Cube at least it operated every time and never when did no take a photograph or video when inquiry to perform so. I won’t be buying any GoPro assets again.