On November 17, Pokemon Ultra sunlight andUltra Moonwill it is in released because that the Nintendo 3DS. Complying with its reveal earlier this summer during a Nintendo Direct, the series director evidenced that these intensified ports are collection in the same world as the initial Pokemon Sun and Moon, but will function an alternative story.

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Right now, the story details are an extremely hush hush. What we execute know, howeve,r is that brand-new forms have been uncovered for specific creatures, and brand-new Pokemon have been added to both titles. Players will additionally face more challenges together well.

There space three different versions the the video game for fans to pre-order. Every edition has actually its own collection of special collection of perks and also so forth. In this quick guide, we"ll go over all the editions that you deserve to pick up and also what you"ll get for pre-ordering them before launch day.

Veteran Trainer"s dual Pack


The Veteran Trainer"s twin Pack is a set for the an ext experienced players and longtime fans. This pre-order edition will certainly include:

A copy ofPokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra MoonSixteen art cards featuring assorted PokemonA download password for 200 added Poke Balls

This execution is easily accessible via Gamestop, finest Buy, Toy R Us, and also Walmart.


Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Steelbook double Pack


This collectible set is one for large Pokémon fans. It"s the go-to version if you want to have the entirety Ultra Sun and also Ultra Moon experience. This pre-order edition will include:

Pokemon Ultra sun and Ultra Moon basic gamesCollectible Steelbook case that attributes two brand-new Pokemon forms resemblingLegendary Pokémon Solgaleo andLunala

This load is an to exclude, that"s only obtainable throughAmazon.


Pokémon Ultra Sun video Game with an enig Gift

Platforms: Nintendo 3DS


Now, if girlfriend pre-order either location you will get a secret gift on relax date. The record (sorry), is that you"ll need to preorder it at the Pokémon Center. The gift is just one of three keychain plushies that Rowlet, Litten, and or Popplio. This items are restricted and totally random at pick up.

Be mindful the this is one exclusive with the Pokémon Center, situated in brand-new York.

Standard Edition

Platform: Nintendo 3DS

Price: 39.99


This is the vanilla version of the game. The of course consists of the game and also no extras of any kind of kind. The standard edition deserve to be purchased at nearly all retailers in-store and also online.

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These are all the pre-order bonuses and editions the the video game that you can find. Maybe you have your eye a steelbook? possibly you"re interested in the plushies. Maybe you just want the conventional edition? Let"s us recognize in the comments below.