In Pokémon GO, you have actually the alternative of moving your weakest Pokémon to Professor Willow in exadjust for Pokémon candy, which are supplied in powering up and evolving related Pokémon.

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In the latest upday for Pokémon GO, Niantic made it possible to transfer more than one Pokémon to Professor Willow at when, quite than having actually to carry them all individually, which was a really recurring and tedious procedure.

We’ll show you exactly how to execute it in this tutorial.

Transferring Pokémon in bulk

Anyone who’s been playing Pokémon GO for a while knows that their Pokémon box inevitably fills up, and also it’s sort of annoying to have to carry out your Pokémon individually. On the various other hand, being able to execute it in bulk saves a lot of time.

To carry even more than one Pokémon to the professor at a time, you will must follow these steps:

1. Launch the Pokémon GO app if you haven’t currently.

2. Tap on the Pokésphere button at the bottom center of the display.


3. Tap on the Pokémon button on the left side of the display screen.

4. Next, tap and hold on a Pokémon from the list to start the multi-selection procedure.


5. Tap and also hold on additional Pokémon to proceed selecting them.

6. Once you have selected all the Pokémon you desire to deliver, tap on the Transfer (#) button.

7. Confirm the activity by tapping on the green Yes button.

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You will certainly currently receive candy for every one of the Pokémon you’ve moved concurrently. And that’s all tbelow is to it!

No longer perform you need to go into each Pokémon’s interchallenge individually and also perform three taps just to transport each one. It’s a whole lot more streamlined now; wouldn’t you agree?

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If you’re not already playing Pokémon GO, it’s a cost-free download from the App Store and also establishing up an account to play is also complimentary.

Have you tried moving multiple Pokémon to the professor at as soon as yet? Share in the comments!