Niantic announces a Pokemon GO fight Parties feature that allows players to create and manage Pokemon teams, which is valuable for Gym and also Raid battles.

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Pokemon GO developer Niantic has already made several big announcements around the game this week as an ext Gen 3 Pokemon room on the means and the brand-new dynamic weather device is likewise releasing soon. Yet these aren"t the only things the Niantic is working on, together the developer has just revealed another far-ranging gameplay feature.

In a developer insights blog post, Niantic explains a brand-new Pokemon GO function which that calls "Battle Parties." follow to the official description for the feature, battle Parties will enable players to "create and name groups of increase to six Pokémon in their Pokémon collection for quick accessibility when participating in Gym battles and Raid Battles." Niantic further defines that these room "preset groups of increase to six Pokémon that you space able to create and also customize come fit her needs."

Niantic hopes that this will certainly make it simpler for Pokemon GO football player to take part in Raids and also Gym battles by permitting players to choose their optimal Pokemon team much much faster than usual. The Pokemon GO developer also points come the bonuses readily available by the dynamic weather system. With certain Pokemon varieties becoming an ext powerful in specific weather problems (e.g Fire-types space stronger as soon as it"s sunny), it provides sense to have a team ready depending on what mother Nature is doing that day.

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It need to be listed that the early stage launch of Pokemon GO fight Parties will just be a beta. This method that there will certainly be some limitations on how battle Parties information is stored. In beta form, battle Parties groups will be conserved to a player"s device, therefore switching devices (or using multiple gadgets to play) will require players to create those teams again. Thankfully, once fight Parties launches in full, this data will bring over between devices.

back the beta limitations are a little frustrating because that those who usage multiple tools to pat the game, because that the most part, the fight Parties feature is gift welcomed. Between Gym battles, EX Raid battles, and the weather system, there are an ext reasons than ever before to have committed teams ready to go on a moment"s notice.

fight Parties is also just the latest "quality of life" readjust to Pokemon GO end the last few months. For example, the game additionally improved the search function, letting players kind their roster much more easily. Together the game proceeds to expand, fans will certainly be looking to Niantic to relax even an ext of these beneficial features for this reason that playing Pokemon GO go not come to be a (more) facility affair.

Pokemon GO is accessible now top top Android and iOS device.s

Source: Niantic

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