One the the worst errors that can occur in ~ the PS4 system is that v code number (CE-36329-3). It comes with a text message saying: “An error has occurred in the device software.

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” then the PS4 turns off after ~ a while. Occasionally a simple reboot because that the PS4 will fix this problem, but other times it won’t. It depends on the factor that resulted in this error to occur, and it’s not just one reason


You’ll it is in really happy if rebooting the PS4 resolves this problem, as not everyone can be as lucky. Some players need to dig deeper into the trouble to uncover a appropriate solution. So, if you’re one of these unlucky guys, please closely read this guide in bespeak to discover a way-out the this situation.

What’s PS4 Error CE-36329-3?

The PS4 error described with password number <CE-36329-3> is that kind of errors that relate to system failure. It happens when the PS4 system falls short to operate because of either data corruption or data conflict. These worries with data deserve to be situated either in the PS4 system itself or the video game you’re playing/launching.

Causes of PS4 Error CE-36329-3

There are several reasons of Error (CE-36329-3) on the PS4, but it basically stems indigenous one main reason: data corruption.

When the data the PS4 mechanism tries to procedure is corrupted, together an error occurs.

But what does the PS4 data corruption in the very first place?

Well, there are various components causing PS4 Error (CE-36329-3). The most typical ones are:

Power Issues

An unreliable power source, even if it is the PS4 inner power supply, the PS4 power cord, the building’s electrical grid, or the municipal utility offering power to your building, deserve to corrupt data, for this reason Error (CE-36329-3) occurs.

When her PS4 is creating data come its internal storage device, an discontinuity or spike in power can reason the system to create garbage rather of the asked for data. If the data in concern is a text file, the damages may it is in minor, but if a system file is affiliated it could compromise the security of your whole system. Using a battery back-up or generator system to provide emergency power during blackouts and brownouts have the right to prevent this kind of corruption, as have the right to ensuring the your PS4 console is associated to a rise protector.

App/Game Crashes

App or video game crashes can also lead come serious problems with corrupted data. When an application terminates in any way other 보다 its normal shutdown procedure, any files that it is accessing may suffer damages in the process. App/game crashes can happen due to negative code, unpatched vulnerabilities, or to run too countless apps in ~ once and filling up a PS4’s memory. Switching off a PS4’s power during startup or shutdown measures can likewise damage system files, therefore you need to never power under a PS4 video game console without going through the common shutdown procedure if possible.

Hardware Failure

PS4 data corruption can likewise be the result of damage to tough drives and other warehouse media. Throughout normal use, PS4 hard drive platters rotate at really high speeds, and read/write heads change the magnetic field, hovering over the surface ar of the metal. End time, the PS4 tough drive can degrade, picking up “bad sectors” where written data falls short to take organize properly.

Abnormal shutdowns and also power worries can reason the heads to strike the platter, damaging any kind of data in the impacted areas. If the damaged areas occur in locations occupied by system files or important company data, corruption may be the result.

This likewise happens to SSDs; when the controller in an SSD stops working or is not interacting with the storage chips correctly, the result is the same as if the power went down and also any records being transferred can become corrupted. Also if the corruption is no that serious and the document can still be opened, this doesn’t average that every one of the content is tho correct.

On the various other hand, when the PS4 overheats, the CPU fails to properly process data, and as a result, a sudden and also unexpected corruption could occur. The overheating may also impact the hard drive usability as well, not just the CPU. It is why if girlfriend don’t desire to check out PS4 Error (CE-36329-3) or any kind of other issue, you must keep your PS4 clean and cool.

Corrupted CMOS Data

A corruption that PS4 CMOS is a rather typical occurrence. Sadly, it mostly points in the direction of the PS4 motherboard failure, but that’s no a rule of thumb. The BIOS could be the problem, or the CMOS battery is failing. The approximated longevity is between 5-10 years, for this reason the latter shouldn’t come as a surprise.

So, as a an outcome of PS4 CMOS corruption, the PS4 data, consisting of system files, could get corrupted and Error (CE-36329-3) generates.

Quick resolve for PS4 Error (CE-36329-3)

Here’s a fast fix for this concern that would occupational for numerous (not all) users.

If the error just occurs once while you’re playing on a specific game, or as soon as you’ve introduced it, yes a possibility it was a one turn off crash the doesn’t indicate any kind of other basic issues. Restart the game you to be playing, and also many time you will have the ability to continue come play without further issues.

If the trouble is v the PS4 system files, you must restart it. The an excellent news here is that the PS4 operating device was coded to preserve itself after every reboot. Thus, the will automatically fix the corrupted system files that might reason this error. Therefore, many users obtain their system functioning clearly again as soon as a reboot takes place.

On the other hand, if you’ve rebooted the PS4 and also the problem still persists, you have actually to provide it another chance. This time you need to very first turn off the PS4, unplug the power cable, and leave it unplugged because that 3 minute. Afterwards, plugin the cable and turn ~ above the PS4.

If the doesn’t occupational either, it means you have to manually repair the PS4 system by make the efforts the methods portrayed below.

Methods to resolving Error CE-36329-3

When you try to solve a data-corruption-related errors, such together Error CE-34335-8, Error CE-34878-0, and Error CE-36329-3 we’re addressing, did you do it to be afflicted with in mind the the problem can go beyond a only data corruption come a hardware failure. For this reason we have to work ~ above both sides, software (logical) and hardware (physical).

Logical Methods

These methods are easy and quick and don’t need a tech-savvy come apply. Just any type of average PS4 player with simple tech knowledge deserve to do the if they very closely follow the instructions.

Note that us don’t include the “system restart” or “application restart” in our methods. Us have explained them sufficiently over in the ahead section.

1. Rebuild the PS4 Database

When any error take place to PS4 and also doesn’t disappear after ~ rebooting it, the very first thing you have to try is come rebuild the PS4 database.

Rebuilding the PS4 database have the right to resolve lots of difficulties that happen due to the fact that of the corruption of data. That’s why experts constantly recommend to rebuild the PS4 database at least once every 6 months in stimulate to preserve the power of the PS4.

It’s rather easy come rebuild the PS4 database, and also it no require any special expertise.

To do that, simply restart the PS4 in for sure mode, and pick option #5, then follow the on-screen instructions.


For additional instructions and details on how to deal with PS4 corrupted database, please read this article.

2. Be Up-to-Date

There might be a compatibility conflict going on in between the game you desire to play and also the PS4 system. As a result, Error CE-36329-3 takes place. Therefore, you have to make certain you have actually updated the PS4 system software come the latest version and also that specific game.

To learn exactly how to upgrade the PS4 mechanism software, please visit this page.

As for updating the game/app, that pretty simple, just follow these steps:

From the game library, hover over the game you want to update.Press the alternatives button on her controller. It need to open the next menu.Select “Check for Update.
If yes an upgrade available, follow the instructions to download the update for that certain game.3. Reinstall the Game/App

Occasionally several of the core documents that a game/app require to run space missing. The just solution for this case is to uninstall that game/app and also reinstall the again.

Here’s just how to perform that..

Turn on your PS4, log in in to your PlayStation Network account (if required) and tap increase on the d-pad to accessibility the function menu. Role right and select the Settings button.Go under the perform of choices and pick System storage Management and select Applications.Find the game you’d prefer to delete. Once you’ve found the video game you desire to delete, hit the Options button on her DualShock 4 controller and select Delete.4. Initialize the PS4

Error CE-36329-3 might be too stubborn and also none that the over methods would work-related to deal with it. At this point, you have actually to think about initializing the PS4.


Personally, I like to complete initialize the PS4 and also reinstall the system software indigenous scratch. That will give you a new start and assist avoid countless potential errors in the future because of the long use that the PS4. Because that this reason, every PS4 user needs to learn just how to initialize the PS4 and also do that at the very least once a year.

Before girlfriend begin, friend should recognize that one initialization totally wipes the console’s tough drive and can even remove its system software. The a critical resort when a software application glitch stops her PlayStation 4 dead in that is tracks, an especially when booting up or as soon as you desire to make certain the console no longer has actually your data on it.

You should earlier up any data you desire to keep, such together images and video, come an external maker or come the cloud. In order to back up data using the cloud, you’ll need to have a PlayStation add to account.

Now, come learn exactly how to initialize PS4 properly, please visit this main PS4 page.

Physical Methods

So, it appears nothing that the above solutions operated with you. Then, you need to go physics and shot to solve some PS4 hardware power issues.

1. Store the PS4 Clean

PS4 Error (CE-36329-3) have the right to be the result of high temperature inside the PS4 that effects the use of the mechanism hardware. You have actually to constantly make certain the PS4 is clean indigenous inside and also outside, and there’s no problem with the fan venting warm air.

To learn an ext on exactly how to clean the inside of the PS4, please check this guide.

2. Checking the health of PS4 hard drive

When the interior HDD that PS4 suffers from poor sectors, the data save on the will become corrupted. As a result, this causes errors to the PS4 device to the level that it could stop that from working or, in the finest scenario, it will work with errors.

What you’ll need here foremost is to unscrew the PS4 HDD and also pull it the end of that cage. Climate go attach it to a PC, one of two people internally or externally. Once you execute that, you have to perform a FULL style (not quick) ~ above it. This will eliminate all poor sectors ~ above the difficult drive and restore its initial performance. To learn exactly how to execute that, step by step, you re welcome visit this guide.

3. Clear CMOS memory

Many of PS4 errors is resulted in by corrupted CMOS storage data. It’s constantly preferred once you troubleshoot your PS4 to clean the CMOS memory together a part of the troubleshooting procedure. To learn exactly how to execute that, you re welcome visit this article.

4. Power Issues

When the PS4 receives turbulent power or inadequate power, the mechanism data might get corrupted and generate errors. This deserve to happen because of various reasons consisting of a defective PS4 power supply, a damaged PS4 strength cord, or also a degrading motherboard.

If that errors occur occasionally and also not always, you can need to think about upgrading the PS4 hard drive to an SSD. Why so? because SSDs provides much much less power 보다 HDDs, and they are an ext resistant to power instability. In fact, plenty of PS4 errors can be solved by simply upgrading to an SSD.


Usually as soon as the PS4 works fine for a while, then suddenly halts and shows increase errors, the trouble isn’t tough to fix. Error CE-36329-3 is just one of these errors the don’t call for a hardware replacement in many scenarios. So, nothing panic as soon as you get that error.

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If none of the above methods worked for you, or if girlfriend need additional assistance, please leave us a comment below and an professional will it is in in touch through you soon.