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Put your Finger Here is a collection of interaction videos or man GIFs. The video tells the viewer to placed their finger top top their computer screen developing the illusion the the viewer caused the result in the video.

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The first instance of this meme digital was in a series of YouTube commercials created Skittles in 2011, at first debuting April 5th. The commercials were meant to it is in watched top top the computer, and emphasized the user"s closeness to the screen for comedic effect.


On may 10th, 2012, Reddit user ozzymustaine it is registered the subject "Put your finger" to the sugreddit r/gifs<3>. The article earned 1,074 clues (87% upvoted) and featured this gif:


On April 15th, 2013, comedy site College Humor<2> post a roundup of various GIFs that circulated making use of the concept. Top top Jun 25th, 2013, the sugreddit /r/putyourfingerhere<1> to be created, and also as that April 2015, it has 96 members.

On October 27th, 2013, the youtuber EqualToAwesome posted a video clip called "Put your finger here" (below left), collecting the different instances the the meme. As of April 2015, the video has garnered 505,884 views and also a sequel (below right).

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External References

<1> Le Reddit – r/putyourfingerhere

<2> College humor via Wayback machine – placed Your Finger Here: An interactive Gallery

<3> Reddit – placed your finger

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