Pioneer announced critical week that it’s set to relax two brand-new reference Blu-ray football player under its famous Elite line of electronics. The flagship BDP-88FD player and the just slightly less sophisticated BDP-85FD will be the very first Elite Blu-ray football player released by Pioneer in around five years, and they show up to have sufficient “oomph” come appeal to both the reluctant videophile and also skeptical audiophile.

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Both football player reproduce high-quality video clip via Pioneer’s new video engine made up of a Precise Pixel Driver picture processor and also the company’s new 4K reference Converter that upscales currently disc-based or network content to 4K resolution (4K/60P/4:4:4/24-bit). Upscaled video is output via HDMI 2.0 in ~ a complete 18 Gbps-bandwidth. The 88FD and also 85FD both process video signals through the very same hardware and the very same proprietary technologies, yet the 2 models differ substantially when it comes to audio-processing capabilities.

The 88FD and also 85FD each bring an ES9018 ESS Sabre digital-to-analog converter (the very same DAC provided in Oppo’s $1,200 luxury BDP-105D player) capable of playing DVD audio, SACD, and also most famous high-resolution audio files. However, the 88FD employs four of these integrated DACs, in parallel, to alleviate noise – again, similar to the Oppo BDP-105. Both additionally feature a “Direct function Circuit” for use in a “pure analog audio playback mode,” which essentially shuts off all video circuits come eliminate any potential interference and also dedicate all processing strength solely to the audio components.

The 88FD takes its hi-res audio chops even further with a large-capacity power supply transformer, elevation quartz because that 44.1 kHz/48 kHz playback, Hi-Bit and also Hi-Sampling processing, and a DAC filter.

In terms of networking capabilities, Pioneer’s two new players are DLNA-compatible for streaming audio and video clip content native a pc via house network. They additionally are qualified of streaming content directly from mobile devices, deserve to play hi-res music content from USB, disc, and hard-drive sources, and feature a YouTube “Send to TV” function for every those back-to-back cat-clip-bingers out there.

While Pioneer appears to have actually inched significantly closer to the high-end roots its elite line ended up being known for (we didn’t quite think the VSX-70 deserved the “Elite” moniker), the company is selling its house electronics department to Onkyo, which way these might be the critical pure-bred Pioneer players us see, relying on how the regards to the sale play out.

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The 85FD and 88FD Blu-ray players will begin shipping in December with argued retail price-points the $1,000 and $2,000, respectively.