Now now, sir Francis that the Filth it is provided a genuine masterpiece, the story that the tune talks around a personality that battles with bullying, everyone calls that a homosexual… check out More 

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Please stop calling me gayI touch a willy in high institution onceAnd that was just a little mistakeSo please prevent calling me gayI swear i love vaginaAnd i love to touch that pussyI kissed two girls before and it felt yes, really goodBecause they to be women and also not men'Cause I'm not gayPenises space for faggotsPenises space for gaysPenises room disgustingSo please protect against calling me gayI love to have actually sexWith ladies with big breastsI don't have sex with men'Cause if ns did that would make me gay(Yeah)Please protect against calling me gayPlease avoid calling me gayYou room hurting my feelingsPlease avoid calling me gay
Let me do this clear 'cause I perform not lick williesI checked out summer camp and also I touched a girl's boob'Cause I'm not gaySee me licking the pussyIt feel really an excellent and that feels yes, really gooshyI perform not have actually proof but I swear I've touch a pussyI like to have sex through cuntsI prefer to have actually sex with slitsI like to have sex through coin slotsNot fucking dicksIf I had actually sex through a dickThat would make your allude validBut ns love fucking the pussyAnd I'm not a faggotSo please stop calling me gaySo please stop calling me gayPlease prevent calling me gayPlease avoid calling me gayPlease prevent calling me gayI touch a willy in high school onceAnd that was simply a little mistakeSo please stop calling me gay
Now now, teacher Francis the the Filth it is intended a actual masterpiece, the story that the track talks around a character that battles with bullying, anyone calls him a homosexual because of an event he had actually in high school and also they havent stopped bullying him since then.

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So the protagonist the the tune defends his heterosexuality through stating very clearly that the is atracted by the oposite sex, in fact, that talks around how kissing girl feels good and male genitalia is just disgusting. Then he proceeds to ramble on and also on about how he loves to have actually intercourse through women of an extremely developed breasts.

Then we can imply that the bullies space still calling the gay, due to the fact that he repeats himself, asking them to stop calling the that, therefore he starts to protect himself again, narrating just how he went to a summer camp and touched a girl’s breasts, since he thinks that proof definatedly makes it clear the he is certainly heterosexual, but he proceeds talking about how that performs different acts upon female genitalia because he loves law that, and if that did that with male genitalia, that would certainly make the bullies have actually the right to speak to him gay.

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And simply when the listener could think that the protagonist lastly suceeded v defending himself, we acquire struck through the sad reality, the protagonist will never ever stop gift bullied, he got marked for life that a sin that hadnt commited, and he tote a curse like most of the human being on the planet do.