A collection of brand-new petitions room calling on social media users to come together and stand up against the rumored half on TikTok. Released on Change.org in early on July, one form was signed by 46,750 people and counting. Many consider the petitions as a vital step against a potential crackdown on the ever-popular social media platform. However, lock did trigger a minor backlash, leading part to case that there are much more important petitions to authorize than those aimed at maintaining TikTok up and running. 

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One the the most famous petitions encouraging society media users and everyday civilization to let your voices it is in heard and defend tik was signed by as countless as 46,750 people.

Started through a Change.org user called Nickolas Ray, Keep tik in the US garnered unprecedented popularity among devoted TikTok users and beyond. 


The petition, Keep tik in the united States, turned the end to be an in similar way successful. The form, initially published by Change.org user, Summer Rasberry, was signed by 26,172 people.

During an appearance on the Monday, July 6 episode of The Ingraham Angle, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo revealed that the Trump administration is considering taking activity against TikTok. 

\"We're acquisition this very seriously. We're definitely looking in ~ it,\" the secretary that state remarked, before adding that \"With respect come Chinese apps top top peoples' cabinet phones I have the right to assure friend the United says will gain this one appropriate too,\" that said. 


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\"I don't desire to gain it the end in former of the president however it's other we're feather at,\" the secretary that state added. 

Upon gift asked about whether he would advise human being to download the hotly disputed app, the remarked that \"only if desire private info in the hands of the Chinese government.\"

The interview walk live simply days after the Indian federal government announced a brand-new ban on tik on Monday, June 29 together 58 other Chinese-owned apps. Around the exact same time, an Australian MP, George Christensen, made new allegations versus TikTok, claiming the it is \"used and abused\" through the Communist Party of China.