This brand-new meme, certification the protagonist native the renowned game Cuphead, looks offensive at an initial blush. And also maybe it is, yet there’s a lot more going ~ above here. Let’s take it a look at where “triple gay” came from and what it means.

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Photo via queenwhiskey/Tumblr

“Person over me” memes have been approximately for some time. It’s one old messageboard heritage to mock the poster that comments above or below you, specifically by calling castle gay, and also it appears to have actually blossomed also further on social media. In one famed Facebook condition that provides fun the the trope, a guy writes that the very first person come comment is “gau,” climate becomes the first to comment through correcting his very own typo. Oops!


“Above” or “below” photos are a longstanding online trope, however the ‘Triple Gay’ meme add to two points to it: one is Cuphead, a popular and somewhat controversial game. Cuphead is really au courant in meme circles, which offers the picture a little viral oomph. The 2nd is the the “triple gay” insult is tongue-in-cheek and also might even be check out as a meta-commentary on the practice of making use of “gay” together a slur online.

Insulting people and also things together “gay” is a regressive practice linked online v 4chan trolls, YouTube gamers, and tweens that still find negative language thrilling. 4chan’s usage of the suffix -fag is a boring remnant that a time as soon as this was still edgy. In 2017, the web is generally an ext open to sex-related identities and also orientations various other than straight, cisgendered, and vanilla. This is specifically true top top Tumblr, wherein you’ll discover supportive areas for everyone from infectious diseases world fashion folks come furries to every manner that “otherkin.” simply being gay is solid worthy of comment on Tumblr … i beg your pardon is more than likely why “Triple Gay” theatre so fine there.

Adding the “triple” just highlights just how absurd “gay” was as an insult to begin with. In fact, some civilization are proud owning being “Triple Gay,” making use of the picture to talk about coming out:

Of course, that could also be precious to use a more straightforward analysis of “Triple Gay” and conclude that it’s a bad, dumb, and also homophobic meme. The all depends on just how it’s used in context.

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In one gaming conversation on Discord, because that example, it reportedly shut under the conversation for three days due to the fact that no one wanted to be Triple Gay. (This story is more than likely not accurate true, however it’s funny.)

In a Discord where noone has posted in the main chat since last friday due to the fact that someone posted this in it.

— Captain Scruby (
ScrubyScrubrton) November 13, 2017

It’s not totally clear where Triple gay started, yet the very good Tumblr account meme Documentation reports it started on Instagram before it go out up on Tumblr. “Triple Gay” has also been mashed up with older memes, like the anime picture “Omae wa mou shindeiru (you are currently dead)”

or the Richard Dawkins t-shirt meme:


The old “I diagnose you with gay” picture has additionally been upgraded to “Triple Gay”:


Perhaps the most amazing thing around the image is the interplay in between the initial three-armed Cuphead (“The human being below”) and also the upside-down version (“the person above”).

What go it average when the two opposite Cupheads meet?

Images via queenwhiskey/Tumblr

Well, it relies on i m sorry order you placed them in. Together Tumblrer Trillizard420 put it

“the Cupheads have the right to either do each other triple gay

or make everyone about them triple gay, protecting each other from the triple gay