About a mainly ago, news circulated approximately the social media-sphere that retired former champions Miguel Cotto (41-6) and Juan Manuel Marquez (56-7-1) to be throwing their hats earlier into prize fighting.

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Many took this as two retired fighters, latching ~ above the ever-growing trend of these “novelty” fights that started again in 2020 with Mike Tyson encountering Roy Jones.

Jones and Tyson didn’t disgrace themselves at all on Nov. 28, 2020. Pic through Joe Scarnici/Getty for Triller

If you to be to cite Cotto vs Marquez come anyone early last year, castle would have probably laughed. However, these days, those form of talks room happening daily. These retired fighters doing exhibitions room happening an ext and more. Some may not prefer it however for the fighters involved, they watch the bag the money the accompanies such events.

Last year, if on lockdown, anyone was burn up the Netflix, Hulu, etc as there was literally nothing rather to do. V that come the boosted love for nostalgic movies and also TV series. We experienced shows like Kobra Kai post large numbers when in the video game world, Mortal Kombat inserted 80s action stars like John Rambo and the Terminator as playable characters.


The nostalgia pest bit right into the video game world, resulting in 80s activity stars together playable characters

I mentioned all of this since we are in a weird time wherein there is a genuine appetite for nostalgia and also fighters are trying come cash in.

I don’t blame them, it’s not as if boxing has a pension plan.

These fighters the were larger than life in the ring in ~ times discover themselves with restricted revenue streams so these events help with that.

That doesn’t use here due to the fact that Miguel has Cotto Promotions if Marquez is not only an accountant but has a job over at ESPN. Because that these two men, it’s cashing in ~ above the present trend but additionally finishing up something that never ever saw the light of day.


Cotto training together his fighters Flyweight point of view “Tito” Acosta and also his mam Arely Mucino.

In between 2016 and also 2017, (Click right here for Woodsy’s story in 2016) there to be rumors flying around that the two were in hefty negotiations for a fight. In ~ this time, both males were past their physics primes, however for the purists, the was your Mayweather vs Pacquiao, the idea that it and also not the really fight that played out. The main sticking point that kept getting leaked the end to the media was the capture weight. Cotto wanted it near 150 when Marquez asked for it to it is in closer come 147. The talks finished up dying and also we never got to check out those two guys in the ring.

Now us are at this time sitting just over two months away and the curiosity is beginning to build. The event is labeled together “Unfinished Business” and for them, it really is. The concern is, are the fans going to tune right into this one and also support yet an additional exhibition?


This paint is ~ above a neighborhood block in Mexico. Mexican fans love the an excellent Juan Manuel Marquez.

When the June 12th day was announced, that automatically signaled come me the this would certainly be an event that is walk to receive a ton that attention. June 12th drops on the Puerto Rican work Parade weekend in NYC. Because that years, Miguel Cotto fill the Madison Square Garden through his pan on the weekend. Because then, no other Puerto Rican fighter has been able come grab the torch and also run with it on the weekend.


Miguel Cotto would fill MSG year after year once Felix Trinidad retirement from boxing.

There are rumors it may take ar in Florida yet if over there is anyway this can land in NY, it will certainly be one hot ticket.

There isn’t a clean promoter because that the event. Perhaps the idea is to gain someone to latch on soon as soon as the buzz picks up. If ns am a company like Triller, this is a prime chance to make an occasion in NY. It can showcase some Latin artists and also make the the an initial real major event in the city since the start of the pandemic.

I know, I’m acquiring a small ahead of myself. However, sometimes you need to think big, also when those concepts may not be feasible at the moment.

The struggle itself would show an ext than what Tyson and Jones did ago in November. Miguel Cotto has actually remained in terrific shape and so has actually Juan Manuel Marquez. These guys didn’t enable retirement life to obtain the ideal of them. They are additionally passionate, proud men who take boxing really seriously, so ns anticipate them providing it your best. If you wondering exactly how serious, well, look at no additional as both men have reached the end to their legend trainers.

Cotto will be involvement Freddie Roach shortly while Marquez is through Nacho Beristain. The two Hall of reputation coaches had this come say leading as much as the hit in June.


There is no question that this struggle will entice the mainstream Latin media. The concern is whether boxing media and also purists will obtain behind the event as it it s okay closer? as result of these 2 polarizing numbers being involved, i think this hit does really well.

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Come June 12th, space you walk to it is in tuned into Miguel Cotto vs Juan Manuel Marquez? will certainly the curiosity an insect bite you and also push you towards the select button on your remote? only time will certainly tell but if girlfriend ask me, more will it is in tuning in 보다 what you would certainly expect.