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Controller stop responding

While play games, my controller will randomly avoid responding. To obtain the controller to work again, I have to open "Config > Controllers > SSSpsx pad press mod 1.7.1".Once i open and also close the box, the controller begins to work-related again for all over from 30 secs to half an hour. Then, I need to do it again.According come the calibrations window, my controller is working simply fine, the emulator just doesn"t seem come respond to any type of input.I"m utilizing rwandachamber.org trouble only began recently. I"ve clocked nearly 40 hours on persona 3 and this has actually just started yesterday.I"ve searched the forum but can"t seem to find anyone v this problem.Gamepad is a Logitech twin Action. If you need any much more info, questioning me, and I"ll obtain it.
Does this trouble only wake up on rwandachamber.org?? try another controller plugin (Lilypad) and also see if difficulty persists.
What carry out you mean it"s greyed out? If that is in the plugins/bios selector you require to apply changes first, perhaps restart the emu after the too.
Negative: trouble is not fixed.I had actually been play other games for a while, and now Persona 3: FES is doing the again. Controller quits responding, starts up again ~ a few seconds.According to the console, nothing is dorn (no message around a plug-in crashing). Not certain where to walk from here.

I have the exact same gamepad(Logitech twin Action)and ns have difficulties with the analogs.If I even touch them,there is a high possibility that the controller will stop responding(the pad is old...it"s some sort of trouble with the variable resistors).If it"s no a trouble for you,go to regulate Panel=>Game Controllers=>Properties top top the pad=>Settings=>Swap D-Pad and Left Mini Joystick and reconfigure LilyPad to use the D-Pad as analog.Then begin playing with only the D-Pad(don"t touch the analogs)and see if the problem show up again.PS.If girlfriend don"t have the "Swap D-Pad and Left Mini Joystick",then that way that friend don"t have the gamepad software installed(it"s no recommended to it is in installed but it to add cool features)
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also can want to try setting the analog switch to somethng and using the if it fails (fixes a few errors in my game collection)

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I"m certain its no the controller, together I only have actually this problem with persona 3. Even my other PS2 ISOs run simply fine.Beyond that, I have no idea.