PayDay 2 has actually microtransactions so the Overkill can proceed supporting the video game in overfill of that is contractual obligations, follow to the game"s producer.

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PayDay 2"s Crimefest event is over, and in despite the of the addition of totally free keys for arbitrarily drops, some players space still really upset through the enhancement of gameplay-affecting weapon skins.

Producer Almir Listo required to Reddit come respond come the community, giving some an ext context for the enhancement of microtransaction and heavy steam Economy elements.

"We assumed - and also still think - the this is a good addition come the game," he wrote.

"We have actually a device that everyone can participate in, where players can earn really money while play PayDay 2. If friend don"t want to purchase anything, that"s totally fine, as you deserve to just sell what friend get and also continue focusing on the core endure of PayDay 2.

"We at Overkill want to create more than what we and also 505 games agreed on. We want to do everything we have the right to to make PayDay 2 as awesome as possible. In stimulate to perform that, we made the decision come triple the dimension of the crew. Come ensure that we deserve to keep the dimension of the team, we determined that the best approach was to introduce the Black industry update come the game."

"Meanwhile, the added funds enable us to continue making the game better and better all the time."

Community members repeatedly asked why Overkill had actually introduced microtransactions, when the developer had actually said it would never do so.

Listo stated he meant and also believed what he claimed two and also a fifty percent years ago, however he situation has readjusted in the interim. The team has tripled in size, and also Overkill"s ambitious to store supporting PayDay 2 with added content outstrips its funding.

"We have actually a partnership through our partner 505 Games, whereby we have a deal to produce a particular amount that content until 2017. However, we at Overkill desire to create much more than what we and also 505 games agreed on," that said.

"We desire to do whatever we can to do PayDay 2 as awesome together possible. In stimulate to carry out that, we made the decision to triple the dimension of the crew. Come ensure that we can keep the dimension of the team, we chose that the best approach was to introduce the Black industry update come the game."

Listo claimed Overkill has ben very closely monitoring reaction come the update and is open up to discussion with the community, however that the Black industry content isn"t walk away. He said Overkill to trust the arbitrarily drop items are well balanced well, yet will continue to adjust as necessary, and that any boost they administer benefit a whole co-op group, therefore shouldn"t impair any other player"s experience.

"We know that over there is a most fury, anger and also disappointment v us adding this. Indigenous an economical standpoint however, fully based ~ above statistics, we can already see the the Black market update is functioning as us intended," that said.

"Going forward, us hope we deserve to convince the components of the neighborhood that withstand this change that this to be the ideal decision to execute to certain the security of Overkill as an independent developer and the future growth of PayDay 2."

One other suggest of attention is that Listo said Overkill will update players top top the actively supported console execution of PayDay 2 this week.

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You can check out the complete AMA over on Reddit. I"d definitely recommend braving the hundreds of angry replies, together Listo"s an extensive responses worthy to be read in full; you have the right to sort of see what Overkill was aiming for.