Over the past pair of weeks, a new meme has actually inundated social media, annoying and mystifying every in its path. “What is this brand-new Pawn Stars meme?” asks a poster on Reddit‘s “out that the loop” forum. The answer is: It’s the opening voice-over native the fact television collection Pawn Stars, around a man, a big son, and their pawn shop. 

You’re not out of the loop, the image is just… dumb. 

The Pawn Stars meme works like this. 

Step One: paste the following text.

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“Hi, I’m stack Harrison, and also this is my pawn shop. I work right here with my old man and my son, ‘Big Hoss.’ every little thing in here has actually a story and also a price. One thing I’ve learned ~ 21 years—you never understand what is gonna come with that door.”

Step Two: there is no second step. This is the joke. 

According to understand Your Meme, the “I’m rick Harrison” copypasta have the right to be traced ago to 4chan circa 2010. For some reason, it’s been exhumed and trotted out, Weekend at Bernie’s-style, anywhere 2016 society media. 

Meme facebook pages like Bardock Obama and Dank memes Melt stole Beams seem to be in ~ the epicenter the this Rick-quake, and it’s likewise all end Reddit’s miscellaneous meme forums. 



Although this meme to be dead before it ever before got started, it has actually spawned some new variations, hybrids the mix Pawn Stars with other memes. 

In one version, the intro message is subtly altered to express to big Hoss as Harrison’s “large son.” “Large sons” was one of the best memes of 2015, and still has actually some humor worth today, however when couched within the insipid Pawn Stars meme, the is pearls before swine. 

Another variation spoofs the emoji chain messages that to be so well-known in late 2015 and also early this year: 



And a third mutation combine Harrison with the large blue “Nut” button that to be so well-known in the feather of 2016: 


recognize Your Meme

The most famous (and creative) turn on the meme, though, is the one the replaces rick Harrison with an additional character and changes the details accordingly.

For example, this one from Reddit’s copypasta forum:

“I’m Harambe, and this is my zoo enclosure. Ns work here with my zoo keeper and also my friend, Cecil the lion. Every little thing in here has a story and also a price. One point I’ve learned after ~ 21 year – you never know WHO is gonna come over the fence.”

This one featuring weird YouTube meme Ethan Bradberry:


Or this one special Sad Pawpaw, who grandkids didn’t pertained to dinner: 



It go on…


Bardock Obama/Facebook

…and on…


Bardock Obama/Facebook

…and on.


Bardock Obama/Facebook

Here is possibly the best take ~ above this meme, fancy Pokémon GIF:


unexpected Dank Memes/Facebook

You can also just scramble the original copypasta, for every little thing that’s worth: 

I’m pawn shop, and also this is my rick Harrison. I work right here with mine old Hoss and my man, large son. Every little thing in story has actually a price and also a here. One point I’ve 21 years learned – you never ever door what is gonna come with that know.

Or hit it over the head v a thesaurus: 

Greetings; my given name is Richard Harrison and also the facility us have entered is a retail establishment that specialization in unredeemed goods, which is the legal residential property of her truly. I at this time employ my head parental unit, alias, “Elderly Male,” and also the offspring that oneself, whose offered name is Corey Harrison, yet has assumed the identity, “Large Hoss.” each individual item right now possessed by my fine retail establishment beholds a an extensive narrative and also of course, this gift a legal retail establishment, deserve to be acqulred because that reasonable compensation. I have been the legal facilitator of this established haberdashery since the year MCMXCV, and also in those XXI years, I have been gradually lnformed that; thy shall, at no time in the past, future, or present, be aware of by means of observation or inqulry, any details whatsoever the the material goods that will proceed previous the aperture of my structure where goods are acquired and distributed simultaneously.

“Hi, I’m rick Harrison,” can be interpreted as component of the class of jokes the consist totally of pasted currently from popular music culture. 2 of the many prominent instances are the script of Jerry Seinfeld’s Bee Movie and the text to “Smooth,” through Santana ft. Rob cutting board of Matchbox Twenty, indigenous the Grammy-winning album Supernatural. 

In these cases, and the situation of Pawn Stars, the copypasta is the entirety joke. It’s a non-sequitur that pops increase on Facebook and also might seem funny and weird the first dozen times you watch it. 

Bee Movie and “Smooth” better lend themselves to various other uses, though. As soon as Vanity Fair ran a very bad profile of Margot Robbie, people mocked it by instead of the message with Seinfeld’s opening monologue or rob Thomas’s “Man, it’s a hot one,” etc. 

It’s tough to imagine “Hi, I’m stack Harrison” pulling the same rhetorical weight. Harrison is a character more akin to chuck Testa. In situation you don’t remember your old meme history, Testa to be a taxidermist whose surname turned into a renowned interjection online around 2011. That was quickly overused and driven into the ground, so there is no of fun that it didn’t even experience one ironic revival. 

The Pawn Stars meme looks choose it can be treading the exact same path. There’s no subtlety or vital bent come the joke: just take anything, insert Harrison. 

 That’s more than likely why it’s i do not have anything on monster Twitter, and various on facebook meme youngsters have already complained about it come the everyday Dot, asking us to put it the end of the misery prefer Miles Klee go to file Boi (o shit, R.I.P.) ago in May.

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I don’t think we have to. The creative possibilities the PawnStars.meme have already been exhausted.