Making digital social gamings 2007-2009

by Justin Hall

Between 2007 and 2009 GameLayers make a multiplayer game throughout all the contents of the internet.

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I to be the CEO of GameLayers and also one of 3 co-founders. Below I"ll re-superstructure lessons and data from this digital social game startup. This Story that GameLayers consists prototyping, money raising, company building, strategy shifting, winding down and moving on.

You can read it for free, since sharing expertise is fun. Girlfriend can also encourage me to take more time to create stuff choose this if you purchase "A Story that GameLayers" because that the Kindle.

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New communications technologies create brand-new opportunities for civilization to work, play and live together. In the so late 20th and also early 21st century, humans developed businesses on height of quickly evolving interactions networks. This is the story of an web startup - starting an entertain software agency to evolve this new medium for human being expression.

Starting in 1994, I worked for a collection of web startups based in san Francisco. Hot Wired, electric minds, - every of lock filled one empty an are in our internet and also offered the public totally free access. Each of castle received far too few dollars in go back to continue.

Then in 2007 I had the possibility to establish and run an web startup together CEO. In ~ my firm GameLayers we operated to transform internet surfing into a gigantic ongoing society game.

It to be a bolder adventure, and also by the end of 2009 GameLayers too had failed as a company. The games we make failed to find sustainable audiences. No one works for GameLayers now or plays GameLayers games.

You room holding a story of GameLayers. I am informing this story due to the fact that it help me feel the GameLayers was a worthwhile experience. This is the story of sharing an idea. Recognize money and also comrades to transform that idea right into a business. Functioning to do that organization survive. Then grieving and learning when the organization fails.

Along the method I had actually to do many things I"d never done before, points I have actually recounted here. I had actually to hire people, fire people, convince civilization to provide me money and also convince myself i was standard to honor 120,000 users, ripe GameLayerers, 4 investors and also my marriage partner co-creating an normal game.This GameLayers story is supported by a wide selection of documents. Herein you"ll uncover links to pitch decks, the story us told investors to advanced money. You"ll uncover a connect to the "term sheet" from our investor listing the problems for 1.5 million invest dollars. You"ll find the board conference slideshows audit for our progress towards our goals. There"s even much more supporting material attached throughough: ns erred ~ above the side of too much information. You have the right to decide how countless of these connected documents you care for; hopefully this other records are viewable top top the device you"re making use of to view this document.

My score is to assist someone through an idea see exactly how they could possibly start a business. Perhaps you don"t mean to operation your own company (I didn"t either). Maybe you"re simply curious around the "internet startup" hoopla, or you dream of inventing her online video game idea part day. I hope this story that GameLayers might aid you far better understand what can take place when world have a possibility to turn an idea into a company.

2006 Grad school Project

In 2006, ns was one MFA graduate student at the college of southerly California Film school Interactive Media Division.

A reformed journalist, ns attended grad institution to discover to make the kinds of software program I"d only written about before. Ns was watching civilization play human being of Warcraft and also I want to have actually that kind of immersive persistent society travels with dataspace. WoW looked choose fun! but I couldn"t focus on one MMO - too much time invest required. How about an MMO (massively-multiplayer online game) for life ~ above the web?

I to be living with M (name and likeness redacted by request), a creative writing major at USC. M and also I enraged out ideas for role-playing video game mapped to net surfing. For this reason you have the right to earn points for doing what you"re already doing!

First draft of - D&D features for surfing the web

Mentored through a number of agreeable engineers, ns rigged up a solitary player prototype, making use of a Firefox extension that saved my web background to a file, climate parsing that internet traffic through PHP to provide myself Dungeons & Dragons-style attributes. Surfing a most Flickr gave me high dexterity but lowered my constitution. Surfing the wall Street Journal raised by intelligence however lowered my wisdom. Ns hand-coded game values for a couple of sites. M made art for each of the attributes based on the paints of Alphonse Mucha. Livened up through some visuals this prototype was enough to existing at a conference Aula summer 2006 in Helsinki Finland.

Game maven Alice Taylor remained in the audience. She and Matt Locke in ~ the BBC had a mandate come sponsor innovative educational interaction media projects. The BBC provided us a $20k grant to develop a video game to teach human being web literacy, on the condition we hire a brothers programmer. - the passively multiplayer digital game

late 2006 iFrame variation of constructed with BBC funding

So currently this became - the Passively Multiplayer virtual Game. From fall 2006 to spring 2007 us worked: myself Justin Hall as producer/web monkey, video game designer/writer M, and also a UK video game engineer Duncan Gough who we found through our friend Matt Webb.

mid-2007 Firefox sidebar version of (zoom out)

The BBC grant and also the confines of Scott Fisher"s interactive Media division (IMD) at USC listed a fine ar to incubate our idea. We were supported and also stimulated and also challenged by clever folks with a an excellent deadline and also feedback mechanisms driving us towards a playable experience. IMD Professor Tracy Fullerton helped us run record prototype tests; in between the IMD and Alice Taylor us had great oversight to store us focused on building a coherent experience in a finite amount the time.

Giant poster offered to encourage during a poster session in the lobby that the in march 2007 game Developers Conference in mountain Francisco. Illustrations through the most fantastic Colin Adams.

My critical year over there I had the ability to take a class "Business of interaction Media" v a long-time game industry idol the mine - Jordan Weisman. He has actually started many successful game production providers based on brand-new media and new markets. He common data from his job-related with the class, offering me the spreadsheet devices to model the price of to run a business and also launching projects. Now I could start to imagine exactly how to sustain and also grow a brand-new game idea.

We proved in the IMD might 2007 and also we had actually 1,500 players! Here"s a brief video where i speak to the factors for before the IMD thesis show. Duncan built a an easy Firefox sidebar to organize a working net annotation video game with personality records, user created play objects throughout web sites, lot of the functionality that we"d originally envisioned for the game. That felt like a game, at least a fun internet toy, v a chat room pour it until it is full up through return players.

Here"s some pictures and research records from that early era.

As we mutual our work-related online, people said we could raise some investment. We had a new form of game experience, a an imaginative use the the Firefox platform. Maybe we were structure some valuable part of the virtual entertainment landscape. Probably we could be an web startup! ns had operated for some net startups in the 1990s (HotWired, electrical minds,, yet I didn"t really have a sense of exactly how an idea turned right into a business. Turns out you deserve to raise money on an idea, and a prototype is also better!

This to be mid-2007. The web was booming - new services to be being funded and taking off. There to be a sense that you might grow an idea into something huge and it would certainly make money indigenous our big audience or it would be acquired by Yahoo/Microsoft/Google.

So we began presenting the game idea to undertaking capitalists in Silicon Valley. It was remarkable to recognize that this amateur game production can be viewed as an economic vehicle.

First round of Funding

Joi Ito to be our an initial investor, an angel that agreed to come on if we might find other investors. Joi was a high velocity digital citizen and also investor in a variety of innovative funny projects. I had helped Joi set up his weblog when I resided in Japan in 2002, for this reason we had actually some history of working virtual together. In 2007 Joi was an active World that Warcraft player: he motivated us to do a video game that could involve football player as much as WoW associated him. Having actually Joi signed on first set united state up to find other folks.

Joi introduced us come Richard Wolpert, an additional angel investor v a history of work with Disney Online, Apple, genuine Networks - AAA high quality companies. He driven us to do the experience an ext accessible and appealing come a wider audience.

Bryce Roberts in ~ O"Reilly AlphaTech endeavors was interested. OATV to be a relatively new seed-stage fund, they were in search of companies that might be disruptive or complicated to existing markets. We thought we were opening the typical massively-multiplayer online game experience to broader audiences, and also we appreciated OATV"s root in open resource and hacker culture. To add Bryce had good internet literacy and also a fun punk-rock attitude.

GameLayers investor Bryce Roberts in his 2007 OATV office - picture by Scott Beale / LaughingSquid.

I remember sit in his beautiful conference room v a see of the san Francisco Bay, and him asking: "how lot do girlfriend think GameLayers is worth?" (theoretically,after investment). I had somehow forget to plan that answer, so i winged it: "$3 million." Bryce replied "how about $2 million" and I claimed without lot hesitation "okay." So over there we increased $500k ~ above a post-money valuation of $2 million - $50k from each of the angels and $400k indigenous OATV. OATV pledged millions much more in reserve if we confirmed promise.

I graduated through my MFA in June 2007 and also turned under a well-paying sell from Yahoo games to architect a meta-game of badges and points throughout their service. The transaction to fund GameLayers, Inc. Closeup of the door in July 2007. M graduated through her undergraduate english level in May and also joined J.J. Abrams" production firm Bad Robot as a receptionist maintain to use the 3D printer. M left that job after a few months to be Chief creative Officer the GameLayers. Duncan our play prototyper ended up being our CTO, ns was the Producer and also CEO - us were currently three co-founders make a new online experience!

M and also I to be living in Culver City, near Los Angeles California. Note Jacobsen and Bryce at OATV strongly motivated us to move the company from Los Angeles to san Francisco, to it is in near more developer talent and to be near other web companies because that collaboration.

Bryce, M and Richard one month ~ the money landed, in ~ a component in the OATV office top top the night of the October 2007 web 2.0 conference.

The money didn"t actually arrive until September; one of the an initial great lessons: securing accumulation takes longer than any kind of prediction or arrangement. That month us packed ourselves and also our dog Pixley Wigglebottom right into a UHaul and drove north to a huge cheap loft in eastern Oakland, close to San Francisco whereby so numerous other net startups lived.

Now us were charged with structure out ours company. We spent $5,000 come buy Us hired up to five people. During fund-raising ns remember hearing the you can estimate the expenses of to run an internet startup at around $10k per permanent employee every month. That includes everything - overhead, salary, technology, and also it actually works pretty well together a formula. So we went up to around 6 people, burning around $60k a month, which supposed that we had actually a little less 보다 eight month to prove can be a viable business and also GameLayers could be a viable company.

Here"s how we were spending our an initial round that money - largely salaries!

In fact we invested the money slower than we predicted. It was harder come hire human being than we expected. We conserved money by working out of our home. Us recruited folks we knew; our very first employee web designer cap Watkins was M"s girlfriend from USC; he slept in our eastern Oakland loft with us and also our dog until he found his very own place.

Cap and M work in the GameLayers loft in east Oakland if Carl Dreyer"s passion of Joan that Arc dram on the landlord"s plasma TV - photograph from December 2007

Duncan remembers: "when we secured resources from OATV and had a conference contact with extension-building company where we nearly gave increase a large chunk that the firm in stimulate to have actually them construct our extension." the seemed like a fast means to acquire our game running, yet we realized we wouldn"t be able to iterate our own product if someone else constructed it. Therefore we chose to hire up a team instead. As Duncan placed it, that "...was a real challenge, and a test of our self confidence."

One of our an initial advisors to be Ben Cerveny, a well-connected digital nomad who had actually worked in between the web and gaming because that years. Ben aided us discover a happy contract artist/programmer note "heavysixer" Daggett in Kansas, we reworked our straightforward sidebar variation of to have actually a an ext integrated HUD and a gourmet Steampunk look. We chose Steampunk due to the fact that we felt like the genre to be on the rise, and it to be appealing to internet early adopters. We believed Steampunk would certainly also help to differentiate us in the wider games marketplace - stylish happy nerdery.

Beta Launch and also Roadshow

We introduced in close up door beta in February 2008 - human being could play, however only through an invitation. This enabled us to gradually prosper the game, to be sure our servers held up and we weren"t getting overwhelmed with new customers. We had a signup kind for people to request access; I would scan the email addresses because that the indigenous "venture" or "capital" or "investments" or "partners" or "fund" - this means I uncovered a variety of venture capitalists had signed up because that the beta; I would reach the end to every of lock to watch if us could book a pitch meeting.

Justin, M, Duncan - February 2008 - photo by Bryce

February and March were a big roadshow - talking to the press:

We presented "passively multiplayer digital gaming" at conferences: video game Developers Conference in mountain Francisco (coverage), Emerging an innovation Conference in san Diego, southern by Southwest in Austin.

Presenting "DataPlay: living Games" at south by Southwest (SXSW), Austin, march 2008 photograph by Narisa Spaulding

In our company IRC chat room, with civilization from the UK, Missouri, Kansas, mountain Diego and also East Oakland, we functioned to evolve our experience, around six that us. Two and also a half coders, a front finish person, a neighborhood support person, a producer, and also a game designer/writer. Not sufficient engineers, but we couldn"t hire numerous - during a an innovation boom designers are scarce. Ns pitched in making internet views as the Producer (the views and occasionally controllers component of Ruby on Rails" MVC).

A player profile on circa might 2008

Another major lesson from running a software application startup: designers are the dreammakers and also everyone is in fierce competition for talented programmers.

M envisioned a virtual human being on peak of the internet: a fight between order and also chaos, whereby we offered the info weapons. Because that charitable sorts, there were crates because that treasure to be left on net sites. Because that aggressive provocateurs, there were mines the exploded and shook your browser home window when friend hit your target URL. Surfing v our toolbar game on at time made the web feel alive with play in the margins!

Money is running low in the direction of mid-2008

In the feather of 2008, it looked prefer we had a promising game service that was getting a most buzz. We were security slower than we"d planned, however we to be running out of money. So the video game designer/writer M and also myself the producer change to fundraising for about 14 weeks of March-June in 2008. This is a vast attention-suck: tracking down introductions and opportunities, occurring presentations, taking feedback, corresponding, prioritizing, traveling, pitching.

I started off with a stupidly fat on slide deck. I thought it was important to to walk through civilization through the idea, the background of the idea, the market context, the team, the upside, the plans. However a rigid straight presentation was anathema for busy people who have seen a ton of pitches. Every VC had their collection of questions and usually couldn"t sit through much more than 3 slides.

Here"s a PDF of our pitch deck indigenous March 2008: 200803-GameLayers-SeriesA-09.pdf - 26.6 Megs, 62 slides

Two month later, us had adjusted our pitch-style. Here"s a PDF that our key deck from may 2008: 200805-GameLayers-SeriesA-22-Shasta.pdf - 15.4 megs, 44 complete slides, 8 in the appendix.

We learned to show fewer slides and also then simply talk with potential investors. Regularly these were smart folks through experience building companies therefore we had actually a lot come learn and also at best it to be a an excellent conversation, when we learned to relax ~ above the official presentation. We kept a stack of slides in our appendix; if lock asked about "competitor products" or "projected burn rate & operating expenses" or "DAU versus MAU over the last 3 months" we might pull those up.

There were part soul-crushing moments: arising from a red-eye flight into a room with 6 hard-driving affluent dudes who want to recognize why we don"t have actually explosions or blood in our game. Or why we"re no a platform because that embedding other people"s speed games. Or why we"re therefore deluded around the size of the market.

We were will on structure one game, due to the fact that our team wasn"t big enough to assistance multiple products. Us didn"t desire to spread ourselves across multiple products when us hadn"t proven the idea and also built a successful instance of this brand-new kind of game. We believed we might develop a platform someday - opening up our tech for anyone come upload their games. However we want to obtain the core suffer bolted together first before us supported other developers.

A may 2008 Experience video we created as us were going the end of closed beta.

Here"s a Experience video clip we developed as us were going out of closeup of the door beta, circa might 2008.

Second round of Funding

Early June 2008, among the craziest weeks of mine life:

Saturday: get Married close to YosemiteMonday: move from 1400 sq/ft loft to 400 sq/ft apartmentTuesday: Sign 2nd Round hatchet Sheet for $1.5 millionFriday: we fire someone because that the very first time

In June 2008 M and I were married in main California. Ours investors and also co-founder indigenous the UK joined our friends and also family betrothing the Chief an imaginative Officer and also Chief executive, management Officer of GameLayers. Wedding ceremony was Saturday. Monday we moved from our huge East Oakland loft into a tiny apartment in one awesome component of san Francisco"s Mission District. Tuesday us signed a ax sheet v Rob Coneybeer indigenous Shasta ventures for a full $1.5 million round that we had actually just increased after a long roadshow together. Friday we had actually to fire someone for the an initial time. That was exceptionally intense running a startup, and being married come a co-founder / plank member. Nonshop high-pressure togetherness. We put off our honeymoon and also kept working.

Fundraising on an offbeat video game on an unproven platform was challenging. Happily we found an investment companion who observed the potential in the prevalent social experience we were building: plunder Coneybeer native Shasta Ventures. Rob joined the GameLayers board in addition to M, Bryce and also myself - leave an empty fifth seat us didn"t worry around filling.

June 2008: "Having Fun, making Money": "a startup transforms the whole Web right into a game, aiming to steer players toward and away from details sites. Will advertisers pat along?"

A stylish cash infusion come in mid-2008!

We raised one more $1.51 million dollars - $1 million indigenous Shasta, and another $500k from OATV. Our 2 angel investors Joi and also Richard had actually the choice to placed in an additional $50k each, however they made decision not to. GameLayers was currently valued at just under $5 million!

GameLayers round 2 ax Sheet with Rob / Shasta - a triumphant document for us.

We were running on fumes as soon as the 2nd round of money came through. Now, respectable 2008, the money was in our bank account, and also we ramped up plans to increase our operations, with into brand-new markets, boost our featureset, and also draw in a ton more users! Rob verified up with a many enthusiasm and ideas because that the project, offering us a an increase of energy. Us looked front to concentrating on our game-making again, after months on the road!

Kicking much more Ass, Sooner

Rob Coneybeer from Shasta Ventures, august 2009 photo by Elliot Ng

Our first venture capitalists OATV mainly work v nascent startups. Bryce concentrated on helping us construct a team, and also helping us acquire a rate building and also releasing software. Then Bryce helped us existing ourselves as a an useful company because that other larger VC investment. Our second VC Shasta to be accustomed come blowing out a product through promise, do it grow seriously fast. Rob wanted to view progress and also drive momentum.

Moving into a brand-new office - photo from 1 September 2008

One year after we started, we ultimately stopped working from home and also moved into an office. 76 2nd Street, the top floor of an old building for around $3100 a month, space for 14 people to thrive into.

Boosting our monthly OpEx spend

One that the biggest obstacles for me was learning to prune my stories. I would acquire a call from Rob in ~ 9.30pm ~ above a Tuesday, how"s that going? and also I would automatically start listing the bugs the were ~ above the height of my mind, the troubles we were functioning to solve. Looking ago I believe Rob want to know just how we to be doing strategically, and maybe a feeling of confidence from me that we were kicking target overall. I"ve been a journalist for years; in this case, my advice to call a compelling person drama was not necessarily compatible through "here"s a clear course to acceleration and growth." VCs aren"t in search of spin, however I think they want to know that if you"re thrashing on bugs it"s part of a systematic larger vision.

Becoming a CEO and also raising this money to be committing come kicking more ass, sooner - an exhiliarating proposition. And also because I thought in our idea, I want to drive it forward as quick as possible. I charged in, learned whatever I could from books, advisors, news, and worked to it is in the best feasible CEO Decider Visionary Leader Capitalist.

But periodically I was as well in the weeds. Scavenging ~ above Craig"s perform for deals on monitors and also printers to save $100 once tens of hundreds of dollars the employee time to be hurtling forwards towards a relocating target. To run a startup is a crazy variety of affairs come manage: the unceasing find for engineers, customers having weird problems with usual computer setups, investors relations, the mood and also productivity the the people who gave up other avenues to sign up with our cause, the quantity of cash in our bank account, our landlord refusing to download heaters so employees room buying USB-powered heater mittens, state-by-state tax and liability law, we"re no paying ourselves much and we"re eating out constantly and also we"re paying rent to live close to the office in one of the world"s many expensive urban so an individual money is tight, someone else just raised 3x as much money as we walk to execute the same thing through a larger team. And also OMG the entire world economy is cratering!

Justin Hall, Pixley, terrycloth Thurlow, Alex Friedman, M, Seraphina Brennan, Kristin Nienhuis, Brian Bommarito, Duncan Gough, Joe Wagner, Marc Adams - GameLayers team in November 2008 - this is as large as us got. Photo by Beth Amann.

CEO Search

In November 2008 the board met for dinner in ~ a SOMA restaurant referred to as Salt House: M, Rob and Bryce. Rob and Bryce said Gamelayers needed a brand-new CEO, and also my mam M agreed: we needed a for sure hand to rotate this into a business, someone who could raise to trust with another round from more heavy-duty investors. Who I could learn to run a company from. I had gone from game journalist, to game prototyper, come game company pitchman, to game company head, and now I had some reckoning come do. I was not offering leadership because that GameLayers the left my board confident in the future.

Time for me to search out a person much better suited come my role at GameLayers! the was an extreme ego slam. We spent $33k (first installment on a $100k retainer with the Cole Group) and also now a parade of CEO candidates come through. It was a fascinating endure - to satisfy guys who thought they could make our firm evolve and succeed. After interviews, i didn"t think numerous of them to be smarter or better-suited than I was. I appreciated the opportunity to browse smart potential CEOs, yet I additionally occasionally resented security upwards the 20% of mine time make the efforts to change myself. That seemed like a trust game, could I learn enough and also re-apply because that my very own job, owning the trust of my investors and also my co-founder? Or was I better off in another role, leave the brass tacks of organization to someone rather so I could focus on structure a effective product experience?

The global economy tanked prior to we could find a replacement CEO; I stayed on through necessity. We were running out of money to pay salary for a big new CEO, and also with the stock market plummeting, we couldn"t intend to raise an additional round quickly - we had actually to do succeed with what us had.

Primary Objectives


Fortunately, with our Executive find we uncovered an exceptional advisor Michael Buhr. Michael to be an executive at eBay and also the CEO of StumbleUpon, a Firefox toolbar helping human being experience the breadth that the web. Michael had functioned at a 1990s game console firm called 3DO but he wasn"t deep right into games. Instead Michael knew around motiviating people and executing on organization objectives. Michael to be a great manager, a an excellent leader, and he came to be our advisor and also executive coach. Because that a couple of hours a mainly by phone or in-person, Michael helped us form the quick story the the company, putting forward a vision for concrete action. He satellite down through the founders and asked hard questions therefore we could substantiate our plans.

Michael would have actually been an ideal CEO for GameLayers - he taken the Firefox toolbar space, he would have provided us flexibility to run product within organization constraints, he to be fanastic to work-related with - we left every meeting through him emotion smarter and an ext able to have actually fun at a difficult job. Yet Michael already had a job and wasn"t attracted in through the possibility to lead GameLayers.

Michael defined to me that a CEO needs to have the ability to state his or her main objectives at a moment"s notice. What is your core focus? usage your core emphasis as a razor - every little thing else is distraction.

In so late 2008 we want to get much more users to play our game, obtain them come be an ext active as soon as they started, and also get them to make friends and also invite an ext folks right into the game. We referred to as these three things Accessibility, Engagement, Social. Then Michael asked united state to surname 3-4 efforts we were undertaking to relocate each of those forward. Here"s ours December 2008 GameLayers strategic concerns document, the kind of focused thinking we arisen with Michael"s help.

The Nethernet


We renamed our game from to The Nethernet (TNN): possibly calling the a place rather of an acronym would certainly make the product an ext tangible and also accessible. The Academy of interactive Arts and also Sciences nominated for MMO of the year because that 2009; we lost to Blizzard"s people of Warcraft. We had more attention, and we scored a vast distribution transaction - being a recommended Firefox plugin by Mozilla. Unexpectedly we had actually a ton the traffic, and also our servers began to groan.

March 2009 - a meeting in the it will be cold GameLayers conference room

We had an active thriving community. One of our early on hires to be a part-time community manager: Joe Wagner, a mountain Diego State college student v a passion for online game community. He aided surface concerns from players and communicate ours intentions to the passionate fans. We were continuously honored and delighted by the people who mutual our video game with us. They made a podcast, the Tubenauts. Castle ran a gambling circuit using our currency. Lock made countless guided tourism of the web. Lock banded with each other to create games within our game. They stepped up to serve as Stewards: guides, ambassadors, chaperones and unpaid expanders of our game world. They sustained us, broadened our vision that what was possible, and made us believe that us were helping bring beauty and delight come citizens the the web.

The Nethernet toolbar in the spring of 2009, your HUD for details warfare ~ above the world large web! So numerous buttons! There"s roughly twenty-eight things you could click on here: tools - weapons - powers - community - communications.

These days i would carry out a complete day that 10-12 hours at the office, then have some dinner, perhaps a beer and a bong hit, and also work another four hrs or so. Ns avoided caffeine practically throughout; irradiate substance use in the evening enabled me to unwind briefly and then plunge earlier in v renewed vigor. Some times so late at night I could sneak in some job-related on things favor GameLayers promotional vids to article on YouTube and hopefully find brand-new audiences:

A video Promoting The Nethernet in Japanese mostly because I missed speaking Japanese and also wanted to make something random in my spare time. Mimi Ito repair my first written draft over dim amount at Yank Sing.

Promoting "Reverse Sheep" a game our players developed using ours Forums.

Promoting an alternate reality video game that M ran making use of our in-game tools, a type of mini-campaign the a literal meaning web-wide scavenger hunt fixed by the community. We developed fake net sites with embedded data and also other URLs. This to be a promo video clip to drive player participation.

Battle because that the Nethernet: Unpublished might 2009 video clip with alternative soundtrack. The initial soundtrack was deemed inappropriate and also I originally published a quiet version. Currently anyone have the right to hear the video clip as initially intended!!

I wanted to make an action trailer, providing an urgency and also excitement come The Nethernet. Looking online music archives for a totally free soundtrack M and I found a song dubbed "ИHTEPHET ПИЭДOБOЛЫ" through a Russian band dubbed Distemper through a severe propulsive north track opener.

The title to be offensive possibly if you interpreted it. The lyrics (translated from Russian) are about people obtaining stuck-up v overuse of digital networked communications. What a coincidence! web commentary and a an excellent drum track! us would use the instrumentals because that our web warfare game and also we would attribute the track in the original Russian title. It would be an easter egg, if who looked the up: they"d find out the video clip soundtrack to be a song dubbed "Cunts ~ above the Internet"!

We told our colleagues and also they every felt it was a terribly negative idea to associate this v the company and the brand. Therefore we determined to play it safe. I released the trailer with no soundtrack and also moved on.

Now I"ll put it up here, mostly since we picked the music before we knew the title - as soon as we interpreted it, ours minds were blown. It was sad come rip the music out to get it released on time, through no great soundtrack, and also no bawdy social commentary :-(

Let"s new CTO

Working long-distance through our Dartford, UK-based co-founder and CTO Duncan Gough had permitted a round-the-clock method to to run GameLayers and building We would chat in IRC continually, just before each of united state went come bed, and check ago in, in the morning. All of us chained to our laptops in different time zones, city hall the servers hum, hacking ~ above code, design, google docs, keynote slide shows, photoshop, textmate, ruby ~ above rails, capistrano, memcache, highrise, github, hiring, staffing, management, strategy, focus.

After 2 years of the we required to have actually GameLayers working in one mutual location. Obtaining Duncan a visa to move to the US had actually been an high value challenge, and also Duncan couldn"t move from the UK to SF, so we parted ways in in march 2009.

Here"s a photo of what to be happening that month, and stats from ours game: the April 2009 plank of directors presentation: 200904-GameLayersBoard.pdf 16.6 megs, 41 slides.

A Puzzle Crate on a net site mirroring The Nethernet in its many polished state - feather 2009. If you answered correctly, there was most likely a prize inside, if over there wasn"t a nested prank! This is a puzzle crate ~ above the Colorado college of Mines, and also Mines were the most renowned weapon in the game. Permit the surfer beware!

Now we had a lot of traffic, overwhelmed servers, and also no CTO. I specialized all my time to finding a replacement, and a recruiter lead united state to man Cwikla. He had actually the specific experience we felt us needed: he"d taken commodities with part potential, and some stability issues, and gave them a hard software structure from which to grow. A veteran of multiple startups, Cwikla struggle the ground running together CTO in may 2009. Us revised our facilities some, and prepared to departure "beta" - come launch a product to knife money.

Revenue? / The Nethernet to be expensive come run. We had developed prototypes to prove ideas; us hadn"t developed something the was conservative with computer resources. We had actually thrown money at internet hosting, figuring the our hosting prices would only grow an ext expensive if we were successful. Cwikla rigged increase The Nethernet to run using the cloud, usually preparing the software to range inexpensively. Unfortunately we were chained come a ~$20k-a-month devoted cluster server and service contract with Engine yard from prior to his time. I functioned to reduced our monthly bill yet Cwikla"s code couldn"t immediately trim ours overhead.

Mid-2009 we were pressed up against a wall, city hall the money continuing to be steadily decline. Sad time - we took salary cuts, we laid human being off, consisting of our talented, optimistic UI/UX designer Kristin Neinhuis, and a promising writer Seraphina Brennan. We had actually tooled roughly with innovation, piling attributes into our web web browser game. However when that came down to it, us hadn"t baked-in monetization. We had actually a few ideas for earning revenue indigenous the Nethernet; based upon our tiny traffic size and custom platform, selling ads seemed to be an uphill battle. To add the most renowned Firefox expansions were about avoiding advertisements (Adblock Plus). So we thought, we"ll give people the simple toolset for free, but we"ll asking them come pay because that the much more crafty and crazy tools. Microtransactions!


We referred to as the currency "bacon" which to be a type of inside joke in our player community, and also we had fun talking around bacon as a currency: "bring residence the bacon", possibly units the currency can be referred to as "bacon bits" and also so on. We launched monetization in a hurry and made a few key mistakes: we took away powers players had currently and began charging money for them. We didn"t provide players lot warning.

Selling bacon, monetizing the Nethernet was an abject failure. Many of vocal players hated what we"d done. Some folks taken why and also were generous - one woman even ordered us a mega-pack the beer in congratulations. However there weren"t sufficient spenders. Us made around a hundred dollars a work the first few days. Within 3 weeks that launching monetization, we were averaging under $20 a day. $20 a job is $600 a month; 2 orders of magnitude off from wherein we required to be. Considering we had actually a burn rate over $60k a month, we were profoundly much away from having actually a sustainable or profitable game studio.

When we launched we called our brand-new players "Shoats" a indigenous we found that expected "young pig." eventually with The Nethernet we weren"t maybe to turn the Shoats into Bacon!

One of mine favorite photos from a shoat eat a book. By Douglas A. Sirois a talented illustrator. I had this classy, happy, info-eating pig on mine CEO organization card until we came to be The Nethernet.

One Life Remaining

We felt shed by the Firefox toolbar market. Reading stuff favor "who would certainly pay because that anything in a firefox toolbar?" from our players intended that we felt choose we to be a long means away from maintain our company on the platform. It had been a gambling to build the an initial big multiplayer social video game in a internet browser extension, and also it looked prefer fail: the world wasn"t ready or didn"t require what us were building.

So we had around $500k staying at this time. I attracted up plans come fire everyone except one programmer, to check out if we might keep points running and figure out wherein to discover some much more investment or revenue.

Marc Adams was a previous U.S. Marine SWCC who was accustomed to 30 hour coding marathons at the very least once every week. Also working remotely native St. Luigi Marc to be so plugged right into our pace that it felt choose we might maybe sustain the firm on that alone. Marc was profoundly cursed to his craft; he to be an inspiring engineer to job-related with.

Marc Adams - Engineer, Photographer - photo from October 2008

Michael Buhr said we look in ~ the critical $500k as money we can use because that a one more startup. Possibly we if we had actually a tiny slice the a much bigger pie: we had actually a functioning kick target web games team, and also we refocused on the most lucrative market within our reach: facebook games.

Where"s the money and the action in online social games? June 2009 from - red arrows allude to "Social RPGs" the kind of video game we aimed to make.

This to be June 2009 and also social RPG favor Mafia wars were tearing increase the charts and also making great money (a game called Farm Town had actually just debuted at #4). Us were a Ruby on Rails shop, us didn"t have any type of Flash experience, for this reason we determined that we could build a social RPG in Rails in a few weeks. Climate we might skin it to target various demographics. We figured that we could have multiple gamings up on on facebook within a couple of weeks.

So us shut down our toolbar video game Nethernet due to the fact that it to be a substantial drain top top resources and also focus. That was sad, but it was easy due to the fact that we were shedding money for this reason fast. In the lack of, few of our most active and frustrated players went top top to create Nova Initia, an additional browser toolbar MMO of playful annotation.


Meanwhile the 5 of us, Justin, M, Cwikla, Alex, Marc, we constructed a social RPG game engine that could be quickly re-skinned. Because that the very first skin we determined a geopolitical layout - acquisition mafia battles and also doing castle bigger and more tough: Dictator Wars. Us made the layout cartoony come sanitize and also parody the horrendous politics content. Here"s a Youtube video promoting Dictator Wars:

I invested ten weeks analysis books around Dictators and also writing out contents for our Dictator wars content spreadsheet - the was funny to it is in a little bit of a writer again. From publications like Under the Loving care of the Fatherly Leader through Bradley Martin and also The Emperor by Ryszard Kapuscinski i learned horrible sad things around the worst possible violations of trust between leaders and also citizens. I had actually dreams around dictators for years afterwards. Ns amused myself by twittering privately as the_kim_jong_il scheming to construct a viral social media campaign for ours twisted game.

We didn"t desire to fail together a studio because we"d just targeted one macho audience. So we went automatically to work-related on a second game, targeting women: at sight Cute Zoo. We assumed we could include some flash pets and an improved UI and attract multiple audience to the an easy spreadsheet RPG gameplay.


We five world launched 2 Facebook games in 14 weeks. It was a long march of long days, after year of having actually made one sort of game, we had actually to start all over to make other kinds of games. We flourished at our mission, us rebooted ours studio! We acquired some nice press coverage from within Social Games: The roadway to Dictatorship. We were contending on the many exciting brand-new platform for digital games!

We had to learn around Facebook fast. Because that example, in 2009 each facebook user got a certain number of invites per day. Since we were fiddling through our game, we had our allocation decreased from 30 to 4 invites a day. That was a substantial penalty, a giant growth slowdown for weeks when we only had months come live.

We spent a little bit of money ~ above pay-per-click download advertising. Yet we quickly learned that other gamings were spending ten or one hundred times as lot money. Us were recommend to spend $50k our launch week, to place on the charts and also get noticed. Us didn"t have actually that kind of money, and unfortunately us didn"t have actually that sort of time.

Facebook games were an altering fast. Significantly farming games were every the rage. Players to be expecting higher levels of interactivity. More polish. Our zoo-themed game seemed strange as a society RPG - any kind of game that promised girlfriend a chance to construct a zoo wanted to be point and click, rather Super Cute Zoo featured analysis on static web pages.

Here"s a stats snapshot, mid-October: Dictator Wars has 28k registered users, with 1700 a day playing (about 6%). Typical revenue per day to be $53 - around 3¢ every daily energetic user. The game was cultivation by around 100 world per job - a paltry .3% expansion rate (damn our constrained on facebook invitations!). $50 a work is around $1500 a month; we necessary 40 times that or much more to sustain ours company. We had busted ass, and also we"d placed something increase on Facebook, however we didn"t have actually the time or money to aid it evolve right into a effective property. Through online social games, launching is just the beginning of the difficult work.

The last Ditch

As component of the 2nd round of funding, Shasta and OATV had actually secured the best to acquisition Warrants to the tune of a couple of hundred thousand dollars. Shasta wanted to be able to buy a larger part of the company at the collection A price if we took off. So late 2008 we voted to expand their appropriate to purchase the warrants, in case we essential the basic cash injection. During 2009 us aimed to be worthy of these cash injections however by late 2009 there to be no added money comes from our investors.

Here"s the last GameLayers, Inc. Plank of directors slideshow: 200910-GameLayersBoard.pdf 3.8 megs, 25 slides.

I spent lot of the loss of 2009 calling world I knew who ran society gaming companies, see if I might find anyone come buy us, to buy our assets, to hire our team - to administer job defense for our employees and some return because that our investors.

I also worked up a patent application for "System for Sharing Tasks between Players of an digital Game" to watch if that can increase the worth of GameLayers and aid us discover a lifeline to keep making games.

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We had actually some acquisition attention from bigger social gaming companies. Yet week-by-week the society RPG format was shedding momentum in the market versus the mighty Farmville. Basically, I can see world thinking, "why purchase this firm when their gamings aren"t growing that quick - in a few weeks we"ll try to hire their designers maybe."

Here"s some visualizations of our dwindling finances in last 2009:




October 2009 i was invited to a GameOn Finance conference in Toronto. Ns blame Jason della Rocca, a sewage connector of people and also ideas. Participating there to be cathartic - i really delighted in a possibility to shot to save various other entrepreneurs from mine problems and also get motivated by other business experiments. Some nice people interviewed me and also posted the on YouTube.