I am making a tradition list using templates in C++ and also obtain some compilation error.The code is extremely large in size , so below is a little snippet of the code from wbelow the error is coming. Compilation error is provided listed below. You deserve to compile it your very own device to watch the very same error.

#incorporate utilizing namespace std;theme class sortedList int m_count; public: sortedList()m_count = 0; int length() rerevolve m_count; ; void output(const sortedList& list) cout list1; output(list1); return 0;I am obtaining compilation error :

prog.cpp: In function ‘void output(const sortedList&)’:prog.cpp:17:35: error: passing ‘const sortedList’ as ‘this’ dispute discards qualifiers <-fpermissive> cout ::length() ’ int length() rerotate m_count;

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You have to make size to be const-qualified:

int length() rerevolve m_count; →

int length() const rerotate m_count;



As already stated, one choice is to make size const-qualified.Another alternative is to usage const_cast within the output function.sortedList& ref = const_cast &>(list);cout (2) is especially advantageous once we do not have the deluxe to update the course strategy discussed in (1).


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Getting passing ‘const std::map’ as ‘this’ debate discards qualifiers <-fpermissive> in lambda role

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