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Last night top top Party Down south episode 103 ‘Things space Gonna get Weird’ after Mattie and also Lyle cuddling in bed and also Lauren is jealous. 

Just 2 nights into their month Lauren offered up the goodies to Lyle, however she had currently fell for the nation grown stud. Lyle is favor the Vinnie of Jersey shore in the Party down South. Lyle seems to it is in the E-Ticket for all the ladies however Lauren thought she put her case on that becuase she slept through him. When Lyle is on come the next and ready come lay the home vixen, Mattie.

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Its the morning after and Lyle and Lauren make for one uncomfortable breakfast time in the kitchen, when Murry and Ryan Daddy space working the end the poaching incident from the night before. Murry makes it clear the there is a male code and also Daddy needs to beaware of it.

The present is all about the love triangle in the house with Lyle, Lauren and also Mattie. In this illustration Lil little is the voice of factor questioning why Lyle and Lauren won’t talk about the situation. The rest of the home weighs in on your one night was standing saying that Lyle demands to step up and be a man around the situation.

On come Mattie, that is handling a very abusive relationship. Ever because Mattie left Louisianna she boyfriend has actually been a right up
ss threatening to beat any and every one of the men in the house. He continues to insinuate that Mattie is cheeting on him and also keeps pushing her away. Points finally involved a head in this episode and also Mattie breakups through him. The 2 fight top top the phone as Mattie is torn and in tears. Her country Fried roommates assistance her and Lyle makes sure come be over there to catch her fall.

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Ryan, Murry and also Mattie head to work and latter meet their roomies in ~ the Mullet Hut. Lauren and also Tiffany are in search of shark (hot men) and also land two that invite the housemates come a work of an excellent ole muddin!


The next day the gain buck wild in the mud on four wheelers, and also pulling each various other on a car hood in the mud. It renders for a messy day of country fun that ends increase jumping in the water to to wash off. It’s where country seperates “Yankee native Society.” after ~ a job of prey burns, Strawberries, Cherry blisters, ripped skin and bruses, which equates to redneck nation fun. The cast eats and heads home.

Later the actors heads the end to Wicked Tuna to obtain their drink on, acting a fool and having a good time. From human body shots to, wild n out the roommates are becoming a family, yet things rotate upside down when to bird start chirpin, phone call Mattie a hoe, due to the fact that she has all the hot boys doing human body shots top top her. 


Things escalate once Lyle walks end to close up door the 2 blonde bird down once he is faced by a regional bruh. Lyle make the efforts to it is in the enlarge man and Tiffany tries to break points up v security, but the guy spit on she so she throws a drink in her face. Mattie quickly comes to Lyle’s rescue and the two leave the bar when the man steps to him. That goes in, however Tiffany breaks it up and also that is when the bruh’s girl comes because that Lyle. Mattie isn’t having it so she jumps the b*tch and beats her
ss… “Don’t mess with a Boudro!” – Lyle

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Last main we gave you a complete recap, but CMT forgot to add the episode, for this reason we have actually last week’s episode if friend missed it: