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Lying there with a gloriole in her hair, she cried"There room feathers everywhere, yet it's fineYou perform this all the time"Crying currently through a rusted smile, she knowsThis isn't how he paid the bills, beforeDrug farm yard entrepreneurGo rotate circles for meWound relentlessly around the words we offered to slingOh, such torturous thingsAlways chewing up the only ones I ever meanIf you're going, then goGo, go, goIf you're going, then goGo, go, goWatch love acquire strangled through a kite's cold stringsFall comes early and also summer leavesAs a storm v the automobile keysSpark your heels up versus the picket fence ns builtAll your wishes, they will certainly sink favor stonesSlowly under a lonely well
Go rotate circles because that meWound relentlessly about the words we offered to slingOh, together torturous thingsAlways chewing increase the just ones I ever meanIf you're going, then goGo, go, goIf you're going, climate goGo, go, go
“From A hill In The middle Of The Cabins” is notoriously challenging to decode, partially in thanks to the reality that the band was high while composing the Pretty. Odd.

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The title itself seems to it is in a mixed-up referral to the cabin where the band composed Cricket and also Clover, a scrapped document that was supposed to be the group’s sophomore album. If “From a Cabin in the middle of the Mountains” paints a realistic picture, reversing “mountains” and also “cabins” makes little sense, unless there’s somehow a circle of cabins about a mountain.

Jon Walker, Panic!’s then-bassist, defined to MTV:

It’s kinda choose an outro to the totality theme the the record, um, yet it no the critical song… so in my eyes it kinda feels favor an ending, a winding down.

In one more track-by-track explanation, Brendon Urie stated:

It’s prefer that cartoon of Mickey and Minnie from like, the 30’s or 40’s, where they’re walking on the beach with the umbrella in between the fountains and stuff, and he’s like, feeding her chocolate cherries… Oh, and also then they dice at the finish of the cartoon. It is what this track is.

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