15 TV shows That Suck, but People Still watch Anyway us are at this time in the hottest period of television there has actually ever remained in decades. We room at a point where television mirrors are that cinematic quality. In regards to writing, acting ability, and even visua

us are right now in the hottest age of tv there has ever remained in decades. We room at a point where television mirrors are that cinematic quality. In terms of writing, acting ability, and even visual cinematographic quality, television reflects are now capable of a distinct level that excellence in the visual medium that surpasses contemporary film. There"s a reason why so countless surveys and studies over the last pair years have shown that more and much more people are starting to favor staying in to clock tv than go come the movies. Television—both in its classic format and its digital format—is in high demand and more popular now than the has ever before been. However, popular does not always mean better. The statement is not intended to describe television together a whole, yet to those certain tv shows that we dedicate so much of our time come watching.

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That"s right, even popular shows can suck. Some well-known shows are popular in spite of how much they sucking or, in rarely cases, the is since of exactly how badly castle suck the they become must watch television. Other times, the show may have constantly sucked, however we clock it to remain in the loop v peers who love come talk around the show. Sometimes, a present may start off great, and then begin to suck along the way. In part cases, mirrors are just hard to ago out of ~ we"ve invested so countless episodes and also seasons watching them. We often discover ourselves in a bittersweet conundrum once we lastly realize that the existing season of a present we are watching now pales in comparison to it"s previous glory. When the present becomes worse 보다 it supplied to be, we have two options: either provide up on it together if the last few years we invested watching it was a garbage or just hang in there. Below are some shows that we have actually chosen to hang in there with until the an extremely end, for far better or worse.


15 Legends that Tomorrow

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Legends that Tomorrow is the redheaded stepchild of The CW"s DC Comics universe. Nobody likes it, no one wants it around, yet viewers put up v it since it"s part of the DC family. Given how often all of The CW"s DC shows tend come crossover, it makes Legends that Tomorrow essential viewing. DC pan don"t desire to battered on Legends of Tomorrow in are afraid that they"ll miss out on particular crossover storylines or moments. Especially in irradiate of this year"s week long mega-crossover event, Heroes v Aliens, it just reiterates why it"s important to watch all four of those DC shows. I beg your pardon wouldn"t be so poor if Legends of Tomorrow was everywhere on par with its fellow CW shows. Supergirl, The Flash, and Arrow have all been solid the past couple years when Legends that Tomorrow has been horrible inadequate. Many viewers will certainly admit the the show"s existing season is better than your last, however that debut season for Legends the Tomorrow left enough of a negative taste in everyone"s mouth the the second season still reeks that the previous season"s poor stench.


14 game of Thrones

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Game the Thrones is a crappy display with brilliant episodes. Ns know, sounds prefer an oxymoron, however let me break it down. Over there was when a time once GoT was brilliant overall. Then, the writers chose to periodically eschew away from George R. R. Martin"s material in favor of initial controversial plotlines, which include unnecessary acts of sexual assault. Despite being mostly full of crap and insensitive scenes, there is an occasional brilliant episode that keeps united state coming back. Even if over there wasn"t any brilliance, it"s hard not come come back when the present is for this reason popular. It can be said that Game of Thrones is the hottest show on tv, definition everyone is talking around it. With that said, we all clock it just to continue to be in the loop. No one wants to be the one human at work-related not talking about last night"s incredible episode where Tyrion talk the skies together Daenerys top top a flaming unicorn the defecated pixies whenever it farted. Ok, that never happened (yet), yet how would certainly you know if friend don"t clock it? That"s why us all have to watch it.


13 new Girl

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New Girl is a display that has controlled to make it through for the past 6 seasons nearly despite itself. In ~ its core, New Girl is a poor show. Numerous of the characters that the main character, Jess, choose to surround it s her with are unbearable douchebags and Jess it s her is annoyingly quirky. In fact, the present itself is annoyingly quirky due to the fact that it tries too tough to it is in quirk. In previously episodes, the quirky awkwardness that the show and its personalities made for a pleasant comedy. Then, the much longer the present went on, the an ext it do the efforts too difficult to re-create the quirkiness ~ above a weekly basis. The goes without saying the the shtick got old fast. Thankfully, occasionally the charm of Zooey Deschanel have the right to shine through her nuisance of a character and also makes the show watchable at the an extremely least. The charisma of Deschanel is what made New Girl a ratings hit to begin with and also continues to do so now.

12 Orange is the brand-new Black

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A tv display is just as an excellent as its command character and also boy, the lead character that Orange is the brand-new Black is aggravating. That goes beyond the protagonist of Piper Chapman simply being irritating to watch or the audience gift fed up v her nonsensical actions. It"s that she simply won"t walk away. She manages to uncover a way to weasel herself into just around every solitary inmate"s storyline and has single-handedly ruined several illustration of the as soon as captivating series. There when was a time as soon as she kept sufficient of a safe street away native inmates the episodes might be bearable, however clearly, that is no longer the case. There was additionally once a time when her fellow inmates to be entertaining enough to consist of for it, however so lot of the supporting cast seem to have actually lost their luster in much more recent seasons. Probably we can blame it on Piper rubbing off she rust ~ above these previously shiny characters. The present is quiet watchable many thanks to a happy few inmates who still retain their charm, but give it time. They"ll begin to suck too, as with this show. All due to the fact that of Piper Chapman.


11 Fuller House

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when Netflix very first announced the they to be rebooting the Full House universe by bringing back old cast members for a brand-new spin-off dubbed Fuller House, it was tough for anyone who thrived up with the show to not acquire a tiny excited. That"s what nostalgia does to us. One point out of something far-reaching from ours childhood and, suddenly, we"re tempted to revisit it. Nostalgia is the key reason why so plenty of of united state were attracted to the spin-off and also the key reason why few of us proceed to clock it in spite of Fuller House gift an insipid mess of a show. The sitcom laugh track style feels date in 2016 and even much more so when applied to a full House revival. In trying to strike a balance for new kid viewers and also nostalgic adult viewers, the writers can"t decision if they want their feeling to it is in overtly crude for older audiences or childish because that younger audiences. One of two people way, the jokes autumn flat. But both parties store coming earlier to the show because adults require nostalgia and kids don"t know any kind of better.

10 Saturday Night Live

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Saturday Night Live hasn"t to be a great, well rounded lay out comedy show in years. The composing is subpar at best, and that"s being generous given how plenty of horrendous sketches over there have been in the last decade. The bulk of the actors is overrun v incompetent cast members. There"s usually at the very least one or 2 stars that shine among the cast, yet they are constantly so great at their jobs that their SNL tenures just last a couple years before they move on to Hollywood and leave the present in the hands of your duller cast members. Over there are only two things that keep us coming back to SNL: the show"s legacy and also the show"s hosts. The present has been around for over 40 years and also for that factor alone will constantly have a faithful fanbase, whether the display deserves it or not. Plus, the hosts are more often than not able come deliver and use their charm to aid elevate lackluster material.


9 Lucifer

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evaluate by the show"s concept, Lucifer have to be a good show. Together awkward together it might be for audiences to find themselves rooting for The Devil, the idea behind Lucifer getting wrapped up in detective work as he"s do the efforts to enjoy his retirement in Los Angeles is a genuinely fascinating one. That blended with material based from the functions of a genius prefer Neil Gaiman should have made Lucifer an prompt tv winner. Except it isn"t. The main trouble is the the present rests on the shoulders of a simple cable station, FOX. Top top a channel like HBO or Showtime whereby the show"s seedy storylines have the liberty to be lewd, Lucifer would accomplish its true potential. Sadly, ~ above FOX, Lucifer is tame to the allude that it"s regularly unbearable. The just thing maintaining it on the airwaves is the delightfully devilish power of Tom Ellis. Every week, Ellis bites his teeth tough into the duty of Lucifer well enough to keep fans wanting more. It"s a performance that deserves a much better show, which likewise deserves a far better network.

8 teenager Wolf

contrasted to most shows based upon classic movies from the 80s (we"re looking in ~ you, FOX"s Lethal Weapon), Teen Wolf isn"t all that bad. That doesn"t do it any kind of good, yet there space worst ways to invest an hour of your time every week. Still, over there are better ways to spend an hour of your time every week than watch a second-rate show like Teen Wolf. A show with inconsistent storylines the feel irrelevant by the following week, 30 year old gibbs trying to pass as teenagers, and glittery tween nonsense. One deserve to argue that this is something exclusively for the teenager demographic, but even they just watch the show since the actors space attractive. It"s a shallow reason, yet teens space shallow; we"ve every been there. Best now, offered that the show is in its final season, some civilization watch because they"re curious come know around how the present will end and feel lean to watch its final episodes. As the show is nearing that finale, let"s no mourn because the display is ending. Let"s mourn since many of us felt compelled to sit v it because that the critical 6 years.


7 The huge Bang Theory

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while a most the mirrors on this list began off strong before sucking in their most recent seasons, The huge Bang Theory was never ever a good show. The portrayals that stereotypical nerd society are borderline autistic. Don"t think me? try to imagine the present without that is laugh track and also tell me you don"t imagine a cast of characters bullying on an Aspergers stricken man like Sheldon. Which, speak of the laugh track, the is tonally ironic. As much as the sitcom laugh track feels date in 2016, it also feels abysmal come a present like The large Bang Theory whereby the jokes loss so flat so often. But since there"s a laugh track, we have to pretend the funny. Provided how violation the show is come nerds and also anyone with an ear for comedy, the leaves us wondering why civilization still clock it. Well, as someone who has actually spent time in the psych field, TBBT is basic watch as soon as trying come weed out streamlined explanations for facility psychological and also scientific theories. So, really, the only way TBBT is precious watching is once psych professors must pick a scene to display their students as an example. To trust me, that works.

6 Downton Abbey

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This one is specifically for the Brits out there who had to sit v this drivel. Granted, to it is in fair, Downton Abbey began off as a wonderful present deserving of its countless accolades. The show"s lavish costume design, gripping story developments, and tour de force performances native the entire actors were all worthy of gift drowned in awards. Then, some allude around the way, the show lost that way. Specifics the present became much more about the format rather 보다 the actual substance. In truth, the acting and also costumes remained as outstanding as ever—which is reason enough why so many were hesitant to revolve their backs top top the show—but the stories came to be reminiscent to the of a soap opera. The writing provided to effort off slow-moving build and also subtle character arcs, yet eventually dwindled down to arbitrarily deaths and melodramatic shock value. Thankfully, the present was ultimately put the end of that misery in 2015. Fans continued to be loyal till the end since they had already gotten in too deep into the show and also wanted a to solve ending.


5 Girls

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once it very first premiered ~ above HBO, Girls to be praised together a display that stood for the millennial generation the women. In countless ways, the is true. Before Girls came around, the was rarely to watch plus sized women speak v such raw, realistic vernacular as Hannah and also her friends do in brand-new York. The problem is that Hannah and also her sisterhood the pals are a quite obnoxious bunch. Within the first couple seasons, we finally realized just how self-absorbed and oblivious come their very own self-entitlement this girls are and also after safety 5 periods with castle (the sixth is on the way), they came to be exasperating to watch. So why keep watching? The same factor why the show appealed to movie critics during its inception: it offers a voice for millennial women. Well, millennial white women. Audiences don"t obtain to watch much shade on a weekly basis, but due to the fact that the show has kept its main point audience the white women, the show has continued to be a ratings hit together it ideologies its last season.

4 Empire

Empire, for all intents and also purposes, is a trashy soap opera. In numerous ways, the is actually the key appeal that the show. The worse the display is, the more audiences uncover themselves pulled in the direction. Together ludicrous as it sounds, that couldn"t be much more true. Audiences discover Empire appealing in the same method that civilization find a trainwreck appealing. It"s an dreadful sight, yet it"s difficult to look at away. Realm is a weekly trainwreck in every feeling of the word. Indigenous the poor songs to the ridiculous bits of dialogue to the senseless, disjointed, and overall muddled stories. It"s all so poor that it"s laughable and also all so laughably poor that it"s entertaining. Empire is garbage tv at its finest and also audiences eat it up every week. Plus, if we room being perfect honest, veteran actors favor Taraji P. Henson and also Terrence Howard provide crummy dialogue and make the sound Oscar worthy. Realm is a mess, yet it"s an extravagant and also often hilarious mess.


3 The walking Dead

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It"s tough to offer up ~ above a show after friend have already invested so much time right into it. This is why The wade Dead has discovered itself together a faithful fanbase. Not due to the fact that the display is any type of good, but due to the fact that fans have specialized 7 seasons thus much to the series, nobody is willing to give it up so easily. It"s like being in a partnership with a far-reaching other. Your lover may obtain on her nerves, yet if you spent years through them, friend won"t break up v them the easily and so you"ll try to make it occupational out. Obviously, the hasn"t been easy to preserve a relationship with The wade Dead. The show has eliminated off so countless fan favorites that it"s getting harder come cling on to anything worth investing with the show. Through this existing season, ~ a jaw dropping season premiere, The wade Dead has actually so much failed to supply a season that matches its exceptional opener. All things considered, we"ll still store watching The wade Dead no matter exactly how much that sucks.

2 family members Guy

as soon as the show first premiered in 1999, Family Guy was revolutionary. Never ever was there ever before an animated collection so daring in that crude, adult-oriented feeling to ever hit an easy cable. It might be strange to think that Family Guy in such grand superlatives, yet think of all the adult cartoons that came after it. Bob"s Burgers, Bojack Horseman, and also hell, even Adult Swim as a network fan a debt to the creators the Family Guy. The only trouble is the so numerous adult cartoons followed in the footsteps that Family Guy that Family Guy appears pointless now. Together shocking together the present used to be, that looks choose a standard kid"s program contrasted to what come after. The isn"t so much that Family Guy is a bad show—though it can be easily said to be a negative show—but it’s just an irrelevant one. No reason to save it ~ above airwaves as soon as there space so countless better, fresher options out there. Many of united state still tune into it indigenous time come time out of some feeling of nostalgia. Nostalgia goes a long method as the display has maintained strong ratings because that the past 15 periods with no signs of cancellation whenever soon.

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1 Mr. Robot

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Don"t get us wrong. Us all loved Mr. Robot when it very first hit the airwaves. Also as a modernized ripoff that Fight Club, the an initial season of Mr. Robot was several of the best pieces of tv we ever before got in 2015, perhaps in tv history. The second season, however, is nice lackluster by comparison. Some may think it"s harsh to say the the second season downright sucked provided how daunting it is to for any kind of show to follow up together a masterful freshman season, however watching the 2nd season that Mr. Robot after ~ the an initial is choose a gourmet cook handing you a can of beans best after serving caviar. Us all an alert this large drop in top quality from the first season, but everyone keeps the town hall because as with many the the shows on this list, pan have acquired in too deep to quit now. Plus, plenty of of us store watching in really hopes that the show will eventually return to its previous glory one day. Maybe it will, but for now, after the disappointing second season, it sort of sucks.