Optimus Prime as soon as Blew himself Up over A video Game In a story arc that observed Optimus prime sacrifice himself as soon as again, we find out he"s yes, really not great at shedding at video games - even when the wins.

The Transformers" Optimus Prime may organize some type of record once it involves sacrificing himself for everything greater good du jour the Autobots space defending that day. Yet maybe his strangest instance of self-sacrifice came in the pages of Transformers #105-106, which experienced the stalwart leader voluntarily have himself damaged - due to the fact that he lost a video clip game. The story introduces united state to Ethan Zachary, a self-proclaimed "gamester" and employee at a lab dubbed Energy Futures Solutions. He"s making use of the lab"s massive screen to pat Multi-World, a how amazing prescient precursor to modern MMORPGs. The rap is working to build a an equipment called a Hydrothermocline, which draws power from the ocean"s thermal layers to develop sustainable energy. A an equipment the Decepticons room eager to acquire their hand on.

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Upon the angry robots" come at the lab, though, they"re greeted through the Autobots, established to protect against them. Ethan tries to flee and also is recorded by the Decepticons. As the 2 sides ready because that battle, Ethan chimes in through a pointer that will settle the dispute and keep the Hydrothermocline from gift damaged in the melee: work out it in his video clip game. Soon, in the weirdest version of a LAN party ever, all of the Cybertronians are plugged into Multi-World. But before play starts, Megatron has actually a condition. The insists each team"s leader fill themselves full of explosives, v the loser walk out through a literal bang.

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Optimus agrees and with the press of a button, both crews find themselves in Ethan"s digital playground. One of Prime"s an initial instructions to his companions is the "Even despite this civilization isn"t real, we are still Autobots. We should remain true to our principles." That"ll be necessary in a minute. Numerous battles ensue, with the Autobots remove one Decepticon after another, in most cases with the help of the gamings non-playable characters, which the Autobots aim to safeguard during every scuffle.

With only Megatron remaining, he encounters off against the entire Autobot crew, and also when he eventually plunges to his death, the Decepticon quickly uses a ago door in the game"s code and respawns directly behind Prime, blasting him in the back, sending out the Autobot leader tumbling down the very same pit Megatron had actually just collapse into. Yet at the critical moment, Optimus is able to grab ~ above a nearby pipe, i m sorry topples the structure upon i m sorry Megatron is standing, sending the rogue once more falling under the same chasm. Yet with him fall a grasp of the virtual NPCs the populate the game.

With all participants ago in the lab, the Autobots explain victory, urging Ethan come detonate Megatron, however moments prior to he deserve to hit the button, Optimus intervenes, somehow reasoning that killing a collection of ones and zeros in a computer game is tantamount to killing IRL innocents, that insists the it"s he that lost. Optimus speak Ethan to detonate his explosives, and after startlingly little hesitation, the "gamester" explodes the Autobot, killing him once and also for all.

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Except of food it"s not once and also for all. Prime has pulled the "noble hero"s death" routine more times 보다 Shia LaBeouf has screamed, "OPTIMUS!" In this case, Ethan had foresight sufficient to keep the entirety of Optimus" consciousness as he to be plugged in. And it somehow all fit on a 1987 floppy disc, so it wouldn"t be long prior to we witnessed him again.