One Child facility for Autism is a therapy-based, 501 (c)(3) nonprofit serving the greater Williamsburg area. Our Mission.... Is to carry out services and support children and families impacted by autism and also other developmental differences in their individual journey, nevertheless of jae won circumstances.We Believe… In the Presumption of Competence: Every child has the volume to learn, to communicate, to assert themselves, and will be treated through respect.Every kid is unique and requires an individualized collaborative method to care.A child need to not be denied accessibility to evidence-based therapy due to a absence of insurance or jae won resources.Supporting parents and siblings improves and strengthens the whole family unit.In Community: creating a network of support for our families while help foster acceptance in the more comprehensive Williamsburg neighborhood through education and collaboration.

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One son is a treatment based facility that uses the following applied Behavior analysis (ABA), occupational Therapy, Social skills Groups, Speech-Language Therapy and also Family Support solutions to include:Play Pals: Social an abilities Group is designed because that preschool-aged kids to encourage language development and social interactions with play.Skill Builders: LEGO execution Social an abilities group offers a unique opportunity because that elementary-age students come practice an abilities (cooperative-play, problem-solving, communication and more) in a very motirwandachamber.orgting and profitable environment.Team Navigators: middle School Social skills group functions with center school student on realistic language skills, social awareness, problem-solving, life an abilities and more.Individual Speech-Language Therapy: giving one-on-one instruction by a certified Speech-Language pathology addressing sensible language and also technical aspects of communication.Kids’ Night: Respite Care noted at the Williamsburg indoor Sports complicated (WISC) and also staffed by One children Special education and learning professionals and volunteers, permits parents and also caregivers of youngsters with special health needs a couple of hours the qualified childcare while offering a fun environment for the children.Parent Connection: parent Support group is a monthly parent team designed come help carry out encouragement and information to parents together they navigate the complexities that raising kids with developmental differences. We accomplish once a month in ~ our One boy office. Totally free childcare for kids ages 2+ will be provided. Youngsters under 2 room welcome to remain with their parental in the room

We likewise serve together a community resource for in the better Williamsburg area, supplying informational sessions and training seminars come help administer businesses and organizations through the resources and tools vital to have a meaningful influence on the families in our ar that are influenced by autism and other developmental differences.

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HoursPlease contact or visit website for hrs of operation.Specific populaces Served:Children and their households effected by Autism; CCN, MV, AutismFees:rwandachamber.orgries every program; One Child facility for Autism has a scholarship regime for households in need.Application Process:Call or visit website for extr information.Eligibility Requirements:Please call organization provider or visit website come learn an ext about eligibility requirements.Payment/Insurance Accepted:Please call provider for embraced forms that payment.ADA Access:Please call facility for ease of access information.