This topic works as assistance to fixing all 20 glyph puzzles in Assassins Creed II in order to unlock Subject 16"s "The Truth" video or to achieve the achievements/trophies "A Piece of the Puzzle" (Unlock a piece of Subject 16"s video) and/or "Vitruvian Man" (Unlock all 20 pieces of Subject 16"s video). The glyphs are all in order of appearance.

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The core similarity right here is that the 5 paintings all have actually Apples of Eden somewhere in them. These five paints are:

Atalanta and also HippomenesJudgement of ParisIdun and the ApplesThe FallHercules in the Garden of the Hesperides


The goal right here is to create a snapshot of Queen Elizabeth I, Emperor Napoleon, and also George Washington. These circle puzzles are much more simplistic than many of the ones to come, so simply occupational from the first ring to the last and also line up the rings in a smooth image. The image will certainly form easily.


In this photo hunt we are looking for Pieces of Eden that are not typically visible in the photograph. In the first photo, when infrared is set off, the first Apple lies on the coffee table. In the second image, once infrared is triggered, the second Apple is in the hands of the assistant closest to Houdini. In the final image, as soon as infrared is triggered, the 3rd Apple is situated atop Gandhi"s walking staff.


Another photo hunt, however this time we"re trying to find guns, not Pieces of Eden. The weapon we look for in the first picture is the flamethrower (particularly it"s mouth), the next image we seek the young soldier with his gun (it shows up he"s rushing into the gunfire), the third picture we look for the tip of a gun pointed in the air (it lies in between the 2 trees, closer to the one on the right), and also in the fourth image we look for the dark-tan creature holding a gun (he"s on the upper right part of the picture).


The initially photo selection refers to a SWORD Piece of Eden. The 5 paints containing swords are:

Perseus, GreeceAttila the Hun, EurasiaKing ArthurSigmund, NorseJoan of Arc, France

The second image selection describes a STAFF Piece of Eden. The 5 paintings containing staffs are:

Shabataka, EgyptPeter, JerusalemMoses, EgyptJohn the Baptist, JerusalemAlexander the Great, Macedonia


Solve Puzzle 1: Tright here are six levels in which to revolve the circle puzzle pieces to be in the right order. It helps to job-related out from the smallest circle to the biggest. Notice that the external 2 layers are connected as well as the next set of external layers; the inner three layers have the right to relocate individually.

Solve Puzzle 2: This one is a tiny harder. Now the outerthe majority of layer have the right to be moved independently. Also view that the second external layer and the third inner layer are associated...kind of. Each time you rotate the second external layer as soon as, that third inner layer rotates a couple of locations. But this is just supposed to throw you off. You have the right to individually move that third inner layer by itself as soon as you are prepared to line everything up.

Solve Puzzle 3: As with the previous puzzle. That rotation that is happening with the 3rd inner layer is an illusion. Each time you rotate the second outer layer when, that third inner layer rotates a couple of places. You can individually move that third inner layer by itself when you are ready to line whatever up.

Solve Puzzle 4: This one is a lot even more of a pain. Tright here are a number of circle layers that are connected this time (do not issue, no more phantom rotating). Concentrate on which layers are doing what and also just how they influence each other. If you rotate one layer clockwise 2 areas, it"s possible you"ll need to revolve a part of that affix layer counterclockwise.

The Morse Code composed at the bottom when all the scripture is revealed states: "Templar Texts adapted by Mr Art Smith."


Five of the paintings have actually a details theme around the shade red. They are:

Christ Disrobed, Jerusalem. c. 30Joseph, Egypt. c 1700 B.C.E.Jesus Christ, Jerusalem. c. 30David and also Goliath, Valley of Elah. c. 970 B.C.E.Jakid, Greece. Prehistory

After fixing the paint it"s one more photo hunt with a paint of Jesus on the cross. Look on the appropriate hand also side of the painting for the shroud.


Czar Nicholas II is holding the Piece of Eden Staff, relocate your cursor over till the beeping noise becomes incredibly constant and then click it. Joan of Arc has the sword on her left leg, move your cursor over till the beeping noise becomes very frequent and also then click it. Afterward a map will appear that has actually fire, Rasputin, Czar Nicholas II, and Joan of Arc on it. Joan was killed as soon as she was shed at the stake, so drag the fire over to her. Rasputin initiated the Russian Radvancement that toppled Czar Nicholas II, so drag Rasputin over to Czar Nicholas II and also you"re all done.


The first Piece of Eden is inside Houdini"s coat, and also the second is on Ghandi"s chest. For the puzzle wheel, do you notice that there is "6=1" noted next to the image of Lee Harvey Oswald? Line up that 6 on the dial and also then fill in the proper numbers to get the correct result.867312


What you"re trying to find isn"t on the moon, however in the blackness of area. You"re trying to find the Eagle, the Apollo lander that touched dvery own on the moon. If you go to the center of the photo and then head in the direction of the bottom-left-hand also side, you will certainly check out it. Finding the Eagle will certainly then unlock a rotating puzzle you should deal with.

Tright here are a variety of circle layers that are connected this time and it would aid to begin from the smallest circle and work your means out. Concentrate on which layers are doing what and just how they affect each various other. If you revolve one layer clockwise two places, it"s possible you"ll need to rotate a portion of that connect layer counterclockwise. The initially inner layer have the right to be rotated on its very own, also though it is connected to layer 4 in one instance, and also layer six in one more circumstances. Don"t let it fool you bereason you deserve to always go back and also relocate the initially inner layer on its very own.

Identify the Piece of Eden that is in the Moon dirt on the ground close to the astronaut"s right foot. Also note that when you scroll over the American flag on the Lunar Lander, it becomes an Abstergo logo.


First, move the cursor over all the light bulbs on the map. Then when you arrive at the photo of Tesla"s Tower, highlight the window at the center of the structure. The photo will certainly zoom in and you will certainly enter infrared mode on a photo of Tesla sitting near his power machine. The Piece of Eden is sitting in his lap.


Edison"s blueprints for a generator have actually a "4=1" in the middle of them. The answer for this percent is:917240

Moving ideal alengthy, take your cursor (a dollar sign) and also cross it over the lights to revolve them off. Then highlight the shining object in Edison"s master (a Piece of Eden). Finally, we concerned Ford"s puzzle. If you look at the picture via the auto on it, tbelow is a "2" on the side of the auto. In the photo beside it, the Dearborn Independent is headed by a "ll.." symbol. The answer is as follows:

1 3 9ll. lll l..


Look at the photo on the far left and watch the number 9 resting in the clouds, and the triangle shape in the photo below that -- line up those particular signs on the wheel. Now to figure out what to fill in for 2 and 5. Notice just how squares and also circles seem to count for somepoint. There are two sequences below (Lines with triangles, and Squares through circles)and in each sequence the 2 previous signs equal the next one. Here is the answer:5 2 9Circle+Square over a Square, Circle, Triangle

Move your cursor over the huge red button and push it to set off the atom bomb. Then once the empty sheet of paper comes up, look in the direction of the bottom-left-hand side for the number code 71465, ID it, and the puzzle is resolved.


Look for the Paintings that depict Gods and Humans communicating. They are:

Jupiter and also IoDanae Visited by ZeusCupid and PsycheLeda and also the SwanRape of Europa


Work from the inside out on this puzzle, so that you have have an idea on the direction the personalities are positioned in the paint. Then it"s a issue of relocating the circular puzzle pieces in the correct order. The trick is that many type of of the layers are connected. The inner layer is associated to the external six layer, the inner 2 layers are associated and also the mid layers 4 and 5.


This is a pretty basic puzzle. All you need to execute is select the correct location name: Tunguska. Then hover the cursor over the staff and also then stab the photograph to deal with this puzzle.


This is just one of the harder puzzles in the game. The only hint you really get is the Now that you acquired that puzzle out of the way, it"s time for a photo hunt. Aim your cursor over the attic of the home in the top right and find the Assassin symbol, and then ID it.

If you scroll over the front of the bunker you will certainly watch some encrypted text relocating over the triangle tower reflects that the Cypher is A=H that is H->A, I->B, and so on Decoding this message states: "THE DOUBLE WAS KILLED IN THE BUNKER"


In the reduced appropriate there are a variety of x-rays of the brain with the number 5 and then Sumerian symbol for 1. Line up 5 with that symbol on the dial. On the second image from the left is a mathematical development, founding through the Sumerian symbol for 1 and proceeding with "+2+6+2+1..." and also so on. This is the device in which the codewheel is arranged. As you have the right to watch on the code wheel, the symbol adhering to the Sumerian 1 is the Sumerian 3 (being 1+2), the next is the Sumerian 9 (being 3+6), then Sumerian 11 (9+2) and Sumerian 12 (11+1). Continuing the sequence will let you figure out which Sumerian symbols are missing on the codewheel (17 and 31). It will aid you significantly to google a web page of Sumerian numbers once you unravel this one! But in regards to the actual answer, I will tell you that 6=YYY and 3=


"Once worshiped, currently ignored, from a distance it watches and waits," is the significant hint here. What perform all of the paintings have in common? What was an item that was when worshiped? Why the sunlight of course! Select each of the five paints that have actually some relation to the sun (or the usage of the sun as in a calendar). The names of the correct paints are:

Aztec Calendar Stone. 1427The Eastern Gate. 1816Sistine Chapel Ceiling Fresco. 1512Nazca Textile. c. 200Publication of the Dead. c. 1310 B.C.E.

After you choose the paintings, tbelow will certainly be a large image of the sunlight. Like from a puzzle previously, move the cursor roughly on the display until the radioactive clicking sound boosts and then ID that zone revealing the planet Planet.


The second inner layer and also the fifth external layers are not affix to any kind of other circle. So, that indicates you have the right to always come back to these layers last given that you have the right to revolve them individually of the other layers that are stuck to each various other. Work your means out from the middle.

1) Rotate Ring 5 (must be attached to Ring 3) two notches to the left.2) Rotate Ring 4 two notches to the left.3) Rotate Ring 3 (need to be connected to Ring 1) 2 notches to the ideal.4) Rotate Ring 2 five notches to the best.5) Rotate Ring 1 (should be linked to Ring 5) three notches to the left.

Now via that puzzle out of the means, it"s an easy photo hunt. ID the sunlight to complete this paint to relocate onto the following percent. You may also alert that eextremely form of Piece of Eden is illustrated in this painting. Move your cursor over somepoint such as the staff leaning on the goat and also you will certainly see it illuminated in red in a similar fashion as that of once you formerly determined it in various other puzzles.

Notice the message that states "Nopoint is true, whatever is allowed." That implies you can put any symbol you desire in the red area to pass this puzzle.

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Lastly, this skeleton puzzle. Just relocate the cursor over each of the bones to readjust it from a monkey right into a humale skeleton. And that"s it! Now sit ago and also watch Subject 16"s Truth video.

Congratulations! You have currently unlocked Subject 16"s video "The Truth" and also have actually derived the equivalent achievement/trophy "Vitruvian Man!" Any inquiries, feel free to ask me.