The classic books on a timeless topic -- for a brand-new generation.In 1975, Alona Frankel wrote and also illustrated her very first book, specifically for her son Michael, on just how to usage the potty. Thirty-two year later, when Upon a Potty -- Boy and also Once upon a Potty -- Girl are the classic publications on potty training and also have sold more than 4 million duplicates worldwide. This children"s books aid parents everywhere deal properly with an regularly vexing challenge for the totality family.Thanks to their timeless words and also beloved images, Once ~ above a Potty -- Boy and also Once top top a Potty -- Girl room being discovered and used through a brand-new generation the parents. These 2 books, with their phenomenal remaining power, target and also meet the requirements of an obviously perpetual market.

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Alona Frankel is the author and illustrator of 30 children"s books. Her characters "Joshua" and "Prudence" from the Potty books have gone onto star in other stories and also in videos and instruction books.

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Dear Fellow-Parents,

as soon as Upon a Potty is ideal used as a companion volume come a child"s new potty. I created this publication when my own child to be toilet training to assist him better understand the process. My kid was encouraged and excited through this story. It motivated him to do the developmental leap from diaper to potty.

Potty talk has actually long been thought about taboo in conversation — even between parent and child. Thankfully, this mindset is changing, and also children and parents room all the happier because that it. I believe that a frank and also open technique to all bodily attributes is a good, healthy perspective toward kid rearing. I have chose to use "Wee-Wee" and also "Poo-Poo" in this book, but I encourage you to review the story v your child using words most an ideal for you and also your family.

discovering to use the potty is often a prolonged process, taxing the patience the both parent and also child. As soon as success finally comes — and also it must come in that is own great time there is no undue pressure or haste — it improves the child"s confidence and pride. She has taken another step toward independence. She sat on the potty as a small child and also got up emotion ten feet tall.