If you’re in search of something a bit various for the bedroom, then look no further. The Ohmibod society Vibe 2.oh is among the most unique assets on the market right now and it’s yes, really switching points up. If you desire to feel the music, and also I typical really feeling the music, next time you go clubbing climate this is a must.

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There’s so much to tell you about this toy, for this reason without any further ado let’s gain down to mine Ohmibod club vibe review.

ModeWireless Remote regulate & club mode
Manual mode Option Yes
soot Levels5
Play Time 4 Hours
Includes BatteryYes
Music Yes. (Compatible with most audio devices)
RechargeableYes (USB)
Privacy PouchYes
Remote regulate Range15-20 Feet
Price check price

First Impressions 

On unpackaging the product, i was pretty impression by the look and feel.

The worst point for me is a toy that feels cheap, however this is definitely on the greater end. It simply feels prefer a toy that’s actually going to carry out the job, quite than a cheap little of kit.

Within the packaging, you’ll additionally find some lace panties to use v the toy, again these feel rather luxe too. The underwear is tradition made to fit the toy, so if you execute use it out on the city you won’t feel prefer it’s moving approximately or in risk of showing. The noise the it makes is also quite discreet, which means less time worrying around someone overhearing what’s going top top in her pants!

Product Functions 


There are two main modes the you’ll be able to use v this toy, society mode and also manual mode. Club mode uses ambient noise to manage the vibrations. This is quite awesome, as you recognize when a fast song v a lot of bass comes on, you in because that a an excellent time.

You can additionally use this function with your partner’s voice if you would certainly like. If you want to spice points up v a bit of call sex, then you can use the audio from your smartphone together a trigger for the vibrations. The possibilities yes, really are unlimited with this poor boy, any audio an equipment with a headphone jack can be supplied for your pleasure.

Within hand-operated mode, yes still quite a lot come discover. Back this is something of a an additional function, the still stop its own when contrasted to other vibrators. Over there are 5 modes, which can be alternated v the touch of a button. This is a good option if you desire to offer the control to your partner, or even if you want to try it out at home prior to you go into club mode.


The controls are different from the vibrator, therefore you have actually one in the practice thong and then one in the smartphone or being controlled by her partner. The two halves slot together to form a tiny oval, which you can tuck away in your purse once you’re done. It’s nicely designed and discrete sufficient to take wherever you going.

Just strength on the vibrator and also the remote and you’re all set to go. The charge lasts a lengthy time, despite the vibrator will certainly go turn off if girlfriend don’t usage it for 30 minutes. If you’re using it in club mode, then you’ll find random audio based explode that save it on.


The Ohmibod society Vibe 2.oh is do of silicon for basic cleaning and a soft feel. You nothing really must use lubrication through this product and also there’s no need for unique cleaning options either.

User Experience


The Ohmibod society Vibe 2.oh is a bit different and thus over there is a bit of a learning curve while using it. It’s no the the strongest of vibrations, but this ties right into the music the you space listening to. The material is comfortable sufficient to wear long term, i m sorry is particularly important if you’re planning to use it for a night ~ above the town.

It’s rechargeable and comes with a USB charger, so friend won’t must worry around purchasing batteries. It’s not waterproof, therefore you might want to keep this in mind when cleaning, as you don’t want to get water in the USB port.

The fun of this toy certainly comes from the voyeuristic and also naughty side of things. If you deserve to use that at home too, it’s most effective and also indulgent while outside of the home.

as much as 20 meter connectivity with the remote manage Lace thong hold the toy perfect in ar Club mode adds a quite twist to the toy Quiet and also discrete enough to use external of the house Audio stimulation bring something brand-new to the table

Who’s that for?


This toy is really much for a lady that wants a little mystery next time she out. Even if it is you give the far to a partner to regulate or use the society mode, the a thrilling experience. The discrete nature of the product method that also those the aren’t skilled using toys external of the house will feel fairly comfortable.

While the society mode might feel like a novelty, this doesn’t feel like a cheap, throwaway toy. It’s considerable and rechargeable, for this reason if you want something to suit your lifestyle then you can count top top this.

As i’ve mentioned, the vibe isn’t the strongest, but it’s a quite buzz to add to your evening out. I in reality think if the vibration was much stronger it wouldn’t fit the function, which is intended come be provided over time.

If you want to get into experimenting with sex playthings while you’re in public, then this is a herbal stepping stone. It’s not difficult at all and also it in reality turned out to it is in a many fun, also if it appears weird at first.

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To be perfect honest, when I read around the premise the this sex toy, i was expecting other that would be a novelty and also perhaps not very good. Ns was pleasantly surprised by the truth that the toy was considerable enough to in reality make me want to use it. The materials are soft and it’s a brilliant way to acquire into other a bit an ext adventurous.