We have the right to expect a an innovative twist on any type of subject from Dr. Seuss, however did you know he has actually an uplifting post for current graduates, and also it’s worth analysis periodically and frequently v life?


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If friend think you recognize the exorbitant book Oh, the places You’ll Go! stay tuned for a rendition yielded by an unlikely source. The article rings true, no matter the messenger, and also it is befitting a brand-new beginning of any kind. Take it a look even if you are really familiar through the book! It’s a treat!

Great Tip:

This is a wonderful publication that we (Dr. Chuck and I) give to young people for a graduation gift. In fact, I simply ordered four copies for the grads in my life this spring.

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If girlfriend don’t know the book, examine out the reviews on Amazon. You’ll discover it is among those extremely rare publications that has 5 stars and thousands the reviews.

It’s lovely and also has sage advice because that someone just beginning a new chapter in life.

The creators we reference today will certainly be bringing Seuss’s native alive v their work-related at an yearly festival in Nevada’s black Rock Desert called Burning Man, i beg your pardon is an experiment in community, art, and self-expression. Burning Man is famed for the unbelievable sculptures and complete craziness the pushes the envelope the creativity.

See if you space open enough to put all her preconceived notions aside and absorb burning Man’s Dr. Seuss sentiments from these people, who are out on the ledges…

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This video clip from the awesome channel, Tedshots, focuses on the brilliant intermingling in between Dr. Seuss and also Burning Man‘s founding concepts, however if you’re curious around the festival, you can check out the Burning male homepage.

Get ready for part surprises if you decide to dive into the whole Burning male phenomenon, and be pre-warned if friend have delicate sensibilities: this team of an innovative people have tendency to gravitate in the direction of “wardrobe” malfunctions, so girlfriend will view the human body in all its imaginative glory.

Still, EWC loves these people who push at the edges of what’s probable, and Burning Man definitely qualifies in the category. We’ll have to accept the wonders and the instances they push past our lull zones!

If you know of creators who have actually made exciting combinations, send us a link! just today we had someone attach us about a other who is teaching chess come inner city kids to accumulate them come think much more strategically, and also it’s working!

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Meanwhile, continue to be curious, open and hopeful!

~ Dr. Lynda


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