Bottom of the Well

Travel earlier to Kakariko town as young connect (return to the temple of Time after completing the forest Temple and also place the

master Sword ago into the base of Time). You must have derived the tune of Storms by visiting Kakariko town and entering the windmill together adult Link. Re-enter the windmill together young Link and also play the tune of Storms. This will cause the windmill to speed up heavily and will drain all of the water the end of the well.

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Leave the windmill and travel under to the Bottom the the fine to begin the dungeon. Crawl through the feet leading into the dungeon and then climb down the ladder at the end of the platform. This will result in a corridor through a Skulltula blocking the path. Navi will fly end to a skeleton close to by and also explain that she can hear the spirits talking in the room – you need to “find the Eye the Truth!”. Walk straight through the wall surface beside the skeleton – the wall is fake and also you have the right to walk right through it.



This is the key room of the dungeon – it is a largest room and it’s in the form of a circle. Over there is a large, green, flaming skull that circles the corridor therefore be cautious not to gain hit by it together you travel v the dungeon. Travel around the circle to the opposite side (following the water pathway) till you reach an area v a large, yellow Triforce top top the ground. Usage the Ocarina the Time to play Zelda’s Lullaby i beg your pardon will lower the water level in the whole dungeon.


Return to the opposite next of the dungeon and also jump right into the hole in the ground that was previously filled v water. Take the treasure chest to choose up some totally free Bombs and then crawl with the small hole top top the opposite next of the treasure chest. Destroy the Skulltula the drops down and then climb up ~ above the ledge and also enter the next room.

This room has actually a variety of creepy looking white hands floating in various places roughly the room. The hands will shot to grab girlfriend if you get so near – usage the analog stick come wiggle totally free if castle grab a hold. You have actually to permit one that the hands to seize you despite in stimulate to do the mini-boss (named Dead Hands) in this room appear so be prepared to wiggle free. The boss will attempt to technique Link come leech life from the – be ready to swing in ~ its challenge when it it s okay close sufficient to attack.

A endowment chest will appear after you defeat Dead Hands. Open up it increase to obtain the Lens that Truth. Looking through the Lens that Truth will allow you to see through concealed walls and also passageways but it will certainly come at the cost of some magic power which gradually drains when you use it. This is technically the just item girlfriend truly need to obtain out that the Bottom the the fine so you could exit the dungeon at this allude and return to Kakariko Village. The remainder the this page will cover every one of the added treasures and side search items that you deserve to obtain.


Return to the key room of the dungeon and also proceed right into the facility of the circle through among the concealed passageways. There is a concealed trap door in between the 2 wooden pillars in the center of this room that sit in the shape of one X, yet for now, allows intentionally fall down into it.

Grab all of the Blue Rupees on this bridge and then drop under to the reduced level. The an initial thing the you need to do is take care of the Redead adversary off in the corner. Pull out your Ocarina the Time and also play the Sun’s track to freeze the Redead in place and also then assault it with your Kokiri Sword. Find the two lit torches in this room and also travel under that pathway to uncover that, choose the various other pathways, that is blocked by two large boulders. Bomb the boulders to find another Redead hiding earlier here (use the Sun’s tune again come take care of it). Over there is a big treasure chest next to this Redead that includes the Dungeon Map.

In order come escape this area, you must collect every of the 5 silver Rupees. Take the three that room floating over the wooden planks top top the green acidic pond and also then proceed up the ladder near the 2 blue flames. Over there is one more Silver Rupee at the optimal of this ladder and also another silver- Rupee at the height of the next one. Grabbing the last Rupee will reason the door come unlock permitting you to gain out the this pit.

Take a left as you leave this following room back into the main corridor and also use her Lens the Truth come spot a covert doorway top top the best side of the display (shown in the screenshot below). Seize the treasure chest in this room to achieve the Compass and also be mindful not to autumn down the hole close to the chest.

Return come the entrance to the key room and look because that a heap of brown rubble with a cracked in that (shown in the screenshot below). Use a Bomb to blow up the mound and drop down right into the hole the appears. Open up the treasure chest to choose up some Bombchus. Use the vines top top the side of the room to climb ago up and out that the hole.

Head come the westernmost side of the dungeon and also travel down the corridor. Now that the water has actually been removed you deserve to drop under to the lower level and obtain a sweetheart chest which includes a recovery Heart. Rise up the wall surface and go v the doorway leading right into the following room.

There is a biology in the center of this room referred to as a Gibdo i m sorry behaves very likewise to a Redead. It will scream once it is facing you causing attach to it is in frozen in place. Assault it a few times with your sword from behind to destroy it. Use a Deku Stick come light each of the torches in the room. Each time you light one the closestly coffin will open up up, usually resulting in an enemy ambushing you. Open each the the coffins to discover that among them has a Small vital inside.

Go back to the entrance to the main room one more time and also look left down the corridor through the Lens the Truth. You must see another small opening top top the inside wall (use the Dungeon Map and also Compass to help you situate it). This is the southwestern many chest figured out on the Dungeon Map. Open it approximately obtain an additional Small Key.


Use the Lens of Truth and reenter the center area the the dungeon. There are a number of trap doors in this area (including the one in-between the 2 wooden posts) so you might want to leave your Lens of Truth ~ above in this area. Nothing forget to watch out for the Wallmasters i beg your pardon will shot to grab friend from the roof.

Enter the cell on the southwest next of this center area and kill the Skulltula the drops down. The endowment chest in this area just has a Deku Nut. Go with the doorway simply north that this chest to uncover a room full of Keese Bats. Kill all of the Keese Bats utilizing your

Fairy Slingshot and also then usage the Lens that Truth to assist you watch the passageway about the external rim of the pit. Usage your Boomerang to death the yellow Skulltula here and to acquire the token (number 62 of 100).

Travel throughout the the west side of the center room and use the Small Key to go v the locked door ~ above this side. This room has a Deku Baba in the center of the room and also a yellow Skulltula on the ago wall. Death the Deku Baba and then use the Boomerang to kill the gold Skulltula and retrieve the token (number 63 the 100). Beware the the pots in this room as they will come paris at you as soon as you obtain too close.

Go back out into the main, one corridor and search the east side corridor for another hidden alcove with one more treasure chest inside. Open up the chest to choose up an additional Small Key.

Travel come the northeast corner of the dungeon and crawl through the tiny hole. Go with the locked doorway and into the following room i beg your pardon is complete of fire Keese Bats. Be really cautious and also there are huge traps in the center of the floor of this room so friend will have to use the Lens the Truth prior to you strategy the Beamos in the facility of the room.

Grab the endowment chest in the edge which will certainly either contain a Blue Rupee or an extra Deku Shield if you accidentally had actually yours burned up by among the Keese Bats. Go v the doorway ~ above the other edge of the room and also be all set to do battle with one enemy dubbed a choose Like. Favor Likes can steal your items, certain clothing i beg your pardon you may or may not have actually yet, and also even your Shields. Strike it quickly! open the sweetheart chest for yet another Blue Rupee (or shield if you shed yours) and use her Boomerang to ruin the yellow Skulltula top top the wall surface and obtain another token (number 64 of 100).

The last treasure chest deserve to be seen on the Dungeon Map (though for full disclosure, the reward because that obtaining that is terrible). Take trip to the northwest corner of the dungeon and also use your Lens of Truth as you obtain close to make sure that you don’t loss down right into the pits below. Usage a Bomb to blow up the brown rubble and reveal the endowment chest. Open it to achieve some Deku Nuts.

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You have now completely completed the Bottom the the fine dungeon!

This dungeon deserve to technically be completed anytime after ~ you have completed the forest Temple all the way up until just before you go into the shadow Temple. You may need to return come the Walkthrough main page to go back to the correct suggest in the strategy guide.