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Upvoting Obama is an advice animal picture macro series featuring President Barack Obama holding a beer while offering a thumbs up via his other hand. He is also making a frown sturgeon challenge, which bears resemblance to one he wears in the Not Bad rage challenge. The images are primarily offered on Reddit to express one"s approval of a post.

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The original photograph of Barack Obama was taken by a Reuters photographer on March 17th, 2012 at the Irish pub Dubliner in Washington D.C. The President had gone there to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day through Henry Healy, Obama’s far-off cousin from Ireland also and his friend.


The photograph was syndicated through news outlets favor Internationwide Business Times<1> and Irish newspaper the Independent<3> and posted on political conversation forums including Democratic Underground.<2> The next day, a photo macro around Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies featuring Obama"s thumbs-up photo was posted to the Advice Animals subreddit<4>, receiving 6679 upvotes and 1139 points overall.


As of September 2013, tright here are practically 400 instances<5> of Upvoting Obama on Reddit and more than 6,000 subobjectives on Quickmeme.<6> A similar web page through even more than 100 examples deserve to be discovered on the photo macro generator site ZipMeme<7>, wbelow it has actually spawned dozens of instances featuring non-English captions. While Upvoting Obama images have been primarily well-obtained within the Reddit neighborhood, its consumption in other places has been sparse as of May 2012, in part because of its specific recommendation to Reddit"s "upvote" feature. However before, these images have actually been shared on some humor sites consisting of FunnyMama<8>, We Know Memes<9> and Cheezburger"s ROFLrazzi.<10>

Notable Examples




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<3> Independent – Obama Celebprices "Irish Day" 2

<4> Reddit – Introducing.. Upvoting Obama!

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<6> Quickmeme – Upvoting Obama

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<8> FunnyMama – Upvoting Obama

<9> We Kcurrently Memes – Upvoting Obama

<10> ROFLrazzi – Upvoting Obama

The picture originates from a little-known 2008 comedy skit by Keith Hanshaw and also took off as a photo macro in 2015, continuing to gain steam because.

"He Does Exactly What I Do But Better" is a expression sassist within the new Suicide Squad movie that has spawned a straightforward two-panel comic format via a lot of possibilities.

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