Last week, facebook announced few of the an initial steps they’ll be acquisition to combat hoaxes and also fake news within the facebook News Feed. These steps consisted of easier reporting, flagging story as disputed, informed sharing and also disrupting financial incentives because that spammers.

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With fake news being together a large problem in 2016 in particular, we’d prefer to re-superstructure 6 of the best fake news story that led to disruption this year.

1.The Amish In America walk Their poll To Donald Trump; Mathematically Guaranteeing him A Presidential Victory

On November 8th, the day before the United states Presidential Election, the fake news site exit an article stating the the American Amish Brotherhood (AAB), an company which plot as casual governing body because that the Amish community, endorsed Donald Trump because that President the the united States.

2.Gay Wedding mobile Vans Cashing In ~ above The Legalization Of gay Marriage

The same site likewise published a item publicizing a new mobile business which perform gay marriage ceremonies. The service was dubbed “The Paul Horner Gay marriage Mobile,” named after the 38-year-old fake news connoisseur and founder the the Website.

3.Obama indications Executive bespeak Banning The national Anthem At all Sporting occasions Nationwide

Last week, an additional platform masquerading as a famous news site, published a piece claiming that President Obama had actually signed the executive, management Order 14302, making it illegal to carry out or recite the national anthem in any public venue.


A false story that Hillary Clinton and her aides were connected in miscellaneous crimes developed into a theory that castle were running a child-trafficking ring the end of a Washington pizza parlor, Comet Ping Pong. The story resulted in a phibìc Carolina guy firing an AR-15 attack rifle multiple times within the restaurant in an effort to inspection the reports on his own.

5.Pope Francis Shocks World, Endorses Donald Trump because that President…


In July, the Website WTOE 5 News (which has due to the fact that been take away offline) reported that Pope Francis had actually endorsed Donald Trump for President that the united States, going therefore far regarding write a fake quote from the Pope and also proclaiming that “news outlets about the world” were reporting top top the endorsement.

6.Santa sponsor a last wish

Recently Eric Schmitt-Matzen said columnist Sam Venable in ~ the Knoxville News Sentinel a story that he had visited an eastern Tennessee hospital dressed as Santa Claus come visit a 5-year-old child, who then died in his arms. The emotionally story to be published and also shared by plenty of other local, national and international news outlets. After the tale had actually gone viral, numerous started questioning the validity the the story, especially after Schmitt-Matzen refuse to determine the family, the hospital or the nurse connected in the story in follow-up interviews.

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