In line v Sony’s announcement that PlayStation Vue will now be available on the Android TV platform, the NVIDIA SHIELD – most likely the best Android TV an equipment of the every at this suggest in time – is likewise getting an upgrade that will lug Sony’s premium streaming organization to the device, and security updates and also audio enhancements.

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The upgrade will carry the NVIDIA SHIELD approximately version 3.3, and also it will certainly primarily carry the playstations Vue application to the Android TV console. NVIDIA also says that it will include the latest defense updates indigenous Google come the device, and bring new audio improvements such as DTS:X Audio, i m sorry is usable by Plex, Kodi, and also MX Player. Dolby Atmos audio is now also obtainable via the Plex app.

Lastly, you could want to examine out the brand-new streaming apps to the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV console. These encompass FandangoNOW because that Android TV, CNNgo Breaking united state & world News, MTV, Nick, Viki: TV television series & Movies, and also fuboTV – Live Soccer.

If girlfriend haven’t obtained the notification for the update, friend can get in the settings and also see if you have the right to manually inspect for an update. But you do not do it sweat it, the notice should come to her NVIDIA SHIELD quickly enough.

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