If her Nvidia Shield remote suddenly stopped working, you require to check issues through both your Shield TV and also remote.

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Why Is Nvidia Shield Remote no Working?

The very first step is come ensure that your far is full of battery and also to examine this you should long-press the select switch on your remote for roughly 3 seconds, you’ll view a blue (pairing) irradiate blinking at the peak of the remote. If the does no blink, the is probably due to the fact that of the poor battery life.


To for sure you have to either reinsert battery or replace the old through the new ones. Take it a pen or something comparable and insert in the little divot at the bottom the the remote. That pops the end the battery tray, and you can examine if the battery are loosened or they space out the charge. The battery can conveniently be purchased native Amazon or you can even uncover it in physical stores near you.

Basic Check-Points for Nvidia Shield Remote:

Check net router proximity.

If her remote battery is functioning well, you have to go through some various other checks and again you need to just host down the select button for about three or so secs until the blue pairing light is blinking on and also off.

Now you have to keep your remote in ~ a street of roughly a foot from her Nvidia Shield TV and make certain your Nvidia Shield TV is rotate on. If that is currently in sleep setting or rotate off, go ahead and unplug the power cord, plug it ago in and also then it will boot up, and also turn on your device.

After this, you will be able to put her remote into pairing mode. The remote and TV will be paired v each other if lock are retained within a street of one foot. You’re now ready come go.

What If friend Either lost Or Misplaced your Nvidia Shield Remote?

In case you either have actually misplaced her Nvidia Shield remote or shed it, friend can shot out this additional solution within you must take the end a constant old computer mouse & keyboard, and also plug it right into the USB link at the earlier or side of your Nvidia Shield TV. So, you can use a mouse and also keyboard to get about the menu and also get things to work.

Final recommendation For Nvidia Shield Remote not Working

If no one of the tactics above works for your Nvidia Shield remote, you can try turning her smartphone device into one Nvidia TV remote. Continue ahead to understand the methods to revolve your smartphone into a remote.

How To turn Your Smartphone into Nvidia Shield Tv Remote?

For this you need to follow the measures below:

Click install on either of the application above, and also it will just take a while to install an app.Once installed, pick Open, and also now press proceed when it display screens the terms of Use.Now, ensure the your smartphone is connected to the same net WiFi router together that of your Nvidia Shield TV.This will now display screen the variation of your Nvidia Shield TV. Click on it, and you’ll get a code on her TV. Get in the very same on her Android an equipment and click enter. (The code might vary depending on the TV design you’re using).

Once done, you’ll see on display, a huge trackpad in the big grey square. You will have actually left and right-click on computer mouse buttons. If you desire it come look prefer a classic remote, click on the arrows, it will certainly then present you different arrows together with the pick button. Additionally, you likewise have a keyboard option that have the right to be beneficial on various applications in her Nvidia Shield TV. Past this, friend can also operate play and pause buttons with your smartphone similar to traditional Nvidia Shield remote.

This is it, and you’re done. This is how you deserve to fix worries with your Nvidia Shield TV remote. Perform you know any other fixes for Nvidia Shield remote? If yes, allow us recognize in the comments ar below. We’d definitely give lock a try.

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